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5 Unique Baby Shower Gifts For Soon To Be Mothers


Parenthood is a big transition. In this stage, mom-to-be and dad-to-be are preparing for the biggest change in their lives. So, the best way to support their transition is, giving them some useful and unique gifts. Gifts that would make their parenting easier like- breast pumps for mothers.

There was a time when the baby shower was exclusively female events and the gifts were simple. These days, it is addressed to both parents and with the growing technology the range of the gift for to-be-parents and coming child has become wide.

Here are some unique and useful gifts that you can give to your to-be-mom friend.

1. Breast Pumps:

Nowadays most of the mothers are working women. So undeniably they have to return to work after a short period of giving birth, which means the baby will have to feed on infant formula after a few months of birth. To avoid these supplementing feedings breast pumps for mothers are the ideal solution. By pumping and storing their milk, your friend can continue to provide her baby breast milk after joining the office also.

2. Baby Monitors:

Baby monitors have become one of the greatest assets in parenting from the last decades. Whether parents are in the restroom or the living rooms, they love to keep watch on their child when he or she is sleeping or playing. Gift your friend the best baby monitor and make their parenting easy and peaceful. You will not only gift a gadget to your friend but also her peace, space, and sleep.

3. Baby Stroller:

The best baby stroller provides joy to the baby and also makes easier to handle child for parents. Baby stroller is a liberating tool, for both baby as well as a parent because it is very easy to use and are portable. To make parenting a little less exhausting activity, gift your friend the best baby stroller.

4. Baby Car seat:

There is no doubt that your friend is already in stress about parenting and also she is suffering from pregnancy symptoms from the last few months. In this struggle, she may forget to do some of the most important things like- installing a baby car seat in her car. So, be a responsible aunt and install the best baby car seat in your friend’s car for the safety of your coming niece or nephew.

5. Nanny Cams:

If your friend is planning to leave her child with a nanny during her work hours, don’t forget to gift her the nanny cams. No matter whether the nanny she is hiring is known or not. Little kids are most vulnerable to abuse and molestations. It is always better to take a safe stand when it comes to child’s protection. Nanny cameras can be a good gift for your friend as it will allow her to keep an eye on the kid and nanny’s activity at the house while working at the office.

6. Spa Coupon Card:

Once the pregnancy is over and the baby is out, your friend will not have a moment for rest or we can say for self-care. Offer her the chance, where she can take a break and rejuvenate her sense. Gift her spa coupon card or membership of a saloon. Make sure the spa saloon provide babysitting service also.


The baby shower does wonder for a woman’s soul. It brings her together with her tribe and the welcoming celebration of the one that is about to unfold. Make the beautiful moment of her life memorable by giving her the gifts that are not unique but also useful. Gifts that will make parenting easy to her and help her to be a good and efficient mother.

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