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Best Places For Hiking In Texas


One of the great ways of exploring state and national parks is the oldest method of transport known to humanity is hiking. Seek and explore at your pace and come closer to mother nature when you go and examine a spectacular hiking track.

National and state park systems contain a broad diversity of interesting and unique trails ranging from simple tracking for all ages on paved routes to vigorous multi-day treks into the forests. Gear up and put on your hiking boots, and get ready for a full adventure trek.

Many people love to go on a hike. Each geographical area has its distinct paths to explore. You will see cool lakes enveloped by trees and tides of striated rocks striping a very great canyon. The biggest state of the United States, the Lone Star state, is full of natural magnificence.

If you are looking for a refuge from the hustle and bustle of an urban region, staying close to the Gulf of Mexico, or visiting through the Panhandle, you would want to go out and explore these fantastic panoramic hikes in Texas.

Texas, especially the southern part of the state, is incredibly hot and humid in the summer months. These hikes are most extraordinary from September through May. You need to make sure a couple of things, such as take plenty of water and wear sunscreen, particularly if you choose a path that has limited or no shade at all.

Are you looking for the best hiking trails in Texas?

Read it out to figure out the best hiking track for you, here are some of the incredible hiking treks that can be explored.

Big bend national park

In southernmost areas, big bend national park serves mountains, water hikes, and deserts. One of the great hikes in the Chisos Mountains is the 4.2 miles, relatively tough forfeited mine track that winds through lush green forests and provides spectacular views of the valleys below. It would be best to hike the window trail to explore the Chihuahuan desert.

Close to the Chisos Mountains lodge from its beginning point, the 5.2 miles out and the back trail come down for about 800 feet, so ensure that the return journey is all uphill. You can follow the mile-long hot springs, notably a shorter hike, which winds through a deserted lodge and homestead on its way to the 105- degree streams. Irrespective of the trail you choose, make sure to check out for a broad spectrum of wildlife.

Big Bend National Park proudly boasts more than 450 varieties of birds, more than 70 kinds of mammals, a diversity of insects, and different bats, birds, butterflies, ants, and scorpions than various national parks in the country. However, before heading out to the park, it’s good to check out the timings and status if it is open due to Covid.

Palo Duro Canyon state park

In Area Amarillo, About an hour southeast of Amarillo, the Texas Palo Duro Canyon state park comprises walls of fossil-rich sedimentary boulders engraved by the powerful west texas breeze and Red River. The country’s second-biggest canyon garland ornament of the garden is Palo Duro Canyon.

Among other most popular hiking roads in Palo Duro Canyon state park is the Lighthouse Trail. Approximately 6 -mile moderately tough hike charms trekkers to a beacon-like boulder construction that equals a lighthouse. It’s a good idea to travel the juniper riverside track for an easier and quicker outside adventure at Palo Duro. It’s a 2- mile noose that is moderately straight, with a 170- foot increased height.

Barton Creek Greenbelt Austin

Barton Creek is blessed with the natural beauty of both sides and steals the hearts of visitors.
The Barton Creek Greenbelt is a great and prominent spot in Austin. It is a vastly amazing hike in the capital city and located 3.7 miles outside towards the backside trail reserve the beauty of winds past Twin Falls and Sculpture Falls on the Barton Creek Greenbelt. It is a dog-friendly trek with various aspects like waterfalls, wildflowers, and most of this part is a natural swimming site.

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

Spiraling through 200 acres of prairie property and woodland in Plano, the Arbor hills nature sanctuary comprises 6 miles of paved and unpaved hiking tracks in North Texas. You can wander along creeks, enjoy the spectacular elegance, watch the adventurous wildlife, search the open prairie and climb the observance building when you visit the leafy green territory on the western edge of the town.

Katy Trail

It is one of the fantastic places for hiking in Texas. This route was founded in the mid- 1800s when Union pacific laid down steel tracks uniting Kansas, Missouri, and Texas. A committee of residents and businesses transformed the deserted railroad path into a 3.5 mile, tree-lined retreat from the hustle and bustle of the Big D.

Cedar Ridge Preserve

East bank of joe pool lake, cedar ridge preserve safeguards 600 acres of wilderness and raw magnificence in Texas hill country. Check out the mile-long Bluebonnet trail to have a drink in the beautiful greenery and pretty wildflowers in blossom if you are touring the Dallas Fort Worth neighborhood in the early spring.

The 2.4- mile Cattail pond ring rounds the northwestern perimeter of a small lake almost halfway through the excursion if you want to take a longer walk. Cedar Ridge preserves two ADA accessible experiences, the Little Bluestem and Butterfly garden journeys.

Friedrich Wilderness Park San Antonio

The Friedrich Wilderness Park is stretched from north of San Antonio to the southern line of Texas Hill Country. It covers 600 acres of green land. This natural region attracted hikers; it comprises more than 10 miles of covered and uncovered trails to protect two Imperial songbirds’ habitat. They are the Golden-cheeked Warbler and the black-capped vireo.

San Antonio Mission Trail San Antonio

The Alamo is a great tourist spot in Texcolour Alamo is a great tourist spot in Texas. In contrast, San Antonio Mission Trail is one of the best tourist spots out of five Spanish missions in San Antonio. Its boundaries start with Mission Espada, about 8.5 miles to the south direction; all five missions can be seen by hiking the San Antonio Mission Trail.

The San Antonio Mission Trail is the 0. As you will follow the San Antonio River adjacent fields filled with colourful wildflowers, you can visit all UNESCO World Heritage sites protected by the National Park.

Coastline Hiking Trails Gulf of Mexico

This coastline occupies 250,000 square miles; Texas is the vastest state adjacent to the U.S. So this coastline area is fortunate enough to have striking features of ecoregions, high grasslands, and open prairies to a marshy coastline that eventually leads to the Caribbean. To get a beautiful sun view from the Gulf, go around and visit one of these trails.


Hiking can be performed anywhere, but few places are incredibly perfect for a hiking goal. Some parks have it all that it takes to be a good hiking place, such as Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon National park, Yosemite National Park, etc. Several treks are beautiful and fantastic routes for hiking that are indicated in the writeup. Hopefully, you will be benefited from reading this article to choose the best hiking places in Texas.

Every trail has 1928 tremendous hiking trails, mountain biking trails, train running trails, and more with hand-made track maps and driving orientations as well as minute details, views, and photos from campers, hikers, and nature enthusiasts just like you. Go through the article and consider every trail you can easily decide the perfect one for you.