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Carbon Monoxide Detector


An estimated 400 people die from carbon monoxide poisoning associated with home fuel-burning heat equipment every year in US (Minnesota dept of health stats). It is small figure but is enough for you to worry, if you are using a fuel-burning fire equipment. While heating equipment is a must have and essential part of US houses, safety of its inhabitants is also of paramount importance. Therefore it is a must to have a carbon monoxide detector at every house.

What is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is colorless, odorless and tasteless poisonous gas. It often mixes with other gases present in the house and does produce an odor, but people don’t recognize the smell and inhale the poison without knowing they are inhaling CO.

How Does It Harm Humans?

Carbon Monoxide is a killer gas. It displaces oxygen form the blood and deny the heart, brain and every vital organs of Oxygen and essential for our survival. This is a silent killer and can make you unconscious and suffocate you in minutes without any warnings or signs. Which can lead to death. Children and the elderly people are the most prime victim of this unseen killer.

What Are The Common Sources Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning In Houses?

It is very important to know the places which can cause the carbon monoxide poisoning. This makes it easy to mark the places for installing carbon monoxide detectors. The most common places which can cause carbon monoxide leakage are:

  1. Furnaces
  2. Dryer vent
  3. Chimney
  4. Water heaters
  5. Fireplaces
  6. Gas stoves and ovens
  7. Gas from house car and other vehicles
  8. Grills, power tools, garden equipment, power generators etc.
  9. Wooden stoves
  10. Cigarette smoking at home

Why Is Carbon Monoxide Detector Necessary For Every Home?

Carbon Monoxide is the silent killer of 400 people every year in America. These people are killed in the safe vicinity of their home. Sometimes the whole family is at risk. So it is really important and a duty of every house owner to install a carbon monoxide detector at their home. For the safety of them and their loved ones. A good quality CO detector identifies the CO level and warns the inhabitants of the poisoning and provides them escape form certain harm. So for the security and health of the family a carbon monoxide detector in every house is a must.

Which Are The Best Places For Installing The Carbon Monoxide Detector?

The carbon monoxide detector should be placed in every level or floor of the house. It should also be placed in every bedroom along with the smoke alarm system.

5 Best Carbon Monoxide Detector 2020

Top PickModelPriceRating
Carbon Monoxide Detector
Kidde Nighthawk AC Plug-in Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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Check Price 9.8
Best Carbon Monoxide Detector
Kidde Sealed Lithium Battery Power Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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Check Price 9.6
Carbon Monoxide Detector
Honeywell Ademco 5800CO Wireless CO Detector

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Check Price 9.5
Carbon Monoxide Detector
First Alert Combination Explosive Gas and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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Check Price 9.3
Carbon Monoxide Detector
Sunnec Carbon Monoxide Alarm w/ Voice Warning

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Check Price 9.0

Kidde Nighthawk AC Plug-in Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Protect your family from the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO) exposure with the Kidde KN-COPP-3 Nighthawk Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Battery Backup and Digital Display. The Nighthawk is an easy-to-install unit that provides reliable protection against the dangers of CO.

The digital readout of the Kidde Plug-In Digital Carbon Monoxide Alarm with 9-Volt Backup continuously displays carbon monoxide levels from 30 to 999 parts per million (PPM) and will sound an 85 dB alarm when dangerous levels are reached. The carbon monoxide level sensed is continuously displayed and updated every 15 seconds, and the peak level memory shows the highest level of carbon monoxide present since the last time the unit was reset or unplugged. Protection continues during power outages thanks to a 9-volt battery backup.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

  • Peak Level Button – Displays the peak CO level recorded by the alarm since it was last reset or unplugged
  • Test Button Functions – Tests the unit for proper operation and resets the Carbon Monoxide alarm
  • LED Operation – Blinking dot in lower right corner of display denotes normal operation
  • Ten years after the initial power up, this alarm will “beep” two times every 30 seconds to indicate that it is time to replace the alarm.
  • NOTE: This CO alarm is not battery operated. However, these alarms are equipped with 9 volt battery backup – the 9 volt battery is to supply short term back-up during a power outage.

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Technical Details
Part Number:900-0076
Item Weight:1.05 pounds
Product Dimensions:6.1 x 3.8 x 1.8 inches
Item model number:KN-COPP-3
Batteries:2 AAA batteries required. (included)
Size:1 Pack
Style:Pack of 1
Power Source:corded-electric
Voltage:1 volts
Wattage:1 KW
Installation Method:1
Water Consumption:1 GPF
Type of Bulb:Compact fluorescent
Luminous Flux:1 lm
Handle/Lever Placement:1
Number of Handles:1
Cutting Diameter:1 centimeters
Display Style:LCD
Plug Profile:1
Included Components:Yes
Batteries Included?:Yes
Batteries Required?:Yes
Battery Cell Type:Alkaline
Description Pile:DURACELL 9V
Warranty Description:10 Year Limited

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Kidde Sealed Lithium Battery Power Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The Kidde C3010D is a 10-year, sealed battery, carbon monoxide alarm which includes a digital display feature and uses electro-chemical sensing technology to protect you and your family from the dangers of carbon monoxide. The C3010D alarm will automatically activate when it is attached to the mounting bracket. At the end of alarm life, the unit will chirp, indicating the alarm is in need of replacement. A screwdriver can be used to deactivate the unit, stopping the end-of-life chirp and making it safe for disposal. The inside cover of the mounting bracket features a quick reference guide for what to do in case of an alarm.

Best Carbon Monoxide Detector

  • LED Lights – Green for normal operation, Red for alarm, Amber for Error.
  • Digital Display – Displays the level of carbon monoxide the unit is sensing. The unit updates this reading every 15 seconds.
  • 10-Year Sealed-in Lithium Batteries -Unit will continue to operate for 10 years. Alerts user to replace unit after 10 years of operation.
  • Peak Level Memory – Displays the highest CO concentration measured since the last reset.
  • Test/Reset -Tests CO alarm circuit operation and allows you to immediately silence the alarm.


Product details
Product Dimensions:4.5 x 1.5 x 2.8 inches
Shipping Weight:8 ounces
Item model number:21010047
Batteries:2 AAA batteries required.

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Honeywell Ademco 5800CO Wireless CO Detector

The 5800CO is a 3V battery powered wireless carbon monoxide (CO) detector intended for use with Honeywell alarm systems that support 5800 Series wireless devices. It provides early warning when its electrochemical sensing technology measures carbon monoxide levels in the air. The 5800CO is specifically designed for system operation and is fully listed to UL 2075 as a system supervised detector.* It contains a piezoelectric horn which generates the ANSI S3.41 temporal 4 pattern in an alarm condition.

The detector consists of an electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor assembly coupled with a wireless transmitter. The transmitter can send alarm, trouble, end-of-life, tamper and low battery condition messages to the alarm panel. Since there are no holes to drill or wires to run, you can preserve the beauty of the home or building while protecting its occupants from harmful carbon monoxide gas. The 5800CO is an ideal carbon monoxide detector for difficult to wire locations, applications where room aesthetics are critical or where hazardous materials exist.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

  • Electrochemical Sensing Technology
  • Local Sounder
  • LED Status Indicators
  • End of Life Timer
  • Full Supervision

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Product Information
Package Dimensions:5.5 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches
Item Weight:11.2 ounces
Shipping Weight:11.2 ounces
Item model number:5800co
Batteries:1 CR123A batteries required.

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First Alert GCO1CN Combination Explosive Gas and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Carbon monoxide (CO) is the leading cause of accidental poisoning deaths in America, yet many people don’t know they are suffering from CO poisoning until its too late. Since symptoms of CO poisoning are like the flu, you might not even know you’re in danger at first. That’s why a carbon monoxide alarm is an excellent way to protect your family. It can detect the CO you can’t see, smell or taste in the air.

The First Alert GCO1CN Combination Explosive Gas and Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Backlit Digital Display offers reliable detection of three common household threats: methane, propane, and carbon monoxide. Built for easy operation, this detector plugs easily into any AC outlet with no additional mounting hardware needed. A backlit display allows you to review the CO detector’s readings, while a single button lets you test and mute the alarm with ease. The alarm can also be configured to work with almost any standard household remote control (not included), so you can remotely silence nuisance alarms with the push of a button.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

  • Versatile alarm detects presence of methane, propane, and carbon monoxide.
  • Electrochemical sensor accurately detects CO levels.
  • Plugs into any AC outlet for simple setup.
  • Backlit display provides clear readouts of current and peak levels.
  • Loud 85-decibel alarm can be heard easily.

Product Information
Part Number:GC01CN
Item Weight:10.4 ounces
Product Dimensions:7.2 x 4.2 x 9.1 inches
Item model number:GCO1CN
Batteries:1 9V batteries required.
Size:Pack of 1
Power Source:Corded-electric
Voltage:120 volts
Item Package Quantity:1
Batteries Included?:No
Batteries Required?:No
Battery Cell Type:Alkaline

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Sunnec Carbon Monoxide Alarm w/ Voice Warning

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is the leading cause of accidental poisoning deaths in America. However, there are still many people unaware that they are suffering from CO poisoning. Symptoms of CO poisoning are not noticeable, you might not even know you’re in danger until it’s too late. That’s why a carbon monoxide alarm is a good choice for you to protect your family. It can detect the CO you can’t see, smell or taste in the air. The Sunnec carbon monoxide detector can be placed anywhere, and it can continue monitoring for dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in your space.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

  • Sound and Light Alarm – The Carbon Monoxide Alarm features an electrochemical CO sensor to alert you to dangerous carbon monoxide. This personal carbon monoxide detector monitor CO levels in your home, office, or other space continuously. The loud 85-decibel alarm is designed to wake up even the sleepers.
  • CO Concentration Display – The Digital display shows the level of carbon monoxide sensed, you can monitor the concentration of CO by Sunnec carbon monoxide alarm at any time. It will offer you and your family a sense of security and a peace of mind.
  • Energy Saving – Operated by 3 x 1.5V AAA batteries without extra chargers, and you will receive a hint when the power is not sufficient.
  • Application – Sunnec carbon monoxide detector is suitable for any place where is possible to produce carbon monoxides, such as kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, hotel, or garage.
  • WHAT YOU GET – 1 Carbon Monoxide Detector, 24-Month Warranty. We will be glad t help you if you have any question.

Power:3 * 1.5AAA
Sensors:Electrochemical Carbon Monoxide Detector
Operating temperature:0-50 °
Operating Humidity:Relative Humidity 20-95% R.H.
Detection concentration:000-999PPM
Sensitive level:5PPM
Error:+/- 10%
Normal working concentration reading:000PPM
Alarm concentration reading:030-999PPM
Size:4.9*2.8*1.3in(125MM * 72MM * 35MM)
Power display:low battery alarm

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