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4 Factors To Consider When Buying A Golf Ball


Your golf ball is as important as your gold club, and so, you need to consider a couple of points before

making a good selection. Here are four essential factors you need to consider when buying a golf ball.

  1. Watch for the perfect feel
  2. No matter how good of a golf player you are, some gold balls do not give you the game’s feel. Your personal game experience and the style of the play both reflect on the golf ball feel. As you hit the ball with your golf club, the ball being tangible will deform and give an impact to your shot. This short period will cause the ball to move farther away and attain the center shot of the ground. This is where compression comes into the picture.
    For instance, if you are a slow speeder, then a lower compression golf ball will allow you to give a powerful impact to your shot and travel farther away, thereby increasing the distance covered and, at the same time, decreasing the number of spins during the shot. However, the more rigid compression golf balls take longer to deform, requiring a substantial impact and a
    shot by skilled golf players. Moreover, an impactful compression will activate the inner layers of
    the golf ball.

  3. The golf covers can change your game
  4. The golf ball is not made of a single-layer but rather two to four layers which can change the way you play your game. The two basic construction of golf ball layers includes the two-layer golf ball and the multi-layered golf ball. The two- layers golf ball, as the name suggests, is made up of two layers. The core is given a bigger space, and the layers are delicate so that there is a massive impact on the shot for the golf ball to travel farther and cover long distances. The two-layered golf ball is preferred for beginners, slow speeders, and high-handicap golfers.

    On the other hand, multi-layered golf balls have more than two layers and are preferred mainly by the fast or moderate level speeders because the multi-layers combined give power for the spin to be faster.

  5. Select the right golf ball type
  6. While you may assume that all golf balls are the same, note at least three different types of golf balls. These include- distance golf balls that have a larger core and a fine layer, spin control golf balls that allow for a straight shot and reduce the number of spins in your shot, and Tour performance or premium golf balls that are made up of multiple layers and preferred mainly by the highly skilled golfers.

    However, which one should you select?
    Here’s a hint. You can select these golf balls according to your experience level or your golf skill. For instance, if you are a beginner or an amateur golfer, then spin control golf should be the best choice. It allows you to create a good depression by reducing the number of spins that can arise in your short and reducing your shit distance. For a moderate to the skilled golfer, the distance gold is suitable as this one is constructed to launch the golf ball faster. A premium golf ball is recommended chiefly to the highly-skilled and high-speed performer.

  7. The golf cover can make a difference
  8. Golf covers are made up of two materials, either, Urethane or Surlyn. The former is a softer material primarily used in multi-layered golf balls. It creates a more significant impact by creating more spin in your shot, applicable for fast speeders or highly skilled golfers. It gives a good feel and deforms quickly and gives a good feeling; however, Urethane cannot last for long, making it non-durable.
    Surlyn is more complex than Urethane and is a resin ionomer and a widespread cover for most golf balls. Surlyn offers high durability due to its hard-core structure and delivers an excellent impactful performance in all speeders and players.
    Urethane can be effective for high-speed plays, or high-skilled players look to capture the shot. But, Surlyn is a material used for all golf balls for over seven decades and offers the same performance. However, it all depends on the feels of the respective player.

Take a home message!

Before you make a selection, make sure you take a demo game, work with the club, and at the same time experience the feels of it. Moreover, the golf ball you select also depends on the objective of your game if you are looking for the feels or to furnish your skill or to be competitive enough.