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10 Accessories Every Cyclist Must Have!!


Accessories are definitely not an absolute necessity. You can very well enjoy the object without the added bonuses. But once you begin to use them, you find them an integral part of the object without which it feels incomplete. But with cycling (and other things where there is a possible danger to your life), certain accessories are an absolute necessity. You won’t want to give them away with them until you are out for a leisure trip. Then there is a whole other range of accessories that make things easier on the go. And then there are some which neither fits in the above two descriptions, but you still want to have them!

So, here are the top 10 accessories that need to be checked out by every cycling enthusiast out there!

Safety first!

Be it a pro-rider trailing on rough terrains or one who uses cycling for the purpose of commuting to and fro, ensuring your (and others) safety is the first and foremost issue that needs to be addressed! Casualties with the cyclist on board is not an isolated incident. Poor visibility, adding to vulnerable support the framework provides, increases the fatality in case of any mishaps. Thus, the best way is to be prepared for any kind of emergencies and, if possible, avoid them at all costs. Here are some accessories that give you safety in style!

  1. Helmet

    Helmets must be your first pick whenever you go out to have a ride or two on your cycle, for you never know what lurks in the corner! A good helmet saves your day and lets you rewrite your fate. So don’t budge on this and invest in a good quality helmet before experience forces you to do so. Compromising your safety for style is not a viable option, but there are a number of options that won’t make you compromise either of them.

    Check out Echelon II MIPS Cycling Helmets and Cannondale Intent MIPS Adult Helmet. If you want to have some flashlights on top, check out LUMOS Matrix Smart Helmet.

    Sadly, with little support from the framework, the rider experiences the maximum burnt of an accident. If you are still not in for the helmets, you can look out for airbags for cyclists designed by Hövding. This expensive alternative may give you another safe option to avoid cracking your head in any accidents.

  2. Lights!

    With no lights to make their presence known to others, bikers face high risk during times of low visibility. Lights and reflectors make things better, especially if you often travel late light or early morning. If you are in doubt on what all to install, start with fulfilling the basic requirements according to the local law. If things seem a little less, you can always add them up. A rechargeable lights system is convenient for anyone on the go.

    Check out Metro Plus 800 USB, Vya Smart Taillight, and Countdown 1600 Headlights are few options to check out.

  3. Rearview mirror

    Concluding the list, the mirrors are a necessity to make sure you keep safe on the road. Not widely accepted by the cycling fraternity, hanging a mirror by your cycle may ease your cycling experience and possibly alarm you of danger behind.

    A few sleek rearview mirrors to look out for are Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror, HF-MR090, Selle Italia Eyelink Cycling Mirror, and Mirrycle MTB Bar End Mountain Bike Mirror.

    Prepared for emergencies

    Emergencies happen all the time. Your response depends on how prepared you are at the time of execution. Get these portable emergency supplies to be prepared when the time calls.

  4. Bike locks

    Protect your bicycle from thefts with these sturdy locks that do not make you feel anxious in the least bit while leaving your beauty outdoors. Investing in a good lock secures your larger investment, i.e., your cycle! But at the same time, you won’t want to spend hours locking and unlocking the same.

    Here are some sturdy picks, which do their work in a jiffy! Kryptonite Kryptolok New-U,Foldylock Compact, Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500.

  5. Puncture repair kit

    Out cycling, you never know when a punctured tire might occur. To make sure that a flattened tire does not dampen the spirit, carry these emergency supplies to make sure you are prepared on the go for any kind of adversaries. A puncture repair kit or a portable mini pump makes sure you are never stuck on your journey.

    Check out Topeak Ninja P Mini Pump and Lezyne CNC Floor Drive for portable pumps. A multi-tool kit serves as added assistance. Consider Daway Bike Repair Tool Kits-16 in 1 Multifunctional Bicycle Mechanic Fix Tool Set for the same.

    For your comfort

    Make your cycling experience better with these accessories that keep your comfort in mind. Upgrade to a better experience with these accessories, which make sure that your next cycling adventure will not tire you out.

  6. A GPS

    A GPS bike computer is a nice addition to your bikes which not only help you navigate off-road course but also keep a track on how far your training is progressing. Depending on functionality, the products have a wide price range. Choose one of your picks from companies like Wahoo and Garmin.

  7. Bottle cage

    Be prepared on the go to satisfy dehydration. Cycling is an engaging exercise, especially if you are commuting for a long distance. The unavailability of carriers makes things worse. If you want to avoid the bulky carrier bags and don’t like the idea of unpacking your backpack every time you are thirsty, then these bottle cages are your life saviors.

    Choose one that matches your style and requirement. Look out from Planet Bike Aluminium Bottle Cages and Bontrager Bat Cages for the most value for money. Fabric Cageless Bottle System gives you a bottle holding feature without the cage, thus proving to be the lightest option.

  8. Clothes and shoes

    Not an absolute necessity and not an option if you cycle for commuting between workplaces, still a quality cycling wear makes sure that the exercise doesn’t give you a sore body. Designed to keep in mind the cyclist’s needs, these specially designed clothes come with padding and ventilation to keep your body safe from excess heat and rubbing.

    There is a whole range of products from jerseys to jackets, from shorts to leggings, and from gloves to shoes. These products make sure you have a comfortable biking experience. Some brands to look out for are Sign, Rapha, and Assos.

    Up your style!
    Some accessories to just glam up the cycle and the cyclist! Make way for these fashionable products that speak only in the language of style! And at the same time, they can always serve a purpose or two!

  9. A sleek backpack

    Other than being cool and slick complimenting the biker, an essential backpack must come with all assorted ranges of pouch and meshes to keep things accessible to the rider. Things while considering backpacks are the weight, the size, and the ease with which it sits on the shoulders to ensure that long journeys are not bothersome.

    Some brands that are stealing people’s hearts are Patagonia Black Hole, Brooks Pickwick Daypack, Parker Commuter Backpack, and Altura Sector 25.

  10. A saddlebag

    Stock away the essential supplies in these cool and stylish saddlebags. Capable of fitting the emergency tools, these minimalistic goods give a cool vibe to the bikes. Check one out from Brooks Isle of Wight, Arundel Dual Seat Bag, Stansport Saddle Bag, and Etsy Leather Barrel Bag.

    However, bear in mind, with a sleek design, there is no room for large space. If you want to store things that exceed the likes of tools, consider larger-sized ones or carrier bags.


Check out the listed products to complete your biking experience. A buying guide helps you surf through the wide range of available products to choose a pick for you. Double-check the product by checking up their reviews on sites to get the ground reality of the experience. Also, consider the options of warranty and replacement policies of the product.