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Best Folding Bike Review 2021


The folding bike market has expanded in the last two decades, leaving you with a plethora of choices. You get a wide price range that can fit your budget. That’s why it could be overwhelming for prospective buyers to choose within.

A folding bike is exceptionally beneficial for a lifestyle enthusiast. This type of bike allows you to exercise daily. If you are looking for an affordable folding bike, you surely need to consider some features. First of all, you can ask yourself why exactly you need a folding bike? This way, only you won’t have to regret your purchase. Do you want it for commuting or just want an hour to ride to keep up your physique? It’s crucial to understand what you want from the bike to find the model that suits you best. Next, aim to select a compact and lightweight model to carry it easily in public transports. Also, these kinds would be easy to store.

Not all bike fits all riders. Many foldies have adjustments regarding the rider’s height, and one must thoroughly check them before buying. You may find everything perfect in a bike, but it is of no use if it doesn’t fit you properly.

Best Folding Bike Review 2021

★ Top Pick
Best folding bikes 2020
Vilano Urbana Folding Bike

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Strida sx folding bike
Strida LT Folding Bike

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Best budget folding bike
Allen Sports Urban X 7 Speed Folding Bike

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Best budget folding bike
Allen Sports Urban 1 Speed Folding Bike

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Best folding bike for touring
Durban Bay 6 Folding Bike

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To narrow down your choices, we’ve come up with reviews of your top 5 folding bikes. We aim to help you find your suitable match with what we’ve learned from our personal experience.

Vilano Urbana Folding Bike Review

This one is a perfect lightweight and commuter bike for you. This bike just weighs 21.5 lbs, and that’s super light. This is because of the aluminum frame it is made up of. The lightweight feature of the bike is one of the main reasons people opt for it; if you have to carry it in public transports or up the stairs, it will be easy.

It has coaster brakes, so no worries about cables. Due to this, you can stop the bike with backpedaling. If you’ve never used coaster brakes, there’s nothing to worry about as they are easily getting used to. You can choose from grey, white, and matte black colors.
The lightweight frame gives speed to the bike so you can easily ride in flat areas. This bike has only one speed; that is why it’s not advisable to climb hills with it.

The Vilano Urbana is designed to last long and is overall good with its performance. Just a bit extra care and this bike won’t leave you for years.

Best folding bikes 2020

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  • It is very affordable.
  • The design is compact and lightweight.
  • Minimalist design.
  • Less maintenance is required.

  • Comes at a single speed.

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Strida LT Folding Bike Review

The unique triangular A-frame design attracts most cyclists. Its design makes it the easiest and fastest to fold and unfold. You can also wheel it around when folded. We’d recommend this bike for those who want a bike for commuting purposes. It is because it’s well suited for the urban environment and is not comfortable for longer rides.

The bike gets lightweight from the aluminum frame and all the parts made up of aluminum. Due to this, the bike has become super easy to transport. The bike features a special belt drive, mudguards, disc brakes, 16 inches mag wheels, folding pedals, handlebars, etc. you can fold and unfold the bike quickly due to its triangular design. The colors available are white, red, blue, black, and turquoise.

One downside we found is that the bike doesn’t have a kickstand. This makes it so inconvenient for cyclists. Overall speaking, you’ll want this bike for its unusual appearance and compact design. The riding experience is overall satisfactory.

Strida sx folding bike

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  • Has a sturdy frame.
  • Requires less maintenance.
  • Sports a unique yet minimal design.
  • Quite affordable for such features.

  • Doesn’t have a kickstand.
  • Small wheels may not deliver a smooth riding experience

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Allen Sports Urban X 7 Speed Folding Bike Review

Allen Sports is a brand in cycling that needs no introduction further. Keeping up with the reputation, Allen X7 is also very popular among cyclists in the US and worldwide. The bike is known for its beautiful design, lightweight frame, and high-performance wheels.

The bike sports wheels, larger than standard-sized wheels. You get a faster ride with 451 mm wheels both on flat and hilly areas. Another feature we loved is that the bike is so easy to fold; you can fold or unfold it in like 12 seconds. It can be wheeled while folded like other premium bikes. You can choose from a blue and burgundy color.

The frame is made of aluminum, and the overall weight of the bike is 26.1 lbs. The overall experience is good, but you may find some issues with the Seatpost.

Best budget folding bike

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  • Has a stylish and lightweight design.
  • Very easy to fold and unfold.
  • Bigger than standard size wheels.
  • Sturdy frame.

  • The seat post might be stuck sometimes.
  • You may find a problem with shifting gears.

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Allen Sports Urban 1 Speed Folding Bike Review

The Allen Sports Urban 1 is a single-speed bike meant for casual or recreational purposes on flat roads. What could impress you is the lightweight aluminum frame that is very easy to carry around if needed. Also, the frame requires minimal maintenance.

Another notable feature is the 451 mm wheels that are bigger than standard 20” wheels. The performance gets enhanced with bigger wheels. What’s more impressive is the patented frame release levers of the bike. This makes folding and unfolding very easy. The folding and unfolding process is straightforward and hardly takes 10 seconds.

The Sports Urban 1 is somewhere in the middle of Allen Sports Urban X and the Allen Sports Downtown, both in price and components. The bike is meant for urban recreational uses with extra comfort added to the baseline model.

Best budget folding bike

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  • It is easy to fold and unfold.
  • It has a sturdy aluminum frame.
  • The bike sports folding pedals.
  • It can be wheeled when folded

  • Quite expensive for a single speed.

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Durban Bay 6 Folding Bike Review

Durban Bay 6 is a perfect fit for urban riders who want a bike for commuting purposes. It is more suitable for flat roads and may not perform well on hills. We want to mention every cycle serves a different purpose, and the Durban Bay 6 is more suited for short distance travels and not for long-distance or mountain trips.

It would be complete justice to say that Durban Bay 6 is a stylish looking bike. You can select from blue, red, black, and white colors according to your preference. The frame is made of steel. That is why it is quite heavy due to the high-tensile anodized steel. You may not like Durban Bay 6 if you’re seeking a lightweight bike. Also, if you want to travel on public transport with the bike, you may consider other options as it is quite heavy.

The bike comes with 6 speeds suitable for flat and urban areas.
The bike is relatively easy to fold and unfold, and you will quickly figure out how to do so. Durban Bay 6 is a budget-friendly bike, and you should consider it if your budget doesn’t allow for more expensive options.

Best folding bike for touring

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  • Very affordable price.
  • Well-designed.
  • Comes with accessories.
  • 6-speed options.

  • Quite bulky and heavy.
  • Stiff frame hinge

The Bottom Line

Folding bikes are best for commuting as they can be carried with ease. There are a few things one should consider while purchasing folding bikes. You should think about how far you want to travel with it? How much comfort matters to you? Whether the bike is compatible with your height and so on.

We’ve seen different wheel sizes and how they impact the performance of the bike. Standard or classic wheel sizes are 16” or 20”. These bikes are designed to be compact when folded so that you can carry and store them with ease. You may consider this type if you have to travel on public transport or your workplace doesn’t have a secure place to keep the bike. It is because these bikes are easily stored under a bench or sofa or even your desk.

Before you buy a specific model, have a look at its folded dimensions and whether they’ll fit where you’re willing to keep them. Also, consider how easy it is to unfold and fold and whether you’ll need any tool for it. If you have to carry the bike, make sure you check whether it’s lightweight and easy to carry. Aluminum framed bikes are much lighter than the steel ones.

Folding bikes have become a much-needed solution faced by riders with full-sized bikes. With the folding bikes’ arrival, it has been a tremendous revolution in what bikes are capable of. To select a bike, you must consider all the necessary points mentioned above. Along with this, you can take a test ride to see whether the bike works for you or not.

Buying Guide for Best Foldable Bike Review 2021

Folding bikes, as the name suggests, are fully functional bikes that can be folded. This is done to increase portability to carry them in public transports or store them easily. The size of the bike will eliminate space issues. As we can understand, to make the bike foldable, there must be some alterations done to the core characteristics of it. Hence the riding experience will be something different than what you’re used to. This guide will walk you through the key aspects and factors to consider while buying a folding bike.

Who should buy folding bikes?

While it’s a common misconception that only a selected group can be benefited from the folding bike. But the truth is that a vast majority of people are opting for this as it could be helpful in a variety of ways. If you want a commuter bike, or you love riding with your buddies on weekends, or you’re a fitness enthusiast, this bike can serve a lot of purposes. Also, it is a savior for those with less space for storage.

What To Consider While Buying A Folding Bike?

  1. Decide Your Ride

    The foremost thing to keep in mind would be what type of riding you want to do from the folding bike?

    • Commuting –

      The folding bike is widely used for commuting in big cities where people need multiple ways to get back and forth to their destination. Many commuters travel from subways and buses, but they still need the fastest route to reach the respective stops. Here folding bike plays a significant role as they can be folded and carried in a means of public transport. If you want a bike for commuting, make sure you select a lighter and compact design that is equally comfortable.

    • Road Biking –

      Folding bike have expanded their reach by introducing such models that are not very far from an actual road bike. If you want a road bike or a commuter bike and don’t have any public transit in between, you can select a model that resembles an actual road bike. For this, the focus should be on gears, speed, and handlebars.

    • Leisure or Recreational Riding –

      As we’ve mentioned above, if you just want to ride your bike on weekends or for fitness purposes, you won’t need any upgraded functions. Then, in that case, go with a model that suits your budget, is compact and lightweight, and is comfortable enough.

  2. Which Frame is the Best?

    • Steel – Steel is the most inexpensive material you’ll find. But also, it weighs more than the rest. You get added stability and good shock absorption as well.
    • Aluminum – The most common frame material used for most of the models is aluminum. You’ll get a lightweight frame with aluminum that gives reasonable control and is relatively less expensive.
    • Carbon Fiber – The next one in our list is carbon fiber, which was once reserved for mountain and top-tier road bikes. It has the lightest of all frames with great shock absorption since it entered the folding bike world.
    • Titanium – You’ll find titanium if you head towards the most expensive models. It’s very lightweight, strong, and shock-resistant.
  3. What are the different wheel sizes?

    • Small wheels – Small or standard-sized wheels are classics of the folding bike world. These usually come in 16” or 20” sizes perfect for daily commuters or those having space issues. These bikes turn extra compact when folded. They are not so suitable for long journeys or hill climbing.
    • Full-Sized Wheels – Many manufacturers have welcomed bigger wheels in their folding bikes. If you want a road or nountain bike, you may probably select bigger wheels. Bigger wheels give extra control and smooth riding experience.
  4. Should you consider any specific sizing?

    After doing detailed research, we’ve found that not one size fits all. The same goes for the bike as the size should vary according to the rider’s height. Many foldable bikes have adjustable parts to suit the height of the rider. But it is not entirely accurate. That is why you should examine each and everything before you make your decision. Because there’s no point in buying a good-looking bike with splendid features and then realizing it doesn’t fit you well.

  5. What are the different folding methods?

    As you may have guessed seeing the question, there is more than one folding method depending on the manufacturer and models. Here are the most common ones.

    • Mid/Half Folding – This is the most common folding method you’ll see; here, the bike is folded at approx. the halfway point with a solid hinge. The hinge has quick-release clamps due to which the rider can fold and unfold the bike quickly.
    • Vertical Folding – This is similar to the mid-fold; the only difference is that the bike will fold vertically. Two hinges on the main tube or chain and seat stay and bike fold up vertically. This makes the bike more compact than the mid-folding option.
    • Triangle Hinge – This will allow the rear triangle and wheels to be folded to flip under the main frame tube. This makes the whole process quicker.
    • Magnet Folding – This is a quite complicated method than the rest. A magnet is attached to the rear shock absorber, locking the back wheel section of the frame.
  6. Brakes

    You’ll get many different options for brakes on a folding bike. While most commonly, you’ll see bikes with both front and back brakes. The less expensive bikes have U-shaped brakes or linear caliper brakes. These are mounted above the wheels to stop on rims by exerting pressure on both sides.

    Disc-brakes are usually found on advanced models. These save more space but are generally more massive than the caliper ones.

  7. Consider the warranty period –

    See if the brand you’re selecting is a reputable one and whether the manufacturer gives any warranty on it. It’s a good practice to check the dealer you’re buying from has been around for a long time and if he will take any responsibility for damage if any. Buy after you’re delighted.

  8. Consider Future Upgrades –

    While selecting a model, it is imperative to see whether it’s compatible with full-sized bike components. Some folders are compatible with specialized parts only like tire sizes etc. Some folding bikes have patented technology; hence they are not compatible with anything else. It’s good to select a model with a wide range of options.

  9. Saddle –

    We also call bike seats as a saddle. Make sure the bike you’re buying has a comfortable saddle that goes with your weight.

The Bottom Line

Full-size bikes take a lot of space and maybe inconvenient for those who have to travel through public transport. Folding bikes are meant to save space and hassle of storage. It serves more than one purpose and is useful to almost everyone. If you live in a small home or mobile home, you can save you valuable space by bringing home a folding bike. Foldies come in many sizes and versions. All you have to do is little research to find what works for you.

We brought this guide to throw a light upon the key aspects you should consider while buying a folding bike, and we hope we were able to do so.