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Best Golf Iron Sets


Golfers typically focus on drivers, putters, and maybe wedges. However, every club is essential and adds value to your game; irons are typically your most efficient weapons. A compelling set of irons can save you more shots in a round than any of your clubs. Keeping this thing in mind, you can choose a good iron set.

Multiple choices are available for golfers to pick the best iron set for the game. However, it may confuse you further, as to which one to choose, let us help you with some tips regarding iron sets available in the market.

Questions may arise in your mind as:

  1. Do large SGI iron sets hit higher than compact iron sets?
  2. Does iron set benefits typically depend upon the player?

It’s entirely a players’ lookout and needs; each player has to see which club works best for them? The answer lies in testing iron sets in many iron categories and being open to trying most Iron sets. For a beginner in golf, investing in a good iron set will give you great returns and value for money.

Let’s take a glance at iron sets crafted for beginners.

Selecting irons is critical, especially for beginners. There is a mind-boggling range of features and benefits. Every player is different, not even beginners. Several factors need to be considered, like strengths and weaknesses, swing speed, personal style, and many others. Beginners do not want to buy a set of irons created for advanced players, as it can make your game difficult. Best quality irons can last many years, so if you grasp raw playing, it mostly pays to invest in a set that you will grow into.

Best Golf Iron Sets 2021

Cleveland Golf Men’s Iron Set

Cleveland is famous for its wedges and drivers, but they make a good range of exceptional irons. Quality is good for these iron sets, and no one can deny them great value for money. While addressing the ball, its look has a solid topline that motivates confidence in you. This iron set is neither very thick nor too thin, and the cavity back provides it ultra-forgiveness and quite good control. Weighting is optimized as It is positioned low and back; it helps you get an easy and forgiving launch. The irons are designed to get a different action from the shorter irons than the more extended iron sets. It allows you much more control over your shot and forgiveness.

Now that is precisely required, especially for beginners. The “V” sole helps with will and turf contact, so it helps with the launch, especially from a low lie. Cleveland is famous for its “zip grooves,” it combines well with the milling pattern to better launch and forgiveness and adding even more forgiveness. These irons come with either steel or graphite shafts.

  • Value for money.
  • Very helpful in a challenging lie, out the rough.
  • To launch is easy.
  • Fair distance.

  • Though this is a forgiving iron set, there are more forgiving irons available in this category.
  • Distance not always consistent.

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Callaway Golf Men’s Big Bertha Iron Set

The Callaway iron sets need no introduction to players at all levels. They are quite famous for outstanding drivers that can easily hit and achieve great distance. Their irons are fantastic and very impressive. The only thing is that they are not pocket-friendly irons. It’s an outstanding tool that comes at a slightly high price.

Several years of research and developments have gone into making this fine equipment, and the quality materials, latest modern technology are the prime factors that produce such efficient irons. Sometimes beginners struggle with decent distance, especially with their irons; these iron sets can help you.

They are designed with distance and ball speed, keeping in mind. Callaway has utilized the same 360 face cup technology; it provides an impressive distance around the face. This shaft delivers Great speed to the face, so when you hit slightly off-center yet, you will enjoy a reasonable distance.

The other technology features that further increase speed and distance are the internal standing wave and suspended energy core. It is cutting edge technology which functions exceptionally well. The center of gravity is located low in the head for a grand and super smooth launch. A mix of materials has been used and within the head for optimization of performance. Due to the 360 cup face, you can get a reasonable distance.

  • Great distance and ball speed
  • The latest technology has been used in designing this iron set
  • Highly forgiving
  • Easy in launching

  • Expensive
  • Little bulky for newbies

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Cobra Men’s F-Max One Length Golf Iron Set

There are numerous things a beginner golfer would want from his irons; new golfers generally don’t have a higher number of launches with their irons or the fastest swing speed under their belt. An iron that provides for a fair amount of forgiveness allows beginner golfers to remain consistent with their shots. The F-Max One Length Golf Iron Set is designed to consider all these challenges for beginner golfers, and it excels at its job, making your life easier. It is designed for the moderator to slow swing speed golfers in mind, and its Ultralight technology helps you achieve greater distance due to higher clubhead speed. Its head has a low profile with a deep undercut; its COG is positioned back and low, which allows it to reduce the effect of bad swings and makes it easier to launch. It has a larger grip than average irons and is designed to provide you more comfort and control, providing better accuracy and consistency. It has an offset hosel design, which also aids in helping you achieve a higher and easier launch and keeps the ball straight. It is designed with a slight draw bias, which simultaneously aids you as soon as you get used to it. For short Irons, Cobra utilizes a relatively soft 431 stainless steel and 17-4 stainless steel for the longer irons. This iron shaft provides for the distance and control that you wish for. Since the irons are built and designed for moderate to slow swing speed golfers, you may not need them any longer once you work around your swing speed. The clubs are designed with a quality nickel-chrome finish that looks good and provides better durability.

  • Fast and light for better distance and clubhead speed
  • Easier to launch with
  • Easy to forgive mistakes
  • Durability
  • Value for money
  • Versatile Iron set

  • Feedback is hard to gauge
  • Unsuitable for golfers with a high swing speed

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Mizuno MP-18 MMC Fli Hi Irons

Mizuno is known for its quality irons, and its MP-18 MMC Fli Hi Iron set is certainly no exception. Unlike other iron sets in this range, Mizuno’s Iron Set is well constructed with a quality multi-material combination (points to MMC in the name) with precision design.

Launching an iron off a low lying, one of the toughest challenges faced by a beginner golfer; this iron set is designed to fly high, allowing it to assist users in the challenges.
The iron set is designed with a hollow build and a maraging steel face. It also has a tungsten toe weight.

  • More significant shot shaping and playability.
  • Designed with a Maraging steel face.
  • Smart and professional look.

  • Due to its blade design, it is not suited for absolute beginners.


A range of budget sets is covered in this review. These sets are either suited for absolute beginners or golfers with a good swing and experience under their belt. The set that stood out the most is the Callaway Golf Men’s Big Bertha Irons Set. Although it is pricey, it offers everything a beginner may want or require for a set of irons. Their main claim to fame is its exceptional distance that it can cover; it is also easy to launch and highly forgiving. If you are an absolute beginner, investing in the Big Bertha Iron Set or Cleveland Launcher CBX’s would not disappoint you.