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Best Dive Computers For 2021


A personal decompression computer or dive computer is a tool an undersea diver uses to gauge the depth and time while on the dive. This data is used to display and calculate an inclined profile, thereby reducing the danger of decompression ailment.

Dive computers generally apply actual ambient pressure input to a decompression algorithm to show the no-stop limit’s remaining time. After that has crossed, the decompression is expected to level with an adequate danger of decompression sickness. Audible alarms can be available to alert the diver when overtaking the no-stop limit, the recommended ascent rate, the highest operating depth for the gas compound, or another limit ahead which risk develops considerably.

You may fit dive computers to a console or wrist-mounted with a pressure gauge that can submerge. Recreational scuba divers find a dive computer, a piece of crucial safety equipment. Divers who stay on the surface use these wrist computers less. The depth of the diver is controlled at the exterior by pneumofathometer. The diving supervisor governs the decompression.

The components of wrist dive computers are pressure sensors, ambient pressure transducer, and analog to digital convertor, pushbuttons, faceplate, display, microprocessor, housing, temperature sensor, random access memory, power supply, read – only memory, and strap.

Air consumption, oxygen exposure/gas mixes, a user-replaceable battery, choosing the computer, and compass are features of a wrist dive computer. It is excellent and essential for divers. This article discusses the features of the best dive computers for 2021.

5 Best Dive Computers Reviewed

★ Top Pick

Best Dive Computers

Scubapro G2 Wrist Dive Computer

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Best dive computers 2020

Shearwater Research Teric Wrist Dive Computer

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Best dive computer for beginners

Suunto D5 Wrist Dive Computer

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Garmin dive computer

Garmin Descent Mk1 Dive Computer

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Suunto dive computers

SUUNTO Zoop Novo Wrist Dive Computer

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Scubapro G2 Wrist Dive Computer

The product has a full-color TFT (Thin-Film Transistor). This kind of screen requires less energy. Scubapro G2 Wrist Dive Computer is more effective than other screen types to increase the battery’s life. Its 5.6cm/2.2in LCD screen (320x240p) provides bright colors for enhanced readability to focus your attention on all you must know.

The selection of screen display configurations allows you to modify your data presentation with Classic, Light, Graphical, Full-screen choices to accommodate your driving style. The Multi-Gas ZHL-16 ADT MB algorithm is predictive and shows an eight trimix/nitrox mix capable of handling any recreational or professional diving scenario.

Many new features in G2 include full-color screen options, the ability to use, however much technology you want. This product is the favorite computer for divers of almost all skill levels. The G2 wrist dive computer has an incredibly intuitive menu structure, three-button control, and driver-friendly functions. Other features include open water to freediving to CCR to side mount, with comfort to skim four colorful screens. It is the most accessible hand-down product to use.

Best Dive Computers

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  • Provides enormous information.
  • Excellent compass.
  • Easily customizable.
  • Readable in direct sun.
  • Good storage capacity.

  • Software related issues.

Product Details:
Batteries:1 Lithium-ion battery required
Product Dimensions:6” x 5.5” x 4”
Weight:1.1 Pounds

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Shearwater Research Teric Wrist Dive Computer

It has a High Resolution and Full-Colour product. You get a vivid color display, and 1.39 inches display with profound blacks. The Teric is capable of connecting with a maximum of two transmitters. Its rugged construction gives you a 316 stainless buttons and bezel and sapphire crystal window. Another feature is Optional Air Integration.

The various watch faces go well with multiple occasions and styles. Other excellent features include programmable alarms, timers, and stopwatch; Bluetooth Smart technology to display and download (in cloud control) dive logs in no time.

One gets menu navigation and intuitive controls along with a vivid, bright color display. The Teric gives divers a timepiece and dive-computer of fantastic capacities, along with a high degree of customization. The standard strap size is 22 mm and is compatible with many companies that provide third-party watch dive computers.

Best dive computers 2020

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  • Excellent display.
  • Adjustable brightness.
  • Easily pairs with Oceanic Transmitter.
  • Customizable watch face.
  • Amazing customer service.
  • Perfect colors.

  • Cloudy screen after some dives.

Product Details:
Product dimensions:5 x 4.5 x 3.25 inches
Weight:12.8 Ounces

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Suunto D5 Wrist Dive Computer W/ USB Cable Black

You get a 100m Wrist Dive that resists water. It brings a Wireless tank pressure and digital compass. You also get vibration alarms. The new Suunto D5 is easy-to-use and straightforward that you can entirely focus and enjoy exploring the fantastic world present underwater.

You can play with Suunto Wrist Drive Computer’s style by altering the strap according to your looks. You get a quick and smart release system and select your favorite color, leather, or silicon strap to complete your casual style and the color that matches your diving gear.

Once you dive, connect to the Suunto app to share and re-live your adventures with friends. A wireless mobile connection is another facility provided. You can follow your gas pressure straight from your wrist and improve your diving. Another feature of the Suunto App is that you receive notifications to your mobile applications and miss no adventure.

Best dive computer for beginners

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  • Perfectly easy to use.
  • Great display.
  • Works well in sunlight.
  • Solid battery.
  • Vibration alert makes diving easier.
  • Very readable underwater.

  • Customer service isn’t available everywhere.

Product Details:
Dimensions:5.5 x 5 x 3.5 inches
Weight:3.2 Ounces
Batteries:1 Lithium-ion battery required

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Garmin Descent Mk1, Watch-Sized Dive Computer

This product gives you a premium GPS dive computer with all the features in a sleek design with a watch-style quality. You get a topo mapping and bright 1.2 inches color display. It has built-in sensors that have a gyroscope, 3-axis compass, and barometric altimeter with GLONASS.

GPS capability allows you to mark your dive exit and entry points for exterior navigation. Garmin Descent Mk1 upholds multi-gas, single-gas, apnea diving, gauge, including trimix and nitrox. The best part is you can directly prepare your dives.

Its features include performance metrics, elevated wrist heart rate technology. You also get intelligent notifications and multisport activity profiles.

The dive log allows you to review and store data to a maximum of 200 dives. You can share online through Garmin connect and the added mobile app. The battery lasts up to ten days in smartwatch mode, 20 hours in GPS mode, 19 days in watch mode, and 40 hours in dive mode.

Garmin dive computer

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  • Convenient blade.
  • Great battery life.
  • User-friendly watch.
  • Excellent navigation.
  • Very easy to use.

  • Software quality may not be good.

Product Details:
Display Size:1.2 Inches
Dimensions:0.7 x 2.01 x 2.01 inches
Weight:3.52 ounces
Display:Color Display
Color:Silver with Black Silicone Band

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SUUNTO Zoop Novo Wrist Scuba Diving Computer

The operating modes of this product include nitrox, air, freedom modes, and gauge. You can program it for 21% to 50% of oxygen compounds.

Suunto Wrist Diving computer is a metric or imperial programmable. Decompression can stop data and audible alarms. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to explore new underwater adventures or diving journey because Suunto Zoop Novo has all you require.

The maximum depth of the display is 330′ or 100 meters. You also get a back lite display, which is comfortable to read in the night and low light conditions. The key dive data is available for your easy use on the very bright backlit display. You only need to get ready, dive down, and experience the fantastic view.

This dive computer is easy to use and includes five dive modes (Nitrox, Off, Gauge, Air, and Free), the ability to decompress fully, and a menu-based, straightforward Suunto user interface.

Suunto dive computers

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  • Very easy to use.
  • Excellent digital compass.
  • Great for amateur divers.
  • Perfect display.
  • Can pre-program many gas mixtures.

  • Cannot update or replace the software.

Product Details:
Dimensions:8 x 4 x 4 inches
Weight:3 Pounds
Manufacturer:Suunto USA, Inc.


The best dive computers highlighted in this article are Shearwater Research Teric Wrist Dive Computer, Scubapro G2 Wrist Dive Computer, SUUNTO Zoop Novo Wrist Scuba Diving Computer, Garmin Descent Mk1, Watch-Sized Dive Computer with Surface GPS, Black/Silver, and Suunto D5 Wrist Dive Computer W/ USB Cable Black.

Scubapro G2 Wrist Dive Computer provides enormous information, has an excellent compass. It is easily customizable, readable in direct sun, and has a good storage capacity. However, this wrist dive has some software related issues. Shearwater Research Teric Wrist Dive Computer has an excellent display, adjustable brightness, and easily pairs with Oceanic Transmitter. You also get a customizable watch face, amazing customer service, and perfect colors.

However, the screen becomes cloudy after some dives. Garmin Descent Mk1, Watch-Sized Dive Computer with Surface GPS, Black/Silver has a convenient blade and great battery life. It is a user-friendly watch, excellent navigation, and is very easy to use. However, the software quality may not be good.

SUUNTO Zoop Novo Wrist Scuba Diving Computer is very easy to use, has an excellent digital compass, can pre-program many gas mixtures, and is great for amateur divers. You also get a perfect display. However, you cannot update or replace the software. Suunto D5 Wrist Dive Computer W/ USB Cable Black is perfectly easy to use, has a great display, and works well in sunlight.

It provides you a solid battery, and vibration alert to make diving easier. It is very readable underwater. However, the customer service isn’t available everywhere. You can choose the best dive computer according to your budget and requirements.

Buying Guide For Best Dive Computers For 2021

A dive computer takes the information of time and depth information. After that, it applies the data to a decompression model, thereby tracking the nitrogen dissolved in your body while an undersea dive. Your computer frequently lets you know how much time you have to dive safely.

The best dive computer will blend a timer, depth gauge, and a submersible pressure gauge (SPG) into a useful, single device. Many divers have a dive computer because it’s advantageous. This article is a buying guide for the best dive computers for 2021.

Difference Between Dive Computers, Dive Consoles, and Dive Watches

If you want to have the dive data on a screen, you must use a dive computer. These devices are in the style of smartwatches that can be worn on the wrist. You can also strip the dive computer on the strobe arm on your camera.

Another dive tool is a dive console that connects the air pressure gauge with your dive computer. Sometimes, it is combined with an analog compass through a pressure hose. It is safe for students as they won’t lose the dive computer underwater. Regular divers may or may not use this dive console because it is always more convenient to read from a watch mounted on the wrist.

You can also use a waterproof watch to know the depth while diving in the sea. Such a device is known as a dive watch. It is excellent for surfers, water sportspersons, and swimmers. A dive computer is always required with a dive watch if you are diving. These devices do not provide much in the way of dive-related function and are not useful for calculating the remaining no-decompression time. Several divers prefer a dive computer that resembles the style of a watch.

How To Choose The Right Dive Computer?

Here are the points to consider before buying a dive computer.

Check if the Users Appreciate the Product

Read the reviews given by experienced users of the dive computer. Recent models may have lesser feedbacks. The new models are upgradations of the older dive computers. So, even the previous reviews are useful.

How usable is the dive watch?

Your product must be easy to use and intuitive. As mentioned above, you must go through the reviews by users in this regard, as not many dive watches bring you the comfort to use.


Make sure the screen of your dive screen is bright, and the text is comfortable to read. The display should be simple as it is customizable and only what you require appears on the screen.

Color screen

Color is an essential and useful feature. However, your dive computer becomes expensive when you get this specification. If you are using an air integrated dive computer, you must choose the right color.


The design of your dive computer holds importance. It is so because when you are paying a lot of money for your underwater device and naturally expect a stunning, modern interface and comfortable fit design.

Bluetooth connectivity

If you want to do easy firmware updates or download your dive logs to a computer or app, you must choose a dive computer with robust Bluetooth connectivity.


You can set the alarm underwater in case you get distracted and forget the time. Also, check the rate of ascent alarm useful, which lets you know when you are going up too quickly. It is excellent while doing a controlled emergency swimming ascent.

Battery life

It would be perfect to choose a dive computer that lets you know the battery life, reduces the need for a battery change or charging. Specific computers appear promising because they claim to report battery life with minimum screen brightness at a minimum. However, a bright screen is essential while diving. If you want smart features, the battery should be durable. Some smartwatches require you to charge every night.

Integrated Compass

The latest dive computers display a digital compass on the screen. You can use this feature for navigation naturally. As a piece strapped on the wrist, a compass is often located on the dive console unit and air pressure gauge. All the top dive computers have easy-to-use digital compasses integrated.

Customization options

For a distinctive or better fitting dive computer, choose the one with changeable straps. These straps may suffer from wear quickly. So, it is excellent to replace them easily. Any specific layout of dive information like beeps can be another customizable feature of your computer.

Other Major Factors

Given below are some more essential factors to consider.


The two types of transmitters found in dive computers are permanent pairing and broadcast. Permanent pairing enables you to enter the transmitter’s serial number into the computer for once and for all. Broadcast lets you pair through 20 or so frequencies at the beginning of your dive. However, make sure you do not mistake pairing it with some other divers’ computer frequency.

Do you need Air System Integration?

Specific dive computers work on their own and are called independent. A distinct feature of these devices is that they replace compass, depth gauge, and likewise. However, they do not connect to the air system. Recreational divers do not require this feature.

The highly-technical and relatively expensive dive computers connect to the air supply and regulator. These are called integrated dive computers. Such an integrated device is capable of giving you dead-on calculations and tracking the air in your tank.


You can either activate your dive manually or use water for the same. In some dive computers, you need to press a button before going underwater. Some dive computers require the diver to press a button before going underwater. However, specific dive computers know that the users forget turning On the device. So, the dive computer automatically activates when you dive into the sea. You can capture the details of your dive without failing, but you need to pay the price for this feature.


Dive computers usually range from $150 to USD 1,500+. If you are a recreational diver, you may not spend more than USD 500. Some good models are available at lesser costs. Serious divers need a dive computer with air integration (topline computers) and need to pay more. Suppose you want versatility with algorithms, gas mixes, and navigation settings. To get a customizable drive computer, you need to spend more.


Some models also give you the Planning Mode facility that includes information on decompression stop and gas switch. You may choose the freediving mode to keep track of the single breath dives. Gauge mode is useful as it makes your dive computer a bottom timer to know the run time and depth. This mode is also capable of monitoring a technical dive plan that makes it highly beneficial as a backup device for technical divers.

If you are diving at higher altitudes, an expanded dive plan and distinct procedures are required. Using the conservative setting available in some dive computers, you can add safety to your plan. Most screens come with a screen protector that prevents them from getting scratched. However, at times, you may need to buy a protector for your dive computer screen. In a nutshell, use this buying guide to have the best dive computers for 2021.