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Best Fishing Spots in Southern California


California, the perfect place for people to have the time of their lives with all types of water recreational activities. Southern California has amazing places for you to visit and fish. Fishing is a great recreational activity for all ages. It is not just for fun now because certain fishing spots in Southern California organize regular fishing competitions. Don’t worry; we will be covering it all up at once, now presenting to you some of the best places to visit in Southern California for fishing. The weather is perfect, the waves are steady, so what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into it!

Lake Cuyamaca

This beautiful fishing spot is located a few miles towards the east of San Diego. Everyone who has visited this place has clearly stated that this location is unparallel to any other nearby location. It is beautifully built and maintained because you will always find people here having their beers. At the same time, their fishing rods await their target.

There is no season for visiting this place. It is open throughout the year, which makes it easily accessible. This is why people are visiting the mesmerizing Lake Cuyamaca all 365 days. The fishes you can find in this lake range from trout to catfishes to bluegill, and many more. A mini bridge built for people to access the lake makes the lake an excellent place for camping and picnics. Some businesses are ready to offer you tents and condos for a fantastic view of the lake while you enjoy your solace.

You can relax with your legs up on the table and wait for the fish to get caught because we assure you, you will never get bored of the view.

Lake Gregory

Once again, a fantastic fishing spot located right in the middle of the San Bernardino Mountains is worth the visit. It is very close to Los Angeles, maybe a two-hour drive, and this is why it gets many footsteps and does not get us wrong; it deserves every one of them.

The maintenance of this lake is truly impressive since California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife makes sure that the lake is stocked with trout every single month. There are experts on duty who are in charge of the stock. Among these trout, some are captured and caught beforehand. At the same time, some tend to escape these nets and traps and grow out to be as big as 10 pounds, which is one reason why Lake Gregory is famous in the first place.

There are tons of species of fishes and other water animals that are naturally found in the lake. To name some, Lake Gregory has fishes ranging from catfish to bullhead to bluegill and even smallmouth bass. An interesting fact about Lake Gregory: People compete every month for $1500 here. They leave a fish in the lake with a specific mark like an orange flag, and anyone who catches it first wins the $1500. It is an interesting event and attracts many people regularly, which has made a small community in itself where people interact.

Lake Gregory is available to fish all around the year. However, people mostly prefer visiting it during the peak of its stock which is the spring. Weekends are always crowded here, so make a schedule depending upon that. Along with fishing and fishing competitions, Lake Gregory has many other activities to offer in the area, such as hiking. It is a great place to visit with family or visit alone and then get along with the lake’s community.

Diamond Valley Lake

Next up, we have the Diamond Valley Lake, one of the finest creations of nature as the lake is right in the middle of the mount range called Hemet. Diamond Valley Lake is most famous for its Monster Fishes. Which approximately weigh 15 pounds, that are to be found in this lake. People and professional fishers come to this spot to catch these monster fishes. South California in an entirety offers a great fishing experience, and this spot is nothing but another addition to that list.

Black bass, bluegill, channel catfish, and rainbow trout are most likely found apart from all the giant fishes. The sheer number of species that live in this lake and the fact that it is located in a beautiful area are the two main reasons it is one of the best fishing spots in Southern California.

Castaic Lake

In conversations, sometimes for beauty and sometimes for controversy, next up, we have the mesmerizing Castaic Lake located in the northern Santa Clarita region. It is a beautiful lake with some outstanding largemouth bass stock. From Fall to Spring, it is like a treat for a fisherman who is visiting this lake. The stock here has some of the record-breaking weights and is shockingly huge. The bass is almost 22 pounds, whereas the channel catfish is somewhere around 48 pounds! That is terrific.

Suppose you are someone who enjoys catching these big fishes who are almost like an achievement in themselves. In that case, you should certainly visit Lake Castaic in the month of March because that is the time when the trout and largemouth bass are at their best. Castaic Lake also offers night fishing, which is perfect for people visiting camp or staying near the area.

Piru Creek

Now we have delved into the slightly different spots. Piru Creek is a place for anyone who enjoys urban fishing. This is the perfect spot for you if you enjoy catching one of the biggest trout, and the best part is that Piru Creek offers you that all around the year. This Creek is the reason behind half of the Santa Clara River and its flow. The giant trout and beautiful location have made Piru Creek get many footsteps. People genuinely enjoy visiting here but mostly the competitive or professional fishermen who like to fish big trout.

The trout are the major attraction of Piru Creek. Still, along with that, it also has a range of different species like the largemouth bass.

El Capitan State Beach

We have El Capitan State Beach on the list, which certainly no something you would expect on a fishing spots‘ list, but here we are. Located in the northern region of Santa Barbara, this beach will offer you a great spot to enjoy, relax and fish. It is widely popular for its surf fishing. The most popular water animal found in El Capitan State Beach is the Spunky surfperch, which is in the highest number and weighs around 1-2 pounds.

The beach is windy yet sunny, which makes it an oddly relaxing spot to be in. Most of the fishing is done on the cliff surfaces, which are close to the beach.

Davey’s Locker

This spot is not your usual fishing spot, it is a place that conducts regular fishing tournaments, and Davey’s Locker is mainly popular for the competitive fishing experience it offers. Cruising on the coastline of Orange County, Davey’s Locker has popularised sportfishing. The staff of this cruise will be of your assistance throughout and help you know more about marine life in general. While the port is worth visiting, the cruise is the best part as what you see from the cruise is unparalleled.

There are fishing activities available throughout the day. Still, the best part that we are talking about is watching large monstrous whales in front of you just living their aqua life. The blue whales are the main reason why Davey’s Locker gained all the attention. It also has bottlenose dolphins, yellowtails, and many more.

Redondo Beach Pier

Again, a fantastic place to fish and to fish competitively. Professionals worldwide visit Redondo Beach Pier, and it is certainly one of Southern California’s fishing spot’s highlights.

Someone has rightfully quoted that the “deep-water of Redondo Submarine Canyon hugs the pier” and how nature has shown its craft here. The combination of these two being so close to each other makes fishing a lot easier. A wide range of aqua creatures is found in these waters, ranging from barracuda to yellowtail and even cusk-eels, sablefish, and sanddab.

This could be your perfect place to visit not only for the fishing but for the fun and enjoyment. The place is beautifully developed and has many restaurants, shops, and arcades for people to be continuously entertained. This is the reason you would mostly find this place slightly crowded.


So these were our top picks for the best fishing spots in Southern California. They are not just for fishing as many of the places on the list are visited by people just for the other recreational activities they offer. It is up to you what you want to choose, a relaxed day with no crowds or a fun place with people and giggles all around you. What are you waiting for? Pack your rods, and move right on. The water awaits! Happy fishing!