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Best Golf Swing Trainer


Undoubtedly, the Golf Swing Trainer market is very vast because a heap of new products is launched every few months. Such a wide range of training equipment can make the decision-making process a little hectic and overwhelming. Here’s a carefully curated list of some of the best Golf Swing Trainers that you can get your hands on to save you from that.

Best Golf Swing Trainers – 2021 Top Picks

Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer

The patented counterweight system which is used in this particular swing trainer ensures enhancement of your swing tempo, flexibility, and strength. It allows the strengthening of your swing power while maintaining control over it. The Orange Whip swing trainer stimulates an athletic swing and helps the user develop the correct rhythm quite effortlessly.

The flexible shaft plays the role of coordinating between the upper and lower body. Swinging it repeatedly would help you maintain consistency and balance in your shots and thus improve your overall performance on the golf course.

best golf swing trainer 2021

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In addition, it is a premium and handmade product that comes with a warranty of two years. For all these reasons, the Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer has been voted as no.1 teaching and training aid by the PGA and LPGA trainers.

  • It is an excellent warm-up tool.
  • It develops flexibility and endurance.
  • It induces rhythmic and groovy swings.
  • It comes with a mid-size for women.

  • Can be expensive for those with a small budget.
  • Sometimes, it can pull off the balance if pushed too early or too late.

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SKLZ Tempo & Grip Trainer

This is an excellent training aid for warm-up or general practice sessions. Its best feature is the molded grip. This particular grip is designed in such a way that your hand will automatically be positioned correctly. Another significant feature is the heavyweight on the swing, which helps the user to involve their large muscles and eventually improve strength.

There are two variations provided in these weights, which help in stimulating both wood and iron. Such a weight as the bottom coupled with its bent shaft makes up for a perfect tool that generates a feeling of the club being dropped on the plane through impact.

Swing trainer pro

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It’s a great training aid for indoor as well as outdoor practice. Just swinging it back and forth repeatedly will help you get a habit of gripping the swing precisely and develop a great tempo, all thanks to its spectacular design.

  • It helps in correcting the gripping technique effortlessly.
  • Ensures creation of the perfect tempo.
  • It comes with two variations in weight.

  • This product is available only for right-handed golfers.

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Super Speed Golf Trainer

This Golf Training System comprises of three varieties of training club- Light, Medium and Heavy. This Golf Swing will help in improving the speed, powers as well as consistency in your game. The training system works so that the body automatically starts moving faster during a known movement pattern. The science includes decreasing the club’s general load to permit the player to make a quicker swing speed. By beginning with the light club first, the player will make a lot quicker speeds during the preparation.

Golf training equipment

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The lightest club, which is the Green one, is 20% lighter than the driver, the Blue one is 10% lighter, and the Red one is 5% lighter than the driver. Making use of this set along with the complimentary instruction videos, one can quickly increase their speed and power by 5 to 8% in just a period of 4 to 6 weeks of regular practice.

  • A single set comes with three variations, weight-wise.
  • Complimentary videos with detailed instructions is provided.
  • Sets are available for men, women, as well as kids.

  • It is an expensive system.
  • Results cannot be seen if you are inconsistent in your training.

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SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer

This Swing Trainer comes in two variants with size as the criteria. One is a 40-inch long trainer that is perfect for beginner and intermediate level or those under 5’6″. The second one is 48 inch long and is preferred by advanced players or those above 5’6″. This is arguable one of the most easy-to-use trainers you will ever find. Just a regular practice of 10 to 12 swings every day will up your golf game to a great extent. This is because of the carefully designed physique of this product, which helps the user create a lag in the swing, build strength, develop swing tempo, and increase flexibility.

Sklz golf swing trainer

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It is perfect for a quick warm-up session before any game, and it is also legal to carry on the golf course. With all these exceptional features, the SKLZ Gold Flex Swing Trainer has made its place in the top 10 of Amazon bestsellers under the section of “Golf Swing Trainers”.

  • It is a high-quality product.
  • It is available in two sizes.
  • Proves to be an excellent warm-up tool.
  • It helps in improving grip.
  • Unlike many aids, it is legal to carry on the golf course.

  • It is not a solution for all-round swing.

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DST Compressor 8 Iron

DST stands for Delayed Strike Technology, and it has great significance in golf as the ideal shots are complimented with a lag or a delay. This particular golf club comprises all the patent features of DST. It has been scientifically designed with a curved shaft that drives you into a position in which the player’s hands are leading the clubface with an impact and are controlled till the ball is struck.

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The bent shaft joined with the DST Impact Line empowers the user to find a setup position and also helps in restoring the club to the same position through impact, each time without fail. This tells us that the DST Compressor helps us locate the correct position and develop consistency through training, which results in an ideal positing during the game.

  • It is available for men, women, and kids.
  • Scientifically designed for better impact.
  • Corrects the position and also develops consistency in it.
  • It is an excellent aid for warm-up sessions and regular practice.

  • It can delay the strike more than required sometimes.

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The Hanger

The name is derived from one of the most common golf drills, which is the hanger drill. The drill suggests that by placing a regular coat hanger inside your arms, the hanger must keep in touch with the user’s lower arm during the downswing and thus result in an appropriate lead wrist stimulation. Now I know what you are thinking. Why not just use a regular hanger? Well, any regular coat hanger will not stay in the correct position throughout.

It can get very clumsy and result in incorrect positioning. On the contrary, The Hanger will ensure that it stays intact while you take full swings with all your strength.

Are golf swing trainers worth it

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After using The Hanger in daily practice, people have noticed genuine development in their positioning and swing shot. They have also experienced a significant boost in their confidence and power while golfing. It is a very unique yet effective way for you to up your game.

  • Provides quick and accurate feedback.
  • It helps in developing muscle memory.

  • It is a pricey training aid.
  • It can be a little fiddly to attach.

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Eyeline Speed Trap 2.0

Most golf players are baffled with horrible shots, especially initially, and have no clue about how to fix them. The Speed Trap 2.0 aides you to a swing that makes some really great shots. It helps the user to take better and straighter hits without much inconvenience. The base is made from polycarbonate, which makes it highly durable and sustainable.

Best Golf Swing Trainers

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The new 2.0 version is a lot more useful than the older one. It is made wider so that the driver can smoothly function. The Velcro used is also larger so that the rods stay in place throughout. The alignment strips are brighter, which makes it even more convenient to use. It also comes with a carry bag and a zip pouch, which makes carrying the rods and tethers much easier. Using the Eyeline Speed Trap 2.0 will definitely bring about concrete changes in your game without many complications.

  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Ensures quick feedback.
  • It has a brilliant durability.
  • It is easy to carry.

  • Hefty pricing.
  • May bring about difficulty in hooking the ball.

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SKLZ Smart Glove

The Smart Glove fulfills two important purposes as it guarantees both the user’s better wrist and grip. One of the keys to great ball striking is a firm left wrist at swing sway and an accurate golf grasp. The Smart Glove comes with detachable wrist control, which allows your wrist to stay in the right place during the swing, ensuring a perfect wrist discharge. This glove helps in eradicating some of the most common swing faults like casting, flipping, etc.

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It is made from high-quality Cabretta leather, which ensures the right kind of fitting. Those who are prone to wrist injuries or experience general wrist pain could be a lifesaver for you as it helps keep most of the wrist issues at bay. There are four sizes- Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large, and due to such a range, one can easily find the perfect fit for themselves.

  • Encourages a straight grip at impact.
  • It helps in preventing swing faults.
  • Comes in various sizes.
  • Removable wrist guides which can be taken off on the golf course.

  • Not so durable.
  • Prone to wear and tear.
  • Overpriced, considering the quality of leather.

After knowing some of the best Golf Swing Trainers, let us understand the correct technique that one should use for a good play.

The technique for an excellent golf shot begins much before you even touch the ball. One should always begin their shot with a pre-shot routine, which establishes a solid set up for the actual shot. As cliché as it may sound, it is highly essential to have a positive attitude about the game before taking your shot. Keep your mind free from all other thoughts and pin your concentration entirely on golf.

After that, check on your stance. You should place your legs just a little wider than your shoulders. Adjust your grip and position the club such that it is placed in between the first and second joint of your index finger and touching the base of your little finger. Place your front foot a little ahead of the ball such that the club is placed at the center of your body.

After having achieved the perfect posture and balance, bend your upper body slightly towards the ball and your torso away from the target. Then check for your body’s alignment with the ball. It should be such that you can see a non-existent line passing from your back shoulder to front shoulder — and from back foot to front foot. This is called a “square alignment.”

Once you are in a comfortable and athletic position, begin opting for your backswing. In this, you lift the club from the initial position near the tee, bring it over your head and simultaneously shift the weight from your frontal foot to your back foot. Next comes the downswing. When you start swinging the club downwards, you should sense a drag or a pull in the movement so as to create a lag.

This lag is vital to create a significant speed and yet maintain control in the whack. Use your hips to induce more energy into your shot rather than only relying on the hands.

The process does not finish after whacking the ball. How you bring back the club is also critical and should be done correctly. Do not leave the club hanging after the upswing. Bring it back thoroughly, position it behind you, and then maintain your balance again. Make sure that you have your eyes on the ball throughout this process.

Here are some essential tips to ensure an amazing shot:

  • Do not strangle the golf club while gripping.
  • Avoid flipping the ball.
  • Find the right tempo by practicing.
  • Use a relaxed position.
  • Pay attention to the timing.
  • Never skip your warm-up.
  • Choose your golf club carefully.
  • Do not apply too much power.
  • Use the other hand, to control the direction.
  • Use the whole body for power.
  • Do not rush into the strike; take your time.
  • Keep your eye on the ball throughout.
  • Do not slide the club.
  • Finish the entire swing, do not leave halfway.
  • Stay focused.
  • Maintain a positive attitude.


A perfect golf swing requires strength, concentration, and consistency in practice. Several training aids will help you improve various areas of your game, such as tempo, speed, accuracy, etc. It would be best to understand which area demands improvement for your game and likewise invest in the respective gear and training aids.

Apart from that, understanding the precise technique is of utmost importance. After knowing the correct stance, grip, positioning, tempo, speed, and body movement, one can understand their golfing style as well as bring about improvements and modifications in it with regular practice.