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Best Wireless Security Systems


You do not need any landline or any holes to be drilled into your wall for protection. Simplisafe stands out as one of the best systems. It can connect with up to 80 sensors for different things to keep you safe. You can install it easily as well.

The best systems are ;

  • Best overall system – Simplisafe
  • Best for a budget – Abode
  • Best customer service – Front point

Best Wireless Security Systems Reviews


If the equipment and prices are very difficult for you to understand, and that is why you have not got a home security system, then SimpliSafe is the best choice for you. When you wish to get the services from SimpliSafe, you will first have to pay a one-time fee of $229 for the equipment, and then you need to pay $14.99 every month to get professional monitoring. Therefore, you will have to pay the equipment fees upfront, but you do not have to pay the contract of the cancellation fee, so if you want, you can choose to get the monthly monitoring fees as you wish.

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Certain devices like an outdoor camera and a carbon monoxide sensor are not there, so you will have to pay extra if you wish to get these devices. However, the wireless strength that you get with SimpliSafe is unmatched.

SimpliSafe is very easy to understand. You do not need to look at different plans. You can get a simple and straightforward plan that you can use that has all the things that you need, and you can upgrade to a better plan later on when you feel like you need it.

  • The whole system can be installed within an hour.
  • They use powerful and long-range sensors.
  • No contract or cancellation fees need to be paid.
  • No need for Wifi.

  • Charges extra for mobile application access.
  • Lacks a home automation option.

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This security system is best if you do not wish to spend a lot of money but get your work done on a good budget. The wireless connection here is very good too, and it can support a lot of sensors and other third-party products. This company also has its own products, cameras, sensors, and devices that you can use to keep your home safe and protected.

The best part is that all these products can be found at a much cheaper price when compared to the competition. Even their basic system starts at $199, which is very cheap as compared to other starter kits like Front point, which cost almost double the cost just to start the security system.

The professional monitors are just $20 every month. If you wish to save money, then you can choose to avoid professional monitoring, but then you will not be able to get the features like a cellular backup. This can be a big miss for any wireless system.

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You can create a lot of automation and make it very easy to do your daily tasks. E.g., You can get the outside lamp to be on every night. The abode system can support up to 160 sensors, and this includes all smart speakers like Alexa, google assistant, and apple home kit.

You can add abode products like indoor and outdoor security cameras, motion detectors, and environmental sensors to the home automation as well. The battery life is not that great. It only lasts for 5 hours, so if there is a power outage or some emergency, then you might end up being in trouble.

However, this system has a very good starting price, and it has very low risks. If you have a small home, then it can be a very good idea to get this system as you can use it as a way to understand how these systems work. The battery backup can be improved, but at this point, it is still quite good, and because of the low price, there isn’t much that you can complain about.

  • Works with all third party devices well.
  • It can support up to 160 sensors.
  • Provides affordable equipment and monitoring.

  • The battery backup is quite low.

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Frontpoint gives you the best customer service of the lot. If you really value customer support, it can be a good idea to choose the front point. They have easy installation and are very dependable. The website is very transparent about the prices and all the features that are offered. If you do not understand something while you shop for your security system, then you can easily get help. There is a live chat option that you can choose as well, and you can get the information that you want without worrying about some sales tactics.

The price for monitoring the security system is higher than both Abode and SimpliSafe, but there is no contract that you have to get into, and there is also a financing option. You can get equipment packages that start from $499 while monitoring is $39.99 per month and with the discounted safewise entry plan. If you choose to go for the finance option, then you can get a safe wish for as little as $10 a month.

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There are a lot of equipment options that you can choose from. You can choose security cameras that have motion detection and even two-way audio motion and contact sensors. You can also choose to get fire and carbon monoxide sensors. There are also automation services that you can choose from. The best are the gadgets like a video doorbell, and this makes your home a lot smarter. Frontpoint relies more on cellular signals than wifi, making a much more steady and stable connection.

The wireless systems approach is different from the competition. The system’s battery backup can last for 24 hours, so you do not have to worry about power cuts or emergencies.

In case the nearest cell tower falls, then Frontpoint has other backup towers ready in case of an emergency. Frontpoint can support up to 80 devices in your home. All the equipment used is of very high quality, and the payment options are also very flexible. The customer service agents are very friendly, and they will help you with all the problems that you have with ease, and it would be very easy for you to get things done.

  • Can work 24 hours without any power.
  • Does not require wifi.
  • Helpful customer service focused on helping you.

  • Expensive monitoring even with the financing options.

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The Vivint control panel and the Smart hub control panel require installers to drill the holes into the walls to connect them to a power source. However, the new smart hub needs a 12 VDC power source, and this does not make it fully wireless.

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The cheapest ADT option requires you to have a landline or choose a cellular system, which can cost you about 44.99 dollars. In addition, ADT needs a contract, but if you choose Vivint, then you can go on without a contract.

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How are The Products Reviewed?

We first look at all the available wireless systems. There are many big names that claim that they are wireless, but they actually are not wireless. We compared the battery backup, connection strength, ease of installation, and customer service in the testing while making this list. We added all these factors, and we also looked at what customers were saying about these products and what the reviews were, and based on that, we have noticed that these three security systems are the best that you can choose from.

We also contacted these companies to see how good their customer support was and based on that, and we understood which companies have the best services. In general, we look for wireless networks that can support more than 30 individual sensors, and something like this requires a strong wireless signal. So you would need to have faster notifications and also a smoother system control.


Wireless home security systems are becoming very popular, and it is not difficult to understand why this is happening/ These wireless systems are making home automation very easy, and there are many different methods of backup that are very easy to install. If you want a wireless system, then the three systems mentioned above are the best ones that you can choose. It has been made very easy because there are different things that you can choose based on your budget or the experience that you wish to get.

The freedom is up to you. All these systems can support a lot of devices, so automation is going to be easy. All these are very easy to install as well. Even if your power goes off, the system will still work because there is a battery backup and a cellular system in place, and this can keep your system linked to the monitoring systems, and the professionals can keep a good look at your house to ensure that everything is okay.