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Beginners Buying Guide For Golf Club Set


Golf is a fascinating sport whether we are watching it or playing it. I grew up seeing this luxurious sport, as my family loves golfing and somehow manages to arrange at least a mini-golf tournament at every get-together. When I started playing golf in my teens, I brutally failed to understand it. Because golfing is a daunting task, huge amounts of skill, mental strength, and patience required to get success in golf. Besides all this, you will definitely, need the best golf clubs set. As I belong to a family, who loves golfing and has some great golfers in the house, I could help you all to find an ideal beginner golf clubs set.

According to my knowledge, there are no sports that require so many varieties of equipment, which a game of golf requires even to play the basic level from getting the best golf balls to best golf irons and so on. A beginner’s golf clubs set at least should have a driver, a putter, irons, and a wedge or two.

I will answer some questions like information about golf clubs, why golf clubs matter, how much you should spend on your first set of golf clubs. This article is especially for beginners and is based upon my own experience and advice of my dad who coached me.

Why Golf Club Matters?

A good set of the golf club should have larger clubface, a shorter shaft, and should have long-distance between grip and clubhead this design will make easier to get the ball in the air.
As I told you before that I brutally failed at my first game, the reason was that I played it with my dad’s powerful pro-clubs, thinking that playing golf is in my blood. So, I request you not to make the same mistake. Purchase the golf club which is easier to use at the beginning, because with them you’ll be able to get more golf balls onto the green and into the holes. Seeing the results you will enjoy the game and the more you’ll enjoy golfing, the more you’ll want to play and the more you’ll improve.

How To Choose Your Golf Club?

We are allowed to use 14 clubs but for the first set you only nine clubs. Information About Some Basic Beginners Golf Clubs


Driver is the longest club in your bag. It is used when your target is far away from you. The large clubhead and long shaft facilitate you to hit the ball at the farthest point than any other club. A driver is used on a tee shot at the beginning of each hole. You can easily find the best golf drivers for beginners on some good sites like sportsdeal and reviewscast.


Iron is the kind of club that is used to move the ball towards the hole. Iron has a shorter shaft and smaller clubhead as compared to the driver. Its head is made of iron or steel. The iron primary feature is that it has a large, flat, angled face, usually scored with grooves.
Two types of irons are used in different situations.

  1. Mid Irons – used form the fairway and rough for longer approach shots (150-200 yards).
  2. Short Irons – used for short approaches (120=150 yards). It is used when you want to loft the ball into the air a bit more. Look top 5 golf irons to learn about their uses. So make a collection of some best golf irons in your set.

Fairway wood

The clubhead of a fairway wood is smaller than the driver. Its loft is generally between 12-18 degrees and can be ideal to use when you want to lift the ball out of the turf on the fairway. They have a stiffer shaft.

Pitching Wedge

The Club can get under the ball and lift it high. This helps to stop the ball quicker on the green.

Sand Wedge

It is an open-faced wedge designed to escape your ball from sand bunkers. Sand wedge helps you to swing through the top layer of the sand, without getting stuck in it.


This club is used when you are on the green and trying to put the ball in the hole. It has a flat face and hence gives short and low-speed strokes.


These are some basic about selecting the best Golf clubs that you will come across while you began your journey in this fascinating sport. As the time will pass you will add on some more golf clubs to your bag. But, for the beginning, these golf clubs will be more than sufficient to deal with most of the situations. Spend $100-$250 not more than that as your first golf clubs set won’t be with you for your whole golf journey. You will upgrade them when you will improve.

Beginners Buying Guide For Golf Club Set

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