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Best BMX Bikes For 2021


BMX bikes were initially known as racing bikes. The abbreviation “BMX” generally involves those bicycles which were made to overcome rough terrains. BMX bikes are famous as they have excellent quality and also because they can survive quite well on critical racing tracks. They are those bikes that can ace every kind of competition and win without even a bit of trouble.

Nowadays, BMX bikes are not just restricted to race tracks alone. They can be used in places like parks, streets, flatlands, vert, or even mountains. Due to the high demand for more and more bicycle designs, including BMX bikes, many brands have appeared on the market. Many of these brands are either recently-emerged companies that demand attention, and some are all relatively well-known companies that manufacture bikes of the best quality. Most of the BMX bikes are made out of carbon, steel, or aluminum.

There are quite a few things that you would want to check for in the quality of the BMX bikes before buying it. Some of the essential parameters that you need to keep in mind are-

The strength of the steering wheel, frame, form and all the connecting rods of the bike, the quality of welds and the assembly, the price policy, history and fame of the manufacturer, and the bike’s design.
If you are thinking of getting it online, you should also check out the customer reviews. These are essential elements that you need to pay attention to determine the quality of any bike.

Best BMX Bikes For 2021 Reviews

Generally, the choice of a bike for a consumer boils down to two main things:

  • The design of the bike.
  • Price.

Below is a list is given of some of the best BMX bikes that are on the market today, along with their full descriptions with quality indicators.

Hiland 26/27.5 inch Aluminum Mountain Bike For Women

Mountain bikes are those bicycles that are typically designed for off-road cycling. Though these bikes share similarities with regular bicycles, they are made to enhance durability and performance in rough terrains. Hiland is one of the top manufacturers of mountain bikes. Their bikes would exceed all your expectations, both on quality and performance. The build quality of the alloy frame of this bike and the excellent gradient paint make this bike quite attractive. The brake system of this bike constitutes double disc-brakes.

It comes with 24-speed shifters that would ensure you have total control of the bike in every situation. This bike sports 27.5-inch wheels and a lockout suspension fork, which makes it suitable to have a great experience on highways, mountain ways, and forest ways.

Other features that this bike has is a full suspension, large knobby, tires, straight handlebars, extremely durable wheels, and lower gear ratios to climb steep grades

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  • This bike’s unique geometry has been specially designed for women with a particular upper tube and a smaller frame.
  • 85% of the bikes come pre-assembled, so you don’t have to take it to a bike shop for assembly.

  • A kickstand is not included with this bike.

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Schwinn Sidewinder Mountain Bike

The Schwinn Sidewinder Mountain Bike is a front suspension mountain bike that is always ready for you to hit any trail. The steel mountain frame of this bike and the excellent suspension fork help keep your ride smooth. The easy gear changes that come along the 21-speed trigger shifters of this bike will∙ make you fall in love with it. It also comes with the Shimano rear derailleur and even the bonus of the Schwinn alloy crank.

The Schwinn alloy crank offers you optimal gearing. You could either ride high up the kills or cruise down the slopes easily as this bike comes with a tool-free adjustable seat post. With the powerful front and rear brakes, you can rest assured that you will be able to handle any trails because of their crisp all-condition stopping ability. This bike comes in two colors- black and teal.

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  • Just like all other Schwinn bikes, this Sidewinder mountain bike comes with a limited lifetime warranty for the whole duration of you owning the bike.

  • This bike is designed with 24-inch wheels and fits riders who are 4 feet 8 inches to 5 inches 6 inches tall, so if you are taller than that, you might face a problem with this bike.

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Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike

If you want a quality mountain bike that won’t require you to empty your wallet as much, this Diamondback Mountain Bike is just the answer for you. This Overdrive bike is a Hardtail made out of aluminum. It comes with 27.5-inch wheels, 24 speeds, powerful disc brakes, and a plus 4 inch Suntour suspension fork.

This bike comes with big knobby tires that can grip every root and every rock on your path and keep you in control on any trail you explore. The SR Suntour XCT 27 coil-spring fork that comes with this bike soaks up all kinds of rough terrains with better control and lesser fatigue.

The drivetrain, that is, the Shimano 3×8 with Suntour XCT cranks, has a wide range of gears that will keep you gliding up the hills and quite, hammering down the other side. This bike has mechanical disc brakes with a reliable stopping power that will help you confidently handle all terrains.

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  • This bike is shipped ride-ready and requires minimum assembling, thus eliminating the tedious hassle of at-home bike assembly.

  • Some bikes could have manufacturing defects and could be problematic to return.

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Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike

The Mongoose is a bike manufacturing company that was founded in 1974. The founder, Skip Hess, designed the wheel MotoMag One to make BMX bikes a lot stronger with a classy new look. In the 1980s, Mongoose bike riders used to dominate the BMX race circuits. Even today, Mongoose has continued to create bikes that push the riders to new thrilling limits and conquer gnarly mountain trails to stomping tricks in the park or owning the urban streets. They have re-invented the wheel to their latest line of BMX bikes, which gives riders pure unadulterated performance.

One of its best features is the fat tire frame made out of steel and has a mountain style. It comes with a rear derailleur to aid riders to change gears smoothly. It has quite a strong braking ability as it comes with front and rear disc brakes that help in crisp stopping and precise speed control. The tires are fat, knobby 4-inch ones that glide over anything in their path.

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  • This bike has an alloy a-head stem and a mountain handlebar that helps complete control out on any trails.

  • The rims of the bike may not be as shown in the picture online. Though the rims are lightweight and robust, they not be as reliable as you wish.

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Sirdar S-700 Mountain Bike for Adult and Youth

This bike is one of Sirdar’s 26-inch lightweight mountain bikes. It has an aluminum body that is super durable as it has anti-deformation properties and a strong bearing force. It comes with 27 speed; it has a finger-type shifter with three front derailleur and nine rears derailleur. These make the bike easier to pedal for both speed and acceleration. It has an excellent braking ability and comes with front and rear double disc brakes, which increase safety and controllability correctly for bikers.

This bike comes with two seats. The first seat is a mountain, cross-country one suitable for forest roads, mountain roads, rugged roads, etc. The second seat is a soft one that is best suited for flat roads. This bike comes with an adjustable front fork, which aids you to lock it with lesser effort when riding on a flat surface. You can open the knife on rough roads for excellent shock absorption.

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  • The bike comes with the front and rear lights so that you can alert passersby and vehicles to ensure safety before and after.
  • 99% of the bike comes assembled to do it yourself and won’t need to take it to a bike shop to create it.

  • Some bikes might have manufacturing defects and poor artistry.


BMX bikes prove to be very important not only for kids but also for all the adults nowadays. When cars and motorbikes started ruling the streets, the bikes were once an essential means of transportation that got timed out. Just like there were advantages to this, there were quite a lot of disadvantages too. People started losing their health. But when BMX bikes came in, most problems were solved as they helped people regain their health and have fun.

When buying your favorite BMX bike, you need to look for a lot of things in it. The most important thing is affordability. You should look for the specifics that you need on your bike and buy a suitable one. Customizing the wrong bike could cost you quite a lot, and getting add-ons wouldn’t be cheap either. Today, many fantastic BMX bike brands in the market will give you many options and help you find the perfect BMX bike for yourself.