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Americans Love Fishing Here’s Why


Americans Love Fishing Here’s Why

Fishing is one of America’s most enduring pastimes. Over 33 million people in the US participate in this adventurous escape every year. Fishing is not just about the thrill to catch or a weekend activity in America, it has now turned into an industry, supporting 800,000 jobs from manufacturing to the selling of angling products like best fishing lures, best fishing rods, and best fishing reels.

According to (USFWS) National Survey of Fishing 2011, American spends almost $48 billion annually on fishing gears, trips, and other related items. After all these facts, the question arise to everyone is why do millions of American spend so much on this sport? What is so fascinating about fishing? Here are some legit reasons why do people or should love this amazing sport of fishing.

Benefits from Sport-Fishing

  • Gives You Relief From Stress: –

    In US 80% of people, feel stressed and only 37% do a good job of managing it. In our busy and stressful life fishing gives us a sense of freedom. Nothing can bring a sense of being alive than fishing. Spending a day interacting with nature and casting for trout in high mountain streams or ponds helps us to relief from our highly stressful and hectic lives. Fishing is an adventurous escape from the busy life to bust your stress.

  • Improves Bonding With Friends And Family: –

    Fishing is something in which people of all ages can participate together. A fishing trip gives us some valuable memories and memoirs to cherish. It helps to strengthen the sense of love and care between family and friends.

  • Supports Environment Conservation: –

    Anglers plays a vital role in the conservation of the environment. They put money in their passion fishing by purchasing fishing licenses and paying special taxes. These Tax revenues are annually distributed to the state fish and wildlife agencies.

  • Helps Wildlife and fisheries Management: –

    From over a century anglers have helped the wildlife and fisheries management by setting creel limits and seasons. Anglers have also vested support in efforts to preserve the environment and its species.

  • Very Beneficial For Health: –

    Reaching a good fishing spot requires some paddling, biking on your best mountain bike or hiking all which have great cardiovascular benefits. Spending a day outside and interacting with nature encourages a healthier way of life.

  • Boost Your Self-esteem:-

    Fishing plays a crucial role in one’s personal and social development. It improves your self-esteem and gives your mind and body positivity through respect for nature. Fishing helps you in mastering outdoor skills. It is a life skill that can be enjoyed in any phase of life.

  • Plays Great Role in the Economy: –

    Anglers support more than 828,000 jobs in the USA that generates $35 billion of salaries and wages. By paying the excise sales on fishing equipment like best fishing lures, best fishing rods, and best trolling motors and through license sales Gov. gets billions of dollars in tax revenue. An average angler spends $1,441 annually on fishing. All this creates an economic multiplier effect with a $115 billion impact on the national economy. This gives a great boom to America’s economy.

  • Excellent Source Of Nutrition:-

    Not every angler catches fish to keep, but those who keep are in some bonus benefits. Fish is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein. American Heart Association recommends regular consumption of fish. Besides, catching a fish for your dinner plate boosts the thrill of fishing to another level.

  • Great Recreational Tool: –

    The worst day of fishing will be better than a day of the office or at home doing chores. The joy of catching weary brook trout is more than searching for a good series at Netflix.

  • Gives You The Thrill: –

    Fishing is an adventurous sport which fulfills the need of pursuing and catching. The thrill lies in catching wild trout. It gives you an immediate adrenaline rush and invokes a playful child in you.


We are sure after known these amazing benefits of fishing are you ready, to feast for a fresh catch. Fishing is indeed an adventure. It allows you to spend some quality time with your family and friends. Sport-fishing is a great stress-relieving hobby. So, let’s take our starter kit and explore the water close to your house. Happy fishing.

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