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Best House Ideas For Pets


Are you one of those people who can spend hours looking over the cute cat memes? Or you are the one who gets all softie when you see puppies yawn? Well even if you do not enroll yourself in one of the above categories, I’m sure you may have fantasized owning a cute little pet at any point of your life.

According to a National Pet Owner Survey conducted by the American Pet Product Association (APPA) in 2019-2020, about 67% of the US household has pets. That is about 85 million families have pets. That is, it is highly likely that every fourth person you meet has a pet. This growing emphasis of pets in the household has also led to development of industries solely based on the lifestyle of pets.

While the choice of pet is largely led by the dogs, they are closely followed by cats. Other animals that include the list are fishes, small animals and even reptiles.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Pets?

If you have a pet at home, you are highly likely to be enjoying the benefits that your non-human companion is giving you. And if you do not have one yet and are planning to have one, this might make your resolve more strong.

Best House Ideas For Pets

  1. They are a perfect companion for you –

    If you are lonely or live by yourself, these pets are best companions. They wait for you, cuddle you and their antics can also bring smiles to your face. (yes, memes do hold some truth)

  2. They help you in keeping healthy –

    Not only taking them out for a walk, but running around taking care of them can make you move around. They keep your stress levels low and keep you pumped with dopamine.

  3. Pets like dogs and cats are used in therapies –

    A well trained pet can help humans dealing with emotional distress and mental disorders.

How Do We Care For Them?

Pet area ideas

  • Regular visit to veterinarian and timely vaccination –

    Of course, until and unless they are fishes, a proper vaccination is required so that neither they get disease nor do they spread them to you.

  • Proper food –

    A proper diet ensuring supply of all their daily requirement of nutrients is a must. You must properly check and if necessary can ask veterinarians for help.

  • Good and comfortable homes –

    It is good to provide your pets with comfy shelters. Look out for any loose wires, pointed objects that can accidently harm your pets.

  • Identification –

    It is common for pets to dash off. Here an identification card may help you to trace and be reunited with your pets.

  • Training –

    Proper training is a must for pets so that they may know how to behave and not be a nuisance to others.

House Ideas

Let us broadly look over the house ideas for pets primarily dogs and cats.

There is a shift in the lifestyle as more and more people prefer to live in apartments. So you can build a small indoor comfy area for your pet dog. Since some of the families also prefer to build a outdoor house, we’ll go through some basic ideas on how you can construct easy and comfy homes for your canine friends. Here are my top 6 picks for each of them.


Outdoor Pet House

  1. The basic one –

    You can have a simple dog house built outside your home. It has a simple basic structure covering three sides, leaving the other open for entry. Make sure to cover the top. You can also a latched door for the entry or reduce the entry area to a small opening up to your wish. You can also experiment with the shape and make it barrel shaped with a circular opening or rectangular with tapering end or like a witch’s house. But your priority must be your pet. Make the home comfortable by layering it with a cushion.

  2. The one with the porch –

    Don’t we all love spending our time sitting on the porch and basking in some sunlight? Extending the concept to a dog house, you too can build a miniature porch for the dog house where it can enjoy like you daily little sunshine. Depending on the size of both dog and dog house, you can make a majestic looking porch with lights and all or you can keep it simple and open.

  3. The one with the rooftop –

    So this one takes one extra mile. If you want to provide your dog with one sturdy place to bask in the sun, then why not it be their rooftop? It has a unique style and you can definitely try out the style and see whether your dog fancies it.

  4. The stocked one –

    Add a twist to your regular dog house with placing the food and water on one side. This will prevent your dogs from knocking them over. An additional cabinet will help you to keep essential stocks in it.

  5. Insulated one –

    If you live in colder regions, this might be a perfect option for your canine friend left outside.

  6. The multi room one –

    You definitely like to walk around your different rooms of your house. Gift your canines with this multi home one where they can explore different rooms. If they have siblings, they all can share this big house.


Indoor Pet House

  1. Harry Potter one –

    Make a home for your canine under the stairs in your home. The area would be spacious enough for dogs of any kind. You can reduce the size by enclosing it down a bit.

  2. Compact one –

    This is quite simple and easy one if you have space constraints in your home. Deck it up to match the ambience of your interior. Make it cozy using cushions.

  3. The travel one –

    This is easy to set up and can be used when you travel outside.

  4. Open one –

    The one with least hassle. No need to worry if you can’t build using wood. A simple cushion will fulfill. This will give them all space and air to move around.

  5. The pampered with room –

    If you can afford to have a room for your furry friend, then well. You can fill it up with comfortable and warm cushions and its favorite toys to play with.

  6. Beside my bed buddy –

    Make an elevated bed for your friend beside your bed so you may snuggle up to it.

We don’t leave our cats out in the open, because they are a lot cleaner. Though they really don’t mind where they knock off to sleep, it’s good to provide them with houses that keep them engrossed and away from your precious sofas. Here are the top picks.

  1. These are surely going to keep your cat engrossed. With beautiful and cute cat-friendly style, they are a definite try out for the cat owners. They all have unique buildings and styles.
  2. It is a cute little pouch for your feline friend to take her / his long undisturbed naps.
  3. This will keep your cat playful. The best part of this is definitely the little hammock.
  4. A simple one like this is also not a bad idea.

Tracking Your Lost Pets

Pets are agile. They want to wander about and explore things. If you do not keep a close eye on them, it is highly likely that they will dash off. Finding a lost pet is difficult. Though some of them do find their way back, most of them remain unfound.

Dog friendly house designs

So here comes the advancing technology to our aid. There are GPS trackers that allow you to locate the position of your pets. You can also see the history of locations and make a route of places that your pet went through. With the pet owners more and more willing to shell out for the sake of their pets, the market for pet accessories has become quite established.

There is a wide range of GPS trackers available for both cats and dogs. These have additional facilities depending on the company and product price.

These trackers come in different sizes and can be as small as a grain or as big as the collar. They have different ranges of ability to track and hence vary in prizes. Pawtracker and Findster Duo are few suggestions that you can look towards to keep a track of your furry friends.

Having a pet is a lot more tedious than what you see in the movies and series. You have to be responsible for them. They will take time to get used to the surrounding. They will perhaps act jealous towards the new family addition. There may be cases where your favorite showpiece or sofa might be ruined by them. In short, the journey is not all rosy.

But sure your little care and attention will be rewarded with forever faithful and unending loyalty. Sure your dog may be a scaredy fellow and your cat doesn’t raise its tail when you fake faint before it. But they sure love you a lot. So provide your furry friends with the best in the market.