Best Headphones 2018


Bose QuietComfort 35 (series 2)

As the name says Bose QuietComfort 35(series 2) are one of the most comfortable sets of headphones in the market. If you want top of the line headsets with wireless support and excellent noise cancellation, than this is your way forward and the icing on the cake is its dedicated button for Google voice assistant which separates it from other competitors. There is no breakthrough change as compared to its previous generations in terms of design but, dedicated button for Google assistant and even a separate button for active noise cancellation is a welcome gift. Overall they are very comfortable headphones with a versatile design and a class leading sound quality.


  • Bose Quietcomfort 35 series 2 headphones
  • Audio cable
  • Airline adapter
  • Carrying case
  • USB charging cable

Best Headphones 2018


Bose Quietcomfort 35(series 2) has a classic design that is very convenient and comfortable. They can be used for hours without any discomfort as they do have an extremely soft padding at the ear cups. The disappointing thing is that that their built, comfort level, case and even portability is same as the series 1, so this makes both of them quite similar though they do have a different control scheme now. They do have a dedicated button to switch from Google assistant and active noise cancellation. Unfortunately they lack a bit for the health enthusiasts as they have a bit loose fit and over the ear design makes it very tough for breathability during any physical endeavor.


In terms of comfort they do stand apart as they are the most comfortable headphones available in the market. They are extremely light weight (235.8 grams). Their head band and ear cups do have a very soft padding and even they are not that tight on our heads. Breathability can be a issue for it but in the department of comfort they are best in the class.


Bose Qc35 2 has very easy to use controls. As compared to the previous generation they do have a slight change. They have a hap tic button on the left ear cup that actives Google assistant or switch between noise cancelling modes. The rest of the buttons are similar to the earlier model. They do have a bunch of functionality which includes call/music, track skipping and volume controls. The buttons though are placed very near at the bottom of the right ear cup but still they are easy to access.


The Bose qc35 2 are a truly wireless headphones which comes with a Bluetooth connectivity, with Bluetooth 5.0 it can pair with several devices simultaneously. It also comes with the support of NFC which is quite obvious in this price bracket. It can even be connected through cable provided in the box. They do have a good wireless range but the latency suffers which makes watching videos a bit of bad experience. The bad thing is that they don’t have an inkle microphone in the cable which would be a disappointment for gaming lovers.


It has a decent rechargeable battery which last up to 20 hours of usage and has support for quick charge which would power it up in about 2 hours which is quite nice. They also do include a power saving feature i.e. they do have a adjustable timer which prolongs the battery even further. They are well suited for long flights or road trips as the battery won’t disappoint you. Sadly we can’t use them while they are charging but good part is that it won’t take long to charge. Unfortunately they do not have a removable battery which was present in the previous generation, which is quite a disappointment.


It has a decent app which gives us very minimal features. The app it compatible with both android and iOS but is not compatible with the windows which is really bad. We can change our device name update our device but does not have equalizer which is really sad at this price bracket.

It does have an integrated microphone but its performance is mediocre. The voice from the microphone is very flat and even suffers more in the noisy environment.
Although they are its features but they don’t fare well at all if compared to other products in the market.


Bose qc35 2 have a excellent sound quality, but there is no such significant change compared to the previous model. Their bass is consistent and deep, with the adequate amount of thumping and punching. This makes it a good to go headphones in any conditions, from listening to any kind of music to hearing podcast they will perform to its expectations. They also do have a balanced mid and treble range, which makes vocals quite clear. They also do have a great imaging but the only problem that withstand here is the leakage of sound. It may not do fair well at high volumes and sound tend to leak from it which is a very big disappointment at this price range.

Even there is no equalizer present so we can’t even toggle with the settings we don’t like according to our needs.
Overall we can say that it fairs quite well in the sound department.

  • It has a class leading noise cancellation
  • It one of the most comfortable headphones in the market
  • It has a very good sound quality
  • It has a great battery performance with quick charge
  • Dedicated buttons for Google assistant and noise cancellation is an excellent feature

  • It has plastic built and a very plain design
  • The app it has is not at all good
  • No doc is given at this price
  • Microphone does not work well
  • There is a problem of sound leakage

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The Bose qc35 series 2 is not a breakthrough product it is just a minor upgrade to its previous model. There is a dedicated button for Google assistant and noise cancellation which is one of its major highlights rest all is similar to the previous generation. Yes it is very comfortable but so was the previous model. It has a very good sound quality with excellent noise cancellation. Though they do not feel as high end as compared to the other headphones in the market but they still are a decent choice to be considered. Even they are not adequately for the extreme physical works and are even leaky at high volumes. So, if you love this brand and even want a good after sales service than you should definitely consider having them.

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COWIN E7 Headphones

None of us would have ever come across the name COWIN brand at our young age. But now the brand had accelerated its sale and popularly known all around the globe. All the credit goes to its creation COWIN E7 wireless headphones. That has provided a miraculous headfi experience to its customer. The Active Noise Cancelling Headphones are appropriately designed taking care of your comforts they have protein comfortable ear pads. The headphone is well known for its accessible feature, long durable battery, fast charging and excellent build up with amazing look.

COWIN E7 has provided a quality above some popular headphones brands of its niche such as: Beats Solo2, BOSE Quietcomfort 35, Kingston HPEREX CLOUD II and many more. The brand has now becomes the top 5 most sold headphones on Amazon with more than 7000 positive reviews.


COWIN E7 headphones are budget friendly equipped with active noise cancellation and wireless support. They are decent offering for those who don’t want to spend on the hefty brands. It has a convenient and a comfortable design. The most favorite features of all customer is it provides a marathon battery and had even equipped well in blocking all the unwanted sound, wireless Bluetooth or wired connection both facilities are provided, NFC (near field communication) that allows an instant pairing, quick charge feature and it is compatible with both androids and apple devices.

In Box Content

  • COWIN E7
  • Carrying Pouch
  • Audio Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Manuals

Best Headphones 2018


Have an ordinary design but excellent built up and also manages to the current styling, up-to-date style.

The construction of the headphones is made up with the combination of metal and plastic parts. Headband is designed with reinforced metal. Some parts are made of silver colored plastic. The overall tough structure gives a good sense of durability and bad impression of flexibility as compared to other headphones in its niche. The silver glossy plastic tends to fade over the course of time which may gives it a quite cheap look. These headphones have perfectly comfortable protein ear pads with rotating ear cups.


The ear cups of the headphones are comfortable and enlarge enough allowing your ears to fit inside the pads. The deptg makes the cups and pads very comfortable. But also the largely covered are could be troublesome during gym workout and fast paced exercises as the covered area will become very sweaty.

Size and Fit:

Obviously, they have comfortable and soft padding with rotating ear cups but they still are not able to satisfy in giving perfect fit as its headband does not extent to the limit according to fit in different head sizes. They even feel heavier when compared to other headphones in their niche. They are not the excellent one but also, are far away from the worse. They are not light weighted (272.15 gms) but they don’t even feel that bulky. The padding of ear cups combining with headband is done to provide you comfort which reduces the clamping effect that headphone had on user. The main disappointment is the size of the headband i.e. it does not increase according to all head sizes.


The buttons of COWIN E7 are not that easy to access but are active and responsive. They respond well to the commands but they made a bit mistake in placement of buttons as they do feel cramped and the placement mistake makes it hard for daily usage. They have dedicated button or voice control, picking up/ending calls, changing of music tracks even it has separate buttons for Bluetooth and active noise cancellation which is definitely a good option to have. Overall you would be satisfied with the buttons when you would get used it.


Active Noise Cancelling: They do have adequate amount of noise cancellation. They actively cancel the unwanted noise pollution so that you can listen to your playlist without getting disturbed by the surroundings. This features helps a lot at workplaces when the level of noise from surrounding spikes from ambient to distraction to intolerance. COWIN E7 allows you to shut out the unacceptable noise to you by just pressing a button. The ear cups also provide a proper seal so that the noise outside does not affect you musical experience.

Massive 30H battery: It has a tedious battery life of 30 hours. That can make anyone travelling easier and relaxing. But during the continuous usage they would suffice to the extent of 24-26 hours. This definitely has an edge over other headphones at this price bracket, as it has a long durability life of battery which will not require charge for a week if you are an average user which is quit redefining.

Fast Fuel Quick Charge: With such a tedious battery life all we need is a quick power back feature for a perfect headset, so here it is COWIN E7 does support this quick charge feature i.e. it can charge in 10 min and can be used for an hour which means its 30H long battery can be charges in just 3.5 hours which is quite magnificent according to its price. So, in respect to the battery perspective it’s quite an attractive deal.

Wireless and Wired both are provided: COWIN E7 has a decent wireless range with the help of Bluetooth support. They support NFC (near field communication support) which make very easy to pair with the smartphones. Headphones equipped with a touch button for the connection which is very accessible. It even has a wired support using it’s 3.5mm microphone cable connect to the headphones. It also has High-quality built-in Microphone and NFC technology for hands-free calls, Which is convenient for you to free yourself from wires. NFC pairing aided by voice prompts, promises quick and stable connection with your Bluetooth enabled devices, Powerful Bluetooth Function.

Sound Quality: COWIN E7 headphones are average sounding headphones in the market. They do have deep and extended bass which is the main positive points.
However the bass is a bit boomy, even its treble lacks a lot of clarity and details. Though the leakage performance is quite good as it covers all areas in mid range headphones. They do have the nice package but the sound lacks them to make them they must buy choice. The vocal and instruments do not sound good and clear, so they could be termed as mediocre.

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COWIN E7 is providing all the features at 4 times less price than any other brand in its niche, which itself no doubt a big deal. Their sound quality could be a little more better by switching it from bass-centered to more balanced and clearer sounding by switching it t ASC.

The advanced features it provide especially the long lasting battery and its quick power back make the headphone a good companion of a music lover personality. It helps a lot to make the travelling easy. Overall, it’s a good pack of advance features gadget when listening or we can say sound quality is not that important.

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Mpow 059 Over The Ear Wireless Headphones

Whenever any of us plans to purchase something online we want to be assured that we select the right one. So, first thing we do is checking the most popular brands list of different website or surfing for reviews. Just like that headphones and earphones are also very prime gadgets for any music lover many of you around the globe had checked the most popular list of headphones brand and I’m pretty sure you all have came across the name Mpow.

The Mpow brand’s creation Mpow 059 wireless headphones are ruling the entire Amazon site and currently they are one of the best selling wireless headphones. Mpow brand that once was unknown to the consumers is now on the top of the mountains. Mpow headphones are now counted as one of the supreme brand in its niche on Amazon site.


Mpow 059 Bluetooth headphone has marathon battery life is its ultimate goals. The headphones are accepted to have noise isolating feature but it does not support Active Noise Cancellation. These headphones tend to support passive noise cancellation. 059’s have decent sound quality. Mpow headphone gives you a hypnotic Hi-Fi sound experience with 40mm driver. Its foldable structure is the headphone’s one of the prominent feature.

These headphone’s memory-protein ear pads promises lasting comfort. Mpow 059 single charge provides you with 20H call time and music time service. And, when wired mode is in use, the headphones will never be out of the battery they provide you infinite Hrs service.

Mpow provides you with a microphone that works only in wireless mode which allows you to make Hand-free calls. Bluetooth connectivity is stable and strong. The headphones are considerable for devices like cell phones, tablets, PC, TV within the range of 33 feet.


  • Headphones with unfolded structure
  • A carrying pouch
  • An audio cable for wired mode
  • USB cable
  • User manual


Mpow 059’s got all gorgeous and shiny finish. The two-tone color scheme gives it a premium brand look with its red padding and plastic-metal work. But, overall the build-up quality does not give a good sense of long durability. The reason is the product is almost buildup of shinny plastic. Many companies are providing with long lasting structures and strong build up headphones at this price tag. No, doubt the headphones are lacking in sturdiness but has a premium product outlook.


The style and overall outlook looks like the wireless version of the Noontect Hammo Go. But these headphones have slightly larger cups. The two color red-black combination gives headphones excellent look competing with the trendy styles. Company also provides other two-color combinations for variety. You can select the one that suits your taste and personality.


Mpow 059 provides you a decent comfortable fit. They are not too bulky like many headphones in their niche. They don’t put that amount of pressure around the ears due to its light weight structure. The ear cups are little bit shallow to give you the experience of noise isolating feature.

The ear cups and even the headband are well-padded but still the headphone will not provide you with the expected ease because of its size and ear cups of small diameter. They may feel tight to someone that totally depends on an individual’s size of head or ears, personal advice to them is not to put on the headphone for long duration use (do not extend more than 2-3 Hrs). . And, also they are not ideal Headphones especially during physical activity, working out or running. Headphones create distraction in such activities due to its unconformable size. But its foldable design fades all its clamping effect of size as it makes their portability/ transport convenient.


The headphones structure and design do not gives us the good sense of durability. Due to its inflexible structure and plastic buildup they tend to breakout after a long usage or regular usage. That is totally disappointing at this price range.


The sound quality is not that excellent but also not that bad. The overall, sound experience is balanced. No, doubt many headphones at this point of budget provides far better experience.

These headphones are preferable for the ones who love listening bass-centered music as the Mpow 059 gives a great boomy sound experience. The middle range is quiet decent. But it tends to sound muddy.

Just like other headphones in its niche when price is concerned, Mpow 059 also fails to provide large or we can say speaker like soundstage. There is some sort of Leakage but not very loud it is spread between broad ranges.

The Low ends are overemphasized but the Highs and Mids are not at that point as expected. As we have said you before the overall, sound experience is balanced.


All the control buttons are on right ear cup and east to use and well functioning. Still they don’t have received positive feedbacks. But personally according to me they are easy to use and anyone can get used to its functioning after using the headphones ones or twice. They provide you with

  • Volume controls
  • Call/Music control
  • Microphone control is not available
  • Channel mixing : N/A
  • Noise Cancelling Control : N/A
  • Talk Through : N/A



Marathon battery is counted as the best feature of Mpow 059. These headphones provide you with approximately 20 to 24 Hrs music/call time service by a single charge. The required time for charging is mentioned 4.5 hours by many sites that seem really slow in nowadays technology. But the daily use and listening songs at high volume may result in declining active hours.

That was first option in second one is they can provide you limitless service by using wired mode. And, the best feature Mpow provides that many wireless headphones/earphones missed out is you can listen music or we can say use them while charging. It is a complementary for those who had a habit of forgetting to charge their devices on time.

Noise Cancellation

They are not Active Noise Cancelling featured but have passive Noise Cancellation. 059 headphones won’t block out all the noise from your environment in fact they may seem not working in noisy environment with low or medium volume. But can cut-off the distraction in high volume. These headphones provide you a very little leakage so can be proved ideal to use in travelling in plans (in crowd) or at office.

Microphone Quality

Mpow provides you an in-built mic in the headphone. The calling/recording quality is not that clean and clear. But they are pretty good to you give the sensation of having the person with whom you are talking in the same room or we can say around you.

  • Soft Memory-Protein Ear cuffs.
  • Foldable Structure.
  • Light Weighted.
  • Built-in Microphone.
  • Wired and Wireless both Modes are available.

  • Less Flexible.
  • Plastic build-up gives cheap look.
  • No Active Cancellation feature.
  • Inappropriate carrying pouch.

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Capt1nk Wireless Headphones Stereo In-Ear Earpieces

The capt1nk models are counted as one of the cheapest wireless model available in the market. At such a low price tag these earphones offer you many services. They perform multi-task just top branded headphones. Support music and calling both, when connected with apple devices power status is displayed on the device screen. These headphones can be connected with two devices simultaneously. The connectivity is fast and convenient. They are compatible with all the devices having Bluetooth function. The built-up quality is quiet decent and ear buds are soft and also it gives good sound experience loud and crisp. But it has pessimistic battery life only 2-3 hrs many which is really disappointing but then you get what you pay at such low price tag they are excellent.

In Box Content

  • 2 wireless built-in-mic earphone
  • Charging case
  • USB cable
  • Manual

Design, Buildup Quality And Portability

The design is similar to apple airpods. The built up material is fragile. Many customers claimed that its finishing is not that excellent. They are light weighted – 60g with case and 6g without the case. Ear-buds are bit large and don’t fit. They are also not durable. Great part is that they have engraved magnet in them so you can keep them on your neck when not in use. The hard charging case increases its portability and also its durability. The case also has in built battery for charging earphones and you can also charge earphones directly.


They are equipped with only one button that performs multiple functions.

  • Power ON/OFF
  • Answer
  • Redial
  • Hang Up
  • Play
  • Pause

Sound Quality

The sound is really good at such a cheap price. They give a really clear and crisp sound experience. The headphones frequency response is 20-20000Hz. It has high quality stereo Audio transmission. They leak a lot at high volume and also Noise Isolation is not that satisfying even the phone ringtone is easily audible. But it is on point when price is considered. The in-built microphone sensibility is -42dB.


Capt1nk has a very little battery i.e. 55MAH. They provide you 2-3 HRS call duration/music duration but regular use can reduce it to an hour. The standby duration is about 96 HRS that is fake information claimed by many. And take a little long to charge that is an hour. Battery status is indicated by LED when it is emitting red light means airpods are not charged and when they are fully charged blue light is emitted. When these headphones are connected with apple devices their battery status is displayed on screen which makes the monitoring easier.


These headphones have decent connectivity range i.e. 15 meters. They are compatible with Bluetooth version 4.1 and EDR. Its Bluetooth frequency is 2.4Hz. They can be connected with two devices simultaneously but this feature is really poor. They are also equipped with auto-connect function. Once, they are power on they get connected to each other.

  • Very cheap
  • Non recognizable (looks absolutely like apple air pods)
  • Built-up material is fragile
  • Decent sound quality

  • Bad battery life
  • No Active Noise Isolation
  • Narrow connectivity range


They look so alike to apple airpods or we can say they are first copy of apple airpods. So, if you want to show off without spending hefty amount of money no doubt these headphones are ideal for you. Overall, there feature are decent not excellent but they give a lot at such a cheap price tag.

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