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Best Sites To Buy Youtube Views


Everyone wants to earn from home, everyone wants an earning source that would not only provide them with dollars but also have fame associated with it. Youtube is one such amazing source that not only gives you the option of huge earning earnings with great popularity. The youtube monetization is all about getting views and subscribers. It is the reason that people buy youtube views and subscribers. A huge market is running online, where you can get youtube views and subscribers. This industry is so refined that you can get views from any country you want, be it views from the US, Canada or India. You name it and they have it.

So the next question that comes to anyone’s mind is that which is the best site to buy youtube views among these hundreds of potential sites?

Well we have made that search easier for you, we have selected the top 5 sites which provide youtube views and subscribers against payment. We have ranked them according to the authenticity, credibility, value for money and low drop rate. So that you can have the luxury of selecting the best according to your need and comfort.

First we need to define the categories on which we would be selecting the sites, so that you can identify the best one according to your need and choice. It would also give you the flexibility to decide on which site would be best suitable for your channel’s progress. These are categories are as under:

Most PopularCategories⭐ Rating
YouTube ViewsMost Authentic site

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Buy ViewsMost credible site

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Best Site To Buy Youtube ViewsBest value for money

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Buy YouTube Views Cheap Best Low drop rate

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The first category is on the basis of authenticity. If you are investing for the first time in buying youtube views or subscribers, then you should always choose the site that is most authentic. An authentic site is the one which has:

  • Been there for a long time
  • Has most positive reviews
  • Has most customer re orders
  • Has the best customer care

So if you want to be safe with your transactions, want real and authentic views then you should always buy views from the most authentic site.


The next category to look for is the site with best credibility. You should choose the most credible site because then you don’t have to worry about the quality of view and the credibility of the accounts from which the views are coming. If you are already having a decent youtube channel and are already getting average views, then you should buy youtube views from a credible site. The views that you get from a credible site would never land your videos in trouble. Sometimes when the views are from dubious sources, the youtube algorithm often decides on the channel’s quality and behaves with your channel accordingly, that is with suspicion. The credible site would have:

  • Best views and source
  • Most credible views
  • Most trusted for payments
  • No chance of fraud

Value for money

Next in the category is the site which gives the most value for money. If you are an amateur youtuber and have issues with the budget, then you should always choose the site which gives the best value for money. The social media market which deals in these types of products especially youtube is pretty huge. There are hundreds of sites dealing in these substances. Some are charging peanuts and some are charging huge money for views. If budget is the constraint then you should always go for a company that is cheap yet effective. The value for money site would be:

  • Cheap from others
  • Quality would be at par
  • Value for money
  • Relatively new

Low Drop Rate

Last but definitely not the last, is the site which has the lowest drop rate. The drop rate is a term which is much feared in this industry. The drops can be defined as the reduction in views that you get. It happens when the accounts from which you got the views get cancelled or banned. So when you are spending so much on buying the views, it hurts when it drops. Some drop happens at almost every site which deals in social media views and subscribers selling. As accounts often get banned by youtube by some reason or the other. A site which is low on drop is:

  • Well with low drop rate

So we have reviewed hundreds of sites on this basis and selected one top site for each category. You can take use of this and decide on which one suits your needs best.

Most Authentic Site

1. Marketinghy.com

This is the most authentic site that we discovered. The views package that is offered is of the best quality in the entire market. It is one of the oldest sites present in the market selling youtube views, subscribers and likes. The site offers one of the best personalized services. They help you out at every step of the buying process and the best thing is that they also help you in after sales services. They’ll help increment your authenticity on YouTube just as different stages as indicated by your requirements at the best prices.

This site is the most premium supplier on this rundown however doesn’t settle on quality, this blend implies it’s available to nearly anybody! The site additionally offers safe exchanges through their safe checkout platforms and best site when it comes to quality views and video likes. Supporter Packages offers types of assistance in YouTube views, YouTube Likes, Instagram Followers and SoundCloud views among others.

Everything you need for your youtube channel is under one umbrella. Another key element is the perfect customer care support, this implies you will consistently get your inquiries addressed quickly. By working with prominent customers, for example, celebrities and influencers, they have built up themselves as the top performers in the market.

If you are looking for the best quality views and video likes at the most ideal prices, this is without no doubt the most authentic site.

  • Helps you get the most authentic views
  • Fast delivery
  • Satisfactions guaranteed
  • Quality views and subscribers
  • The Most value for money

  • Priced high

Most Credible Site

2. Mediamister.com

We as a whole realize that the recordings which have more views on YouTube are the ones that we need to tap on the most. So we should go over our reviews of your best choices for purchasing youtube views and subscribers. We find the media mister the most credible.

In case you’re watching every other person get enormous popularity on YouTube and you feel that it’s your opportunity to sparkle, at that point we propose to try mediamister. These folks know precisely the stuff to turn into a YouTube star, and have the entirety of the highlights important to do as such. In the event that you need a lift for your channel and need to quick track it to superstardom, we prescribe using what Followers Up brings to the table.

In addition to the fact that Followers give its clients safe conveyance, however they additionally try to get onto putting in your request when you pay for it, as well. We likewise like that they are one of the most believed and credible merchants out there – they have been doing business since 2016, which is a lot of time to have dealt with their notoriety, and it appears. You can even connect with them at whatever point you have to, regardless of whether it’s through their chatbox, by email, or through their contact structure.

  • Most credible
  • Reasonable pricing
  • High customer service
  • Advanced technology
  • Best payment gateway

  • Site bit clumsy

Best Value For Money

3. Buyyoutubviews.com

With packages available at as low as $2 this site is the best value for money site in present times. This is a relatively new site but yet in very less time it has earned a good name for itself. The views provided by this site are also of high quality and value. If you are starting new and have budget issues then you should try this site without any hesitation or doubt. It has a clean track record and also the reviews received by this site are also positive. It fits perfectly on all the criteria set by us.

  • Cheap from others: It is the cheapest site among the authentic sites available who are selling youtube views, subscribers or likes. Of course there are many sites which offer more cheap rates but these sites are not authentic and most of these sites are fraud.
  • Quality would be at par: Although this site is offering cheap packages, yet the quality is not compromised on these sites. The quality of views that you get on this site and the subscribers views are of at par quality with most credible sites.
  • Value for money: It is the best value for money site in the present times. With lowest and cheapest packages available that offer best quality views, it is definitely a great choice.
  • Relatively new: This site is being active for around 3 years and hence is definitely a younger and newer site. The great thing about the new sites is that for the purpose of establishing itself in the market, it gives the best rates and the best quality. It needs to win the faith of the audience.

So the most value for money site is definitely the Buyyoutubeviews.com. it would be the best choice with your limited budget and relatively new channel.

  • Cheap rates
  • Quality views and subscribers
  • Variety in Packages
  • Many options available
  • Positive reviews from customers

  • Drop rate bit high

Best Low Drop Rate

4. BuyLikesservices.com

When it comes to views drops you don’t have to worry anything when choosing the buylikesservices.com. One thing that stands apart to us about buylikesservices, much the same as it does with Marketinghy, is that these folks can assist you with your YouTube subscriber likes and views, however they can likewise assist you with other social media channels as well. Actually, they have partitioned their various administrations between channels, so you should simply discover the YouTube class and snap on it to begin.

The views that you get from this site is always from genuine youtube accounts. Even the subscribers they provide are active and real. We ourselves have tried and seen this, you can also check this by visiting the subscriber’s channel and can very well see that the users are already having their own subscriber’s base and also have many videos. They have a mutually beneficial group of youtubers who help each other by viewing other videos of the chain. Thus the views that you get from here are real and they are impossible to drop.

We love that they gracefully provide a chatbox for any underlying inquiries, which is additionally available if you’ve pursued assistance and have some specialized issues to find support with. They have an unconditional promise and state that they are totally sheltered, so in the event that you need a solid organization to buy your YouTube views and subscribers from rapidly, Buylikesservices is that place.

  • High quality
  • Lowest drop rate
  • Variety of social media packages
  • Great country specific packages
  • Speed delivery
  • Safest payment gateway
  • Crypto currency option available

  • Too many packages

There are various extraordinary reasons that could be the reason that you would like to buy YouTube views from a legitimate organization. The accomplishment of your video will fundamentally rely upon the kind of response that it gets. Besides, the more views a video gets, the more probable individuals are to look at what the complaint is about. It’s a snowball impact, however it needs to begin some place.

Take your chance on buying your YouTube views from probably the best site on your next video and perceive how rapidly you can pull in more rush hour gridlock to your channel.

So these are our list of sites, you can try any one of these sites depending upon your requirement and budget. Every site shown here is genuine and true and are pioneers in their own category.

How To Get Views on YouTube Fast and Efficiently

Are you struggling with views and undiscovered online presence on YouTube? Don’t worry!! Here we will discuss some of the working tips to get more views on YouTube videos with quick and easy steps.

As we know YouTube is the top-rated video sharing application and in the present time it is the best platform for marketing too as several individuals and businesses have come up online and made a strong online presence. But one question that strikes our mind is how to get that sort of traffic and enormous views on your videos.

In this article, we will discuss the tips and tricks to promote the YouTube channel, how social media can help connect audiences of different platforms, and some SEO techniques for organic ranking.

List of tips to generate more views on YouTube

Have you been struggling for a long time and couldn’t figure out the right trick that will work for you and get you massive views like other creators. Well you are not alone!! The lack of right information leads to several questions and the struggle continues with no satisfactory answers.

Well, this article is the right pick for you, all your questions and queries will be solved by the end of the article.

Let’s figure out some of the tactics to generate a decent count of views for your videos and boost the traffic at your channel which you have been struggling, for a long time.

    1. Use Card Feature for Video Looping

      The best way you can keep your audience engaging in the video is to not break their interest and get distracted. Make use of the Card feature to promote other videos by sharing the link within the video. So if a random user hits your video, always make sure to build up strong virtual connectivity with your videos and suggest links of other relatable and interesting videos.

      How Cards are Beneficial to Improve View Count?

      • The Card feature is the easiest and clever way to engage users at your videos and it’s the best call to action move.
      • The pop-ups can be used across the video and considered as a reminder for the users to stay connected.
      • The links shared will create a loop of videos and it will show referral videos one after another.
      • You can use the cards to link the address of your website to improve the traffic.

      The possibility of improving engagement is high as this is the best CTA (call to action) technique. The regular list of videos will be played without distracting the viewer which will surely get you the desired count of views that you always wanted on your videos.

    2. Work on SEO for Organic Ranking

      YouTube is the second largest search engine where people look for videos. SEO is the key to optimize your video and get your videos seen. To rank on the search engine you need to follow certain guidelines and accordingly work upon them.

      Some basic SEO guidelines are listed below:

      • Layout the Headline Part: Proper implementation of headlines will make the search more easy and effective. The right use of the headline can lead to organic traffic on the feed and eventually make the optimization process more refined.
      • Accurate Description: The description part is essential as the content you add here must be relevant and appropriate to the search query.
      • Informative Thumbnail: The most effective way to get more views is to use eye-catching thumbnails. The right use of a thumbnail can be very beneficial as it is the first thing users will notice. Make sure it is informative and attractive at the same time.
      • Focus Targeted Keywords: Keyword is nothing different but a word that is more significant and related to the product or content you are focusing on. Suppose you are a creator who posts cooking-related content then your keywords will be how to make coffee, Pasta recipes online and so on, the main target is to solve the query of the viewer, and keywords will help users to land to the related videos.

      These are some basic guidelines that you must follow for better optimization of the content.

      Always keep in mind that making the quantity of video is not the prior measure to gain views instantly instead one should work upon creating quality content and apply basic techniques that are technical and important, this way your videos get the reach and ultimately the count of views on your video gets improved.

    3. A Reply to Comment is Highly Appreciated:

      Comments are best for connecting with the audience. A reply to the comments builds up trust and the creator’s authenticity is more prioritized. Thank giving to the users who comment is another way to create a friendly relationship and this way your chances are high that the viewers will return and check out your other videos.

      Comments section helps you to get a real review from the user. Perhaps always check the comments for gathering information whether the viewers like the content of your videos or not and the related reason for further changes to be taken care of.

      If you think there is a master key to get enormous views in a second then my dear friend you are going wrong. Unique and smart work is all that you need to focus on!!
      In our case, smart use of comments can be very helpful for gathering real-time information and ultimately make changes for better video presentation.

    4. Create a Playlist for Better Engagement:

      A playlist is a sorted way to keep the viewer engaged in your videos, and doing this will track that the users don’t get distracted and jump over other videos.

      The YouTube algorithm understands the content preference and shows up the related videos to you rather proceed to some random videos. Creating a playlist will help you keep the videos in an organizing pattern and eventually you see changes in the count of views.

      Let’s understand this one simple example, suppose you are a creator who does restoration of cars and you have a channel where you upload different videos, now what you can do is, you can create several playlists and distinguish restoration of different cars and different ways of DIYs to engage the users.

      Unlike this, there are several other playlist options that you can create according to the content suitable to your niche. The concept of a playlist is nothing too fancy but only another way to create loops of videos and see that the viewer doesn’t lose interest and prefer other videos.

    5. Unique Content and Metadata for Video Recommendation:

      YouTube’s algorithm works on several factors and depending on them it shows the related videos. The main goal of YouTube is to keep the users active on the platform for as long as possible, and this is beneficial for both the YouTube and the creators who are creating the video.

      Now that we know other than YouTube’s algorithm, content is the major part we need to focus on, so try to create unique content to keep the viewer’s active on the video and keep them busy in the loop of videos. Always make sure to choose an interesting and trendy topic to discuss as it develops interest and surely the audience will stay and watch the video for the maximum time.

      The next important thing you need to take care of is the proper use of Metadata. As we discussed earlier, how SEO is beneficial for organic ranking and how drastically views can reach a peak with the best use of it. Metadata is the part of SEO and without much information about optimization techniques; general use of Metadata can also be beneficial to increase views on the videos.

    6. Timely Track the Viral Trends:

      You need to be always active and timely track the viral trends as there are higher chances of you getting an enormous amount of views from the viral news.
      Be creative and contextual of what you are posting as this will lead you to the traffic that you are looking for. So keep the focus on a point and post the right sort of content that engages the users on your videos and it will boost your channel’s visibility.

    7. Ask Other Creators to Collaborate:

      Several creators want to collaborate with you as the aim is to reach out to maximum audiences possible and individually it’s a critical task so they prefer collaborating with others for a progressive approach.

      As we know YouTube allows the users to create content and post it on its platform and in return they get the active users on their site. So this is a two-way communication that is beneficial for both the creator and YouTube.

      Therefore you need to collaborate with some creators who are mostly searched and related to your niche. You can create an interesting and trendy video that attracts the users and grab their attention to your channel. You can make it interesting by using eye-catching titles, thumbnail, description and many more tips to improve the watch time and eventually end up increasing the views on your videos.

      For example: In recent times, Corona is big news all across the world, and keeping in mind the trends, there are several videos recently uploaded regarding the information about the virus, daily update of the infected records, and many more. So this trendy topic can be helpful to generate millions of views within no time.

    8. Use Social Media Platforms to Boost Traffic:

      To promote the YouTube channel at an extensive level social media platforms are the best way to do so. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites are the best way you can drag the traffic to your desired platform.

      Social media plays a major role in today’s life and has a great impact on users as it’s an everyday routine to spend time on social sites. You can share your social media links in your video description on YouTube, discuss it in your video, ask them to share and follow, and thus vice versa to connect the audience from different platforms.

    9. Use of End Screen to Link Other Videos:

      Now that you have done all your best in creating a unique content video, put in efforts with SEO, also used card within the video to share other video links, there is another amazing feature called End Screen which is better for engagement.

      This feature helps you to link other related content by the end of the video. So if the viewer sticks by the video till the end there is a high chance that they are interested in the content you are posting and it’s possible to engage them with other impressive videos.

    10. Post Explanatory Thumbnails:

      Thumbnail is a representation or says a brief description of any page or image. The use of Thumbnails that are informative and much explanatory is the one major source to make the video look more appealing and out of the ordinary approach.

      So take your time to decide how your thumbnail is going to look and list down the brief information you are going to add regarding the video to give an idea to the user who will be watching the video soon if the thumbnail hits their perspective.

      Always remember it depends on the Metadata and the information on the banner which decides whether he or she is going to watch the video or not. So act vigorously and involve all the attention-grabbing data in your Thumbnail for providing the right information and clear the purpose of the video.

      As we discussed earlier, an example of a channel that provides information regarding Restoration of Cars and we focused on the playlist part now let’s talk about Thumbnail. So our Thumbnail should contain a picture of the old car, to look more prominent it must contain a picture of a newly restored car, info about the car such as the model number and how old it is and attractive text about DIYs tip to well define the information of the video.

      Hopefully the idea of using informative Thumbnail is clear to you and you will surely implement it in your videos to grab the attention of viewer right at the time when they land on the search page.

      Thumbnail will decide whether the video will be watched or skipped!!

These are some of the working tips that will surely help you get millions of views on your YouTube videos that you have been dreaming of. We surf all day on the internet for how to get YouTube views but it makes no difference until we implement some effective tips and tricks.
Try to implement all the listed points discussed above and yes you will see an amazing change on your channel with a guarantee.

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