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5 Best Balls for Winter Golf


Playing on the course could be different or tricky with the changing weather but never impossible. Weather not only has a significant impact on golfers and how they play but also on the way a golf ball performs. Many factors affect the game and performance, including wind, wetness, temperature, and how soft or hard the course is playing during the winter.

Even if you’re ready to squeeze in a few rounds during the winter months, that doesn’t mean your equipment is, especially when it comes to your golf balls. To your surprise, golf balls lose about two yards of carry for every 10 degrees drop in temperature. This happens because, during the winter months, the golf ball becomes cold and harder, making it more difficult to compress.

That’s why it becomes crucial to choose a softer and bright-colored golf ball for playing during winters. Bright-colored balls because you need a visible ball on a snow-covered or frosty golf course. Before you check out the 5 best balls for a winter golf game, let’s see how does the cold weather impacts the golf balls:

How do winters affect golf balls?

Cold air and temperature impact the performance of a golf ball in many ways. The distance ball covers, compression, and flight get affected during winters. Here are the major impacts and reasons behind them:

  • Speed of the ball –

    Both speed and swing of the ball get affected during the cold months. The speed of the ball will get slightly lower after the ball gets stuck in the dense air. Whereas the swing speed will reduce not naturally but due to obvious reasons like when a golfer is restricted or uncomfortable by layers of clothing.

  • Flight of the ball –

    In colder temperatures, the ball flight will be slightly higher as it tends to rise a bit higher in the dense air.

  • Low compression –

    During the cold months, a softer ball with low compression will provide a better impact and feel. Softer compression balls tend to cover more distance during winters than harder balls.

  • Distance –

    As mentioned earlier, a golf ball loses distance when it gets colder. A golf ball typically loses one yard for every 10-degree drop in temperature. That’s where lower compression balls come into the play.

  • Damage to the balls –

    If you hit a frozen ball in the winters, it can harm both your ball and clubs. That’s why make sure you keep your balls warm.

Now that you know how temperature affects a golf ball, let’s see 5 best balls for winters :

  1. Titleist NXT Tour S Yellow

    The ball offers the same performance as the previous model NXT Tour. However, it gives much softer compression and feels, which makes it perfect for the colder months. The low spin characteristics combined with the dimple design of the ball have a lower trajectory which helps to get more distance during the winter months.

    Also, the bright yellow color of the ball gives you more visibility in the grey sky. This means less time looking around for your ball.

  2. Callaway Chrome Soft

    The ball is designed to give tour performance with a softer feel. The Callaway Chrome Soft is a 4 piece construction that provides optimal spin rates and higher ball speeds to give you better performance.

    Also, the lower compression of the ball offers a great feel around the greens and a great distance in cold temperatures. You can also get the ball in yellow color to get more visibility in the grey sky.

  3. Srixon Soft Feel

    The ball is designed to give an advantage to golfers of all swing speeds, making it a perfect choice for the winter months. With the resilient rabalon-elastomer cover, the ball sports a 328 dimple pattern for better control and high lift.

    Golfers get great power on tee shots and can extract more distance from each shot due to the energetic gradient growth core of the ball.

  4. Bridgestone E6

    If you want the softest multilayer golf ball on the market, look no further than Bridgestone E6. The ball is designed to give you higher shots, improve your accuracy and boost your game. You get improved surface coverage and enhanced ball flight due to the web dimple pattern of the ball.

    The Bridgestone e6 sports a soft gradient core, a surlyn cover that gives you a great feel, and an anti side spin inner layer. Talking about the color options, you can choose between pink, orange, yellow, and the traditional white, of course.

  5. Callaway Super Soft

    You get the idea merely with the name. The Callaway super soft is the softest ball on the market with just 38 compressions. As you know, a low compression ball reduces the spin to give you more distance and straighter ball flight. The ball boasts the HEX aerodynamics dimple pattern, enabling the golfer to cover more distance even in extreme conditions.

You also get a variety of color options, including pink, yellow, orange, and teal as well.

These were the 5 best golf balls for winters that will boost your overall performance on the course. Apart from getting a suitable ball, it’s equally crucial to keep them warm to get optimum performance. This doesn’t suggest leaving them in the trunk overnight. You can just wrap them in a towel and store them warm in your golf bag.

Summing Up

Golf balls play a huge role in making or breaking your performance on the field. That’s why it becomes crucial to pay attention to your golf balls and get a suitable set for every situation.

With all the mentioned qualities, you can make up your mind for any of the mentioned options. Make sure you read the description well and order suitable colors like yellow or orange, easily visible during the winters.