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Best Spear Tips For 2021


Spearfishing is an adventurous sport, it can be very safe, but you can’t tell about the ocean. It Is an unforgivable place for the unplanned.

Spearfishing is a fishing technique that has been around the world for thousands of years.
Earlier, they used to spearfishing from rivers and streams using sharp sticks.haveing the best pole spear will give you a perfect start into scuba sports. Beat it a lionfish slayer or mini pole gear; the fishing gears will help you stalk and then hit and catch fish very quickly in its natural habitat.

This type of hunting can also be done using free diving techniques, snorkeling, or scuba diving, but you are not aware that spear fishing is considered illegal in some countries.

Nowadays, spearfishing makes use of elastic powered spearguns and slings to strike. They also use compressed gas pneumatic powered spearguns to hunt the fish. There are many developed techniques and methods for various types of the aquatic environment and target fish.

There is a lot of equipment which is commonly used in spearfishing. Spearfishing is often practiced with minimal gear.

What is a pole spear?

A pole spear is an underwater tool used in spearfishing. It comprises of pole, a spear tip, and a sling rubber loop. The shaft of a pole is usually four to ten feet [4 to 10 m] long and is made of fiberglass, carbon fiber, aluminum, graphite, or wood. They can be used to catch fish of all kinds. Polespear is most commonly used in shallow water or around jetties, or on rocky shores.
You can use a spear gun.

A spear is an underwater fishing machine, designed to pull a spear out of fish.

You can use a spear gun
The speargun is underwater fishing equipment, which is designed to fire a spear at fish. Natural latex rubber bands power some of the powerful spearguns.

Use Polesspear –

Polespear is also called hand spear. They consist of a long shaft with a point at one end and an elastic loop at the other for propulsion.
Many other equipment pieces can be used for spearfishing, such as a wet suit, weight belt or weight vest, etc.

  1. Spear selection scarf 11 “stainless steel spearhead triple tip 6mmScuba picks 6.25” twin barbarian double wing 6mm spear shaft and keeper.
  2. Spearfishing pole sear 6mm spear hunting spears and lionfish hunting.
  3. Spear-turning scarf 12 “stainless steel spear tip tip is one barcode.

Best Spear Tips For 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guides

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Spear tips for pole spears

Scuba Choice Spearfishing 11″ Stainless Steel
Pole Spear

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Pole spear tips

Scuba choice Spearfishing
6.25″ Twin Barb Double-
Wing 6mm Pole Spear

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Best pole spear

Spearfishing Pole Sear 6mm Tips

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Pole spear tips and tricks

Scuba Choice Spearfishing 12″ Stainless Steel
Pole Spear Tip

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Pole spearfishing tips

Scuba Choice Spearfishing Lionfish 6″ Pole
Spear Tip

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Scuba Choice Spearfishing 11″ Stainless Steel Pole Spear

This is one of the best selling items in scuba choice. This equipments features you need to get started, regardless of if you are a beginner or an experienced person. It compromises of fiberglass pole, which is bendable and heavy. Its design makes a more significant impact on hitting the fish.

It is designed with stainless steel and is durable, which means it will not break easily. It is relatively stable due to the quality of the material. It has a thread line of 1.25 mm and features a total length of 12″. It gives you a quick shot, and while hunting, make sure you are five feet away from your target, or else you may miss the go or may not be as effective as you want to be. And its tip will hold back the fish from falling off after the shot.

  • It is durable.
  • It is build up with stainless steel material.
  • It features a total length of 12’’long.
  • Its thread diameter 14.2mm and it has a thread line 1.25mm.
  • Its replacement tip for JBL pole spear or any other 6mm pole spears.

Spear tips for pole spears

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  • Relatively stable and stainless steel design.
  • It Retails with a convenient storage bag and sling.
  • This product of great value for money.

  • Ideal for short shots only.

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Scuba choice Spearfishing 6.25″ Twin Barb Double-Wing 6mm Pole Spear

Its innovative design and manufacturing will give you a great experience of spearfishing. This equipment is used for more than 30 years of experience.

The manufacturer has combined their expertise, and they have designed cutting edge material and is very functional and of premium quality. It is the equipment which is built to last. It features three long stainless steel paralyzer tip with a barb. It has a rubber sling provides a comfortable grip for a beginner.

  • It has four and ½ inch stainless steel (304 stainless steel) twin prong tip.
  • It has a two-prong barbed double-wing, which means you will not lose your fish.
  • It has been salt tested for several hours.
  • It is suitable for a replacement tip.

Pole spear tips

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  • It has a bendable fiberglass pole that is impact -resistant.
  • It has an extra rubber string.
  • Great value for your money.
  • It has a sturdy construction.

  • Its length is not ideal for travel.

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Spearfishing Pole Sear 6mm Tips

This equipment is designed in a very innovative way, and it has been used for more than 25 years. This spearfishing is highly functional and of premium quality that is built to last long. All of this brand product comes with two years of warranty.

  • It is four, and ½ inch made up of stainless steel.
  • It has six-prong spear tips, which are spread out, and once you hit the fish, you paralyze the game.
  • It has a six-prong barbed tip that allows you to hold your fish, and you’ll not lose your fish.
  • It is tested by heat for up to 1000 degrees to provide maximum strength.
  • It is a quality USA designed products since 1989. We have created and manufactured ocean products and worked for more than 25 years.

Best pole spear

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  • It has a mini spear, which is excellent for taking out lionfish.
  • Its six barbs ensure a positive and permanent hit on the fish, and you will not miss it.
  • It has perfect spear for hobbyists and spending leisure time fishing.

  • Cant be used in deep waters.

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Scuba Choice Spearfishing 12″ Stainless Steel Pole Spear Tip

It is one of the best selling items the scuba choice. It is very durable and robust. It is made up of stainless steel material. It has a length of 12″ long. It comprises of fiberglass pole, which is less prone to breaking. It is relatively stable and allows you to hunt and hold on to groupers with precision. It is designed with an adjustable trait, and this 12″ pole spear will fit your bag hassle-free.

Its tip restores quite fast after hitting a rock or a hard surface. It is effortless to use as it has a rubber sling, which provides a grip. It can be used in short-range, medium-range, and long-range spearfishing. This blend is robust and stainless; its sling is also adjustable and replaceable to the current thrust. It is very easy to assemble and dissemble.

Pole spear tips and tricks

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  • It is sturdy, corrosion resistant design.
  • It has a firm rubberized grip.
  • Light weight and easy to carry.

  • It retails at a very high price.

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Scuba Choice Spearfishing Lionfish 6″ Pole Spear Tip

This 6″ scuba choice is another fiberglass pole which is designed for scuba fish hunting. It is bendable, stable, and impact resistant. It has fishing gear which is 6 inches long. In turn, this pole spear gives you a long range for capturing and hunting fish from far range. Yet its length is not adjustable. So it can be a little tricky and cumbersome when you need to pack and move the gear to remote fish hunting spots.

The 6 inch scuba choice spearfishing has three prong head which is designed with stainless steel paralyzer tip with a barb. It has a rubber sling which provides you easy grip.

This sort of spearfish equipment fits for beginner who does not want to compromise on his or her favorite sports. Pole spear uses a heavy duty fishing gear, hence it is durable amd convenient to use, once you know it how to use it then it will be easy for you.

Pole spearfishing tips

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  • It delivers precise shots.
  • It has durable design.
  • Mostly suitable for all types of spearfishing.

  • Some divers may consider the tip too short.


The pole you choose plays a vital gear in spearfishing. Having the best pole spear can change your game. It is called as a deadly tool which will guarantee you a big catch. But it is also important for you to kniw that every pole spear you consider is not perfect for you. It should have a right design and made up of good quality of material and should have all the necessary and convenient designs which will help you master your skills.

Make sure that you choose the best pole spear that fits in your budget. As a beginner or even an experienced person you need to learn certain techniques and methods and about the tools which are used for fishing. The above five pole spear features some of the best quality and materials.


If you like diving, then why don’t you take up spearfishing. There are many options which are available in the market for spearguns. So, while you are shopping for spearguns, remember that you have a responsibility to come with success when you choose spearfishing.

You should invest in a speargun that fits best in your budget. If you want a great experience in spearfishing, then you would need to have a good speargun. Buying a speargun of $99 is something you want if you are well experienced with spearfishing. If you are a beginner, you must look for a good quality of a gun, spending around $300.

While buying a speargun, make sure you consider these things-

  1. How often will you be spearfishing?
  2. In which water you will be spearfishing?
  3. Will you get down in the water or sit in a boat while spearfishing?
  4. What kind of fish will you be targeting?

From the above questions, you should determine the quality and the speargun you will be investing in. If you plan to hunt a small fish on the shore, starting with a 110cm gun is the best for you as it is much easier to load and handle. Then later, you can upgrade it to a 130cm weapon when you start to target larger fishes.

But if you are a great investor, you should consider buying one used for all-purpose. A 120cm gun is ideal and is often referred to as ‘jack of all trades master of none,’ as it may be slightly oversized for dirty coastal water and somewhat small for offshore clear water and larger fish.

Fins –

The correct selection of fins will tell you how far you will dive, and it also determines the energy you will put to swim. Make sure you have a good pair of fins because there are many types of fins available in different kinds of materials, from plastic to fiberglass and carbon fiber fins.

Fins are crucial things that will keep saving you underwater and propel you to the depths you want to dive. Fins also help you swim through current and waves with ease. The prices of the fins start with plastic fins, which costs under $150.

Mask –

You must own a comfortable fitting mask when going for spearfishing. A well-fitting mask is essential for fishing. Consider the field of vision provided by the mask, and whether it is low in volume. A low volume mask is one that has a small space between your face and the lens. The volume below is a mask where you will need to adjust it slightly as you go down. When you start at the bottom, a low volume mask is not the most important thing.

Snorkel –

If you are spearfishing, then you should have a basic snorkel which is flexible, making it durable and virtually indestructible. We would recommend J shaped snorkel as it would be comfortable for you.

Flag and float line –

A flag and float line are essential for safety and ensure that you don’t lose your speargun. When you use floats or banners on your guns line, it allows you to quickly locate your spear, even in kelp beds and seaweed, it helps you to retrieve your bold if your fish, by chance, hidden in a hole or crevasse. Being run over by the boats is one of the biggest dangers faced by spears, so afloat is essential of all times. Your float line will be attached to your float.

By this, we mean that when you shoot, you’ll a fish, you can leave your gun and come back to the surface for air, then you can grab your float line and pull your speargun. Having a floating line is very helpful as even if you have left your gun on the seabed and came up to breathe some air, you can quickly locate your weapon with the float line’s help. This will be essential when there is a bit of current.

Knife –

A knife is a piece of essential equipment used in spearfishing. A fish usually does not die simply once it is taken out from the water; you would have to use a knife to dispatch the fish by spiking it in its brain.

Wetsuit –

for a diver, a wet suit is necessary as it protects your from getting tan from the sun, stingers, reef/rock cuts, etc. because all of these can make you badly infected. The wetsuit price starts from $99 and goes up to $350 if you are looking for a high-quality two-piece wetsuit. It will provide you an extra line of comfort and keep your body warm. Before buying a wetsuit, consider a few things –

  • Where would you be diving?
  • How often will you go diving?
  • Is your body prone to feeling cold very often?

These questions will help you buy the best-suited one for you according to your budget, what material of the wetsuit will suit you, these all are very important to consider when it comes to buying a wetsuit. If you are someone who is beginning spearfishing around Brisbane, a 3.5mm wetsuit is an excellent option to go with first.

Weight belts and weights –

If you are on with your wetsuit, the neoprene will make you more buoyant, and you will require weights to allow you to dive comfortably. It is essential to choose your weight correctly because being too heavy can also be dangerous, and being too light can make your diving difficult as you won’t be able to dive in and hunt. A good rule is to positively buoyant at 10mm depth, you should not be sinking while relaxing on the surface.

Socks and gloves –

wearing socks are essential as they will protect your feet from getting injured from stingers, blisters, rocks/ reef and sun. On the other hand, gloves are vital when you called for spearfishing because after shooting the fish, you will have to grab it. Fish have spines, spikes, and sharp teeth. They can harm you and put you into a lot of trouble and injure your hands if you don’t wear gloves.


skewering a fish with a spear is one of the traditional ways that humans invented to hunt fish. The majority of the people practice this form of hunting using a spear, and they do it for recreational activities or commercial activities or both.

When you are a beginner at spearfishing, you know very little about spearfishing. There are several methods you should find and learn to be good at it. If you are not keen to go underwater diving, you can also sit on the boat and hunt from there as there are nondiving spearfishing gears available. You don’t need a lot of equipment to go on spearfishing, but you will need basics. It depends on all on you that how you want to make your diving and hunting experience.

If you are new to spearfishing, make sure to check all the items above with their reviews and how was the knowledge of the other’s experienced divers using these pieces of equipment. You will be aster in spearfishing ith little practice and patience and by following proper guidelines and precautions.