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5 Tips To Protect Your Home While Going On A Vacation


5 Tips To Protect Your Home While Going On A Vacation

Vacations are like a fresh breeze of air in our mundane lives. Everyone is always excited and eager to go on to some exotic place for vacations. Some may enjoy the golf with swinging their best golf irons to take a perfect shot at the best golf balls, some enjoy hobbies like fishing taking their boats, fitted with best trolling motors and catching the fish, some ride on to the mountains with their best mountain bikes, exploring the nature.

For couples it is a time to rediscover the love in their house, and for the family it is the time to spend some quality time with each other and to create some great memories. But while we are enjoying our vacation, is our house safe? With incidents of burglary and theft increasing all over, our homes are always at the vulnerability of being robbed. There is also every possibility of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. So what needs to be done so that we can enjoy our vacations peacefully, without worrying about our homes? So in this blog we would be discussing 4 points, by which you can protect you house and have that perfect beach vacation, which you had been planning since long:

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1. Install Home Security Systems:

Homes security systems are crucial to every home. The cost involved is also not very high, looking on the protections and safety it provides not only to house but also to the family members residing inside it. If you are going on a vacation the following home security devices are a must:

  • Home security camera:
    When you install home security camera, you avoid 90% of the criminals, as the criminal always avoids a house with a security camera installed. Plus today’s home security cameras can be assessed from anywhere, so you can monitor your house from where you are vacationing and if you find something suspicious you can alert the authorities.
  • Carbon monoxide detector:
    One great danger that lurks the American houses is the carbon monoxide poisoning. As most of our houses are equipped with fuel using appliances there is always a possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning. While we are away on our vacation, there could be CO gas accumulation in our house and as the gas is colorless, odorless and tasteless we could be victim of that. So a carbon monoxide detector protects us from this and saves the lives of our near and dear ones.
  • Smoke or fire alarm:
    Every year millions of dollars’ worth of property damages takes place due to houses destroyed in fire and fire related accidents. Most of these fire accidents happen while the owner is not in the house or was vacationing. This gruesome loss can be avoided if we install smoke alarms or fire alarms in you houses. When we install a fire alarm to our house whenever there is an incident of fire happening in our house it would inform us at whatever place we are and we can inform the fire services and avoid major losses.

2. Avoid Social Media Postings:

Social media is an inseparable part of our lives. People post everything now on social media and it gives social gratification to people when they get likes and comments on their pictures. But this also has a dark face to it. Now robbers are selecting the houses to rob by looking at the social media accounts. They identify the house whose occupants have gone for holidays, by looking at their vacationing pictures posted on social media. So always avoid posting your vacation photos on social media. You can always post it after coming back.

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3. Involve Neighbors:

Neighbors are like our neighborhood police. Whenever you go out for holidays, always tell a neighbor to take a watch over your house. An alert neighbor would always ask any stranger lurking around.

4. Keep Your Valuables In Bank Lockers:

Whenever you go out, out all your precious jewelry or hard cash in bank or private lockers. Even if with all the security measures taken a burglar enters you home he would be unable to steal anything, if you keep all your valuables inside a bank or private locker.

So we see by taking these 4 simple steps we can keep or house safe while on a vacation and enjoy the water from the ocean touching our feet, or feel the mountain breeze while riding our full suspension mountain bike. Happy holidays.

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