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3 Things That Have Changed Bass Fishing Forever


The history of bass fishing goes back to as early as mid-18th century. In those times Bass was transported through trains. To reduce the mortality rate of the fish they were stocked in tank ponds, streams and lakes used for steam locomotives. The south has always been the heaven for bass fishing, as the warm water of the south only south the bass. The 1960’s could rightly be said as the modern era for bass fishing, it gave rise to markets flooded with best fishing lures and fishing equipment specially designed for bass fishing. Today the market of bass fishing is a billion dollar business, with companies producing large scale fishing equipment like best fishing lures and best trolling motors specifically designed for bass fishing. Here we present to you the 3 most important things that changed the Bass fishing forever and made it more fun, easy and profitable:

Trolling Motors:

Best Trolling Motors

Trolling motors have revolutionized and changed the fishing industry for good. With trolling motor even a 21’ bass boat can quietly and effortlessly can be maneuvered with your hands. The best trolling motors have given the anglers the advantage to fish in any weather conditions without worrying about maneuvering their boat to different locations. Like proficient angler smith brown says ‘trolling motors have given us wings’.

Advanced Fishing Lures and Baits:

Best Fishing Lures

Modern fishing lures and baits have changed the whole dynamics of fishing. Silicone baits, Spinner baits, crank baits all have made the bass fishing more accurate and rewarding. Today the best fishing lures and best fishing baits are available in thousands of colors, shapes and sizes. Molded plastic baits that have electronic technology has set the bass fishing on fire and is giving some splendid catches for the anglers.

Advanced Fishing Reels And Rods:

Advanced Fishing Reels And Rods

Like fishing lure and baits new, advanced and modern best fishing reels and best fishing rods have also changed the bass fishing for good. In earlier times hours and hours of practice was needed to master the art of bait caster. Today with the advanced casting reels with braking system makes it easy for every angler to use the casting equipment. Earlier even a wild blow of wind forced you to cut you line and make you start all over again, thanks to the breaking systems this is stopped now. These also are easy to handle and does not tire out the angler, which means more time for fishing and more fish to take home.

So these three revolutionary changes and advancement has made the bass fishing more fun and full filling. Today bass fishing is becoming more and more popular as well as profitable. It’s now a billion dollar industry, and this economic boom has given a push towards more research and development for this industry.

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