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5 Unique Gifting Ideas For Your Kids On Their Birthday


Kids love gifts and surprises, especially if it’s their birthday. It’s always easy to just grab the first thing we see like- best laptops for their studies or best trekking equipment for their fun. But giving the same kind of things, again and again, would be such a cliché. So, for spicing up the surprise factor and creating that wow movement for your child on his or her birthday, here are some 5 unique gift ideas for your kid.

With so many fads and phases, kids go through their life, it’s hard to find a present that will help them to cherish that stage of life, and make lots of memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether your kid is an aspiring scientist or a sportsperson, our extensive list of 5 unique gifts will be sure to leave you feeling inspired, safe in the knowledge that the little guy or girl will be full of happiness and joy when they set their eyes on their gift.

1. GPS Tracker For Kids:

If your child is a pre-schooler, GPS tracker for kids could be an ideal gift for him or her. This will allow them to live in their mysterious world, following their curious mind and explore new things around. Pre-schooler loves to wander and explore new things. GPS tracker will provide you with your child real-time location so, that your fear does not become an obstacle in their growth.

2. Learning Games:

We know from a fact that our children learn only when they have an interest in something and what better way there could be than these fun learning games available in the market like- space games. These games help in developing young minds and develop the habit of thinking out of the box. Also, makes learning a fun game these games are very beneficial in this learning age.

3. Kids Smart Watch:

If you have a teenager who is careless and loses his or her cell phone now and then, kids smart watch could be a great gift for them. Many models of kids smart watch support GSM SIM cards which converts the wristwatch into a small size cell phone. This allows you to call or message your child whenever you want. Some of the exceptional smart watches support video calls also. The sufficient advanced technology of this gadget not only provides you the real-time location with GPS tracking facility but also educational games, calendar and activity tracker like features for your kid.

4. Mountain Bike:

What is there more fun than the best mountain bike. Even we (parents) have a lot of memories related to our bike, so what better gift can we gift than this? They are great for adventure and this gives our child the freedom to explore. In teenage years this is probably the best gift they can expect from us. In this computer ridden world, this bike will add biking to their physical activity and even motivates them to go out and have fun. It would be a great gift as these bikes could give the best memories to your child, the memories they could cherish for a lifetime.

5. Golf clubs:

This a kind of gift that is for life. One always remembers there first golf club, so giving them the best golf club set could be a great gifting idea. Golf is a kind of sport that teaches discipline and in the teenage year it is something that every child has to learn, so this could be a fantastic gift for them. Even they can make a career out of it. So we must cultivate such habits in them at such an age. So this could probably be one of the best gifts you could ever give to your child, just make sure you would help them learn this wonderful sport.


A gift has a lot of emotions attached to it. A gift becomes a memory for your child which he would cherish for a lifetime. A gift could say a thousand things more than words, so it is necessary for us that we choose the right gift for our child. So whatever you decide to gift make sure to add your special thing i.e. your love to it.

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