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Astonishing Facts about Fish and Fishing


Our planet earth is our motherly abode which has fed us, sheltered us and taken care of all our basic requirements, it is mother to about 8.7 million species of living organisms these are which we have discovered there would be billions still to be discovered. It is also a interesting fact that 71% of the Earth is covered with water, and that is a huge part of earth. Now the aquatic life in itself has been a thing of curiosity for us humans since our existence and it has indeed provided us with food and water for our living.

Astonishing Facts about Fish and Fishing

Amazing fishes

Studies show that man has been fishing since last 40000 years or so, which was proved by the fish hooks made of bones found in east Timor in 2011. So we have a long history of Fishing and aquatic life specially fishes has been the subject of our inquisitiveness for ages, there are several interesting, funny and amazing facts about fish in the ever going research on fishes and aquatic life. So sharing few selected astonishing facts about Fish and Fishing, incidents:

Fish Facts:

  1. The smallest fish ever to be recorded globally is Philippine goby which is less than 1/3 of an inch when fully grown.
    1000 facts about fish

    world’s smallest fish

  2. The largest of the fishes has to be great whale shark, which can reach 50 feet in length.
    Shocking facts about fishing

    Biggest fish on earth

  3. One of the most popular pet choices in US is Tropical Fish. Amazing isn’t it.
  4. It is also an amazing fact that the Tropical pet fish sold in US are in fact harvested from the wild in Africa, Asia and central and South America.
  5. There are estimated 25000 species of fish on earth, out of which 40% fish live in fresh water, but the interesting fact is that only less than .01% of earth fresh water is fresh water. Astonishing.
  6. Hagfishes when irritated can fill a 2 gallon can with slime in few minutes, this slime make them virtually inedible.
  7. There is a fish called Anableps or 4 eyed fish, which has its eyes split in half horizontally each having a pupil and retina, this fish can simultaneously see above and below the water. Amazing.10 points about fish
  8. The African lungfish is a mysterious fish which enclose itself into mud tunnel and, after the lake has dried up, can live for years buried in the mud, breathing air and waiting for the rains to return. Height of Endurance.Mind blowing facts about fish
  9. The Transsexual fish: Anemone fish lives in large groups and the two most largest become male and female, the largest being female, now if the female dies, the ,male which now becomes largest changes it’s sex to female and the next largest fish becomes male. The same fish as Nemo.
    Scientific questions about fish

    transgender fish

  10. You don’t want to keep Malawi Eye biter in your aquarium, you know why? Because it would eat the eyes of other fishes and make them blind. Eye popping isn’t it.
    Facts about fish for kids

    Eye biting Fish

  11. There is a fish which plays, yes you heard it right, the peters elephant fish it carries small aluminium foils and puts it in aquarium filter to be drawn by the water current.
    Fishing facts

    The fish which plays

  12. A fish has fixed scales, but the size increases we can estimate the age of the fish by the growth rings on its scales.
  13. The only fish to posses’ eye lids is shark. Fierce

Fishing facts:

  1. Biggest Catch ever: The biggest catch ever recorded was a 2664 pound great white shark caught on the coast of Australia by Alfred Dean on April 21 1959. The amazing fact was that he caught this monster on a 130- pound line that too in less than 50 minutes.
    What is a fun fact about fish

    biggest catch ever

  2. Biggest Fly Rod and Reel: This monstrous Fly rod and reel would put your regular Fishing Rods and Fishing Reels to shame, the biggest Fly Rod and Reel is hold your breath 71 feet, 4.5 inches long, reel being 4 feet in diameter and 10 inches in width. It was built by On June 12, 1999, Tiney Mitchell of Port Isabel.
  3. The most expensive Lure: Forget and keep aside your regular fishing reel, which cost you say 5 to 10 dollars, The most expensive lure ever made is priced at about,( be ready to be amazed) 1 million dollars, it is a 12 inch lure cast from 3 pounds of glimmering gold and platinum and encrusted with 100 carats of diamonds and rubies (4,753 stones to be exact), and they say fishing is cheap.
  4. Most successive casts: It would put all the anglers to shame as using a Zebco 33 Classic reel, Brent olgers of Macon, Georgia cast 6,501 times in just over 24 hours, averaging 270 casts per hour. Each cast had to be at least 45 feet in length. Amazing!
  5. Biggest Bass caught: Now this Bass caught which apparently even had a nickname ‘Dottie’, was so far the biggest largemouth bass to be caught was at an amazing 25 pounds, and was caught in Dixon lake California. The fun fact about this catch was that the same fish (Recognizable because of unique black mark on the underside of the right gill plate) was caught twice and released first in 2003 weighing 21 pounds and second in 2006 weighing 25 pounds. Some coincidence.
    Shocking facts about fishing

    Dottie-Biggest largemouth ever caught

So these were some really cool stuff about fishing and fish, hope you enjoyed the same. Do visit www.reviewscast.com for latest Fishing equipment’s and news.


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