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Do Any Pros Use Srixon Balls?


A few years back, many big companies used to rule the market. But these days, many golfers are becoming familiar with the brand that beats the performance of all the top brands, Srixon Golf. The Z star XV and Z star are noticeably some of the best golf balls available in the market to date, and Srixon was able to secure the best position in the same market. Players like Hideki Matsuyama, Keegan Bradley, and J.B. Holmes loves to play with Srixon balls. But why do they prefer Srixon? Let’s get to know about that.

Why choose Srixon Golf balls?

  1. Performance

    The Srixon Z-star ball is currently the longest ball available in the market. And it is a perfect choice for college players who have a high swing speed. It makes sure that you push the limits of distance and have fun at high enough swing speeds. For the people searching for more distance from the tee to outdrive their friends, this ball might provide them with the additional push they require.

  2. Price

    Several college players would like to save up and don’t have a lot of money to blow. So, Srixon can be the best pick for them as their price is affordable. Srixon is a golf ball that has a fair price which is worth every penny. And there are a few communities that receive discounts via the tournament players’ support program.

  3. Feel

    An essential factor in opting for a correct ball is ensuring that you have faith in its feel while it is in the garden and has enough distance performance with the help of Z-Star Spin Skin technology. As a result, many players claim that their confidence rises whenever they play with a Srixon golf ball.

  4. Quality

    All over, Srixon golf balls are golf balls of very high quality. Its re-made cover is more stretchable for more spin and comes to a halt whenever they are in the greens. In addition, it has a reformulated inside the core that increases the entire resiliency for a swift snap off the clubface. This means that the extreme distance of the diver will lead to the blinding speed of the golf ball. The Srixon Z-star XV and Z-star will assist in polishing your game.

  5. Tour Tested

    Several PGA Tour Professionals play with Srixon balls, and its performance is tested by very well-known players like J.B. Holmes, Shane Lowry, and Hideki Matsuyama. So, make sure that you try it as well.

So now that we know about the advantages of the Srixon Golf balls, there must be a question bubbling up in your mind about which golf ball is l, which kind of Srixon ball is used by the pros? So let’s check it out.

Which Srixon ball is the preferred pick for the pros?

The Z start is one of the preferred golf balls. A high service was offered enhanced for every great player. The urethane cover and triple-layer construction give low driver spin, tamable trajectory, and high approach spin even In the tall winds.

The other golf ball preferred by pros is the Srixon Z-Star XV, which is currently the longest ball available in the entire market. It is a perfect choice for college players who have high swing speeds. Make sure that you push your limits and have fun with enough greenside control along with the powerful ball ever launched by the Srixon Lineup.


The brand Srixon means a category of golf balls with a spectacular ball design and the premium cast iron offering trusted on tour. The Z-star and Z-star XV balls are a masterpiece, urethane cover golf balls that deliver the best distance and spin control.
Srixon will strive to continue the significant existence in the entire globe of professional golf after building and developing the most awesome golf equipment, which would help many professionals play their best.