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Do Home Security Systems Cause A False Sense Of Security Among Homeowners?


Houses that are empty during any time of the day are at high risk. Especially with working hours and school timings overlapping. Houses remain vacant during the better half of the day. Moreover, houses with nice covers or in the secluded area are on the radar of the thieves. Speaking of the breaking-in crime, the United States has witnessed a rising upward trend over the years.

Currently, the statistics account for more than 2 million burglaries each year. A desperate situation calls for desperate measures. The home security systems can act as preventive action against the possible break-in, which may put at risk your valuables or even near and dear ones.

In the United States, a new station asked around 86 burglars found to be guilty about how they committed the crimes. Most of the responses were that they entered houses through unlocked windows or doors.

Home security systems have developed over the years, and technological advancements have made it easier to keep an eye on your home from miles away. Such features have given the users, i.e., homeowners, some air to breathe; it does reassure them and helps them monitor the house whenever and wherever.

But, as these technological advancements have increased over time, the home security systems and system makers are relying more and more on the Internet and intercepted microchips. This dependence has given rise to a new threat, hackers. Hackers could shut the security system down and rob the place, and while many people are aware of it, many still aren’t.

Such people living under the veil are more vulnerable to such attacks because of the sense of security associated with installing such systems.

Though no system today is 100 percent safe, the chances of robbery happening in a house with a security system are very low. Even though it hasn’t guaranteed that your house will be safe, it does increase the chances of notifying and making sure the house is secure in case of any such irregularity. But it never hurts to be careful.

Are Home Security Systems worth your investment?

How much every brownie point they earn in terms of advancement in technology and the A grade protection it entails to the houses; it is worth noting that these demand a price. And the price is a little overbearing. The initial price of the setting up followed by the monthly fees may add up to be quite a lot. This is also why only 14% of the houses have security systems, even with the crimes on the rise.

Thus, it depends on whether your house requires an investment in the security system or not. If your house bears valuable things that you might not want to get stolen, home security is the best way to secure things.

  • Understand a Wireless vs. Hardwired Home Security System

    The security of your home is a number one priority for most families. Nobody wants to deal with the headache of a thief breaking in and wreaking havoc in your home. However, with our increasing dependence on technology, many homeowners have opted to go with wireless systems.

    A wireless home security system is a relatively new development in the world of home protection. While home security systems have been popular for years, they usually involve hardwiring the home. Many consumers are hesitant to make that kind of commitment when they first purchase a home.

    As a result, more manufacturers have been making wireless home security systems connected to your home via a wireless network. The obvious downside to this is that they are wireless, which means the system can be compromised if the right security code is entered into the system.

  • Will they deter crime, or do they give a false sense of security?

    The security systems do play a detrimental factor that decides the probability of choosing the houses to steal. Statistics do give a straight answer to the same. 90% of the burglars pointed out they would not target homes with security systems. This directly correlates to the data, showing that the security systems’ homes have lesser (less than three times) chances of being attacked.

    One of the reasons might be the possible threat of being recorded by the surveillance and the timely notification to the owners on breaking in. Another factor may be the alarm that will signal the neighbors of the imminent threat. If we consider the above mentioned, it is difficult for the thieves to find a way to come without a plan.

  • Burglar Alarms vs. Home Security Systems

    Burglar alarms are the most common type of home security system, but they aren’t the only option. If yours is not comfortable having a security system installed, or if you’re worried about false alarms scaring away your neighbors, then you might consider a residential home security system.

    These systems are a bit more expensive than burglar alarms, but they can be a good choice for those who want to give their homes a little more security. (Plus, you can feel a little safer knowing that if someone breaks in, your neighbors will call the police.)

  • Some burglary statistics in the states

    There are many home invasion incidences in different states of the US. Surprisingly, these episodes have also occurred in remote areas of the country. According to statistics generated by the FBI, it has been suggested that on average, every 30 seconds, a burglary takes place in the United States, that’s around 3000 burglaries each day.

    Even though such is the country’s state, only about 25% of Americans have opted for a home security system. The numbers will drastically reduce when a home security system is installed or upgraded.

    These burglaries can cost you hundreds of millions of dollars, and sometimes even your life. For instance, in the burglary in Redwood City, the burglar assaulted two victims and took away expensive watches, some cash, and other valuables. Not every thief is Arsene Lupin, and so your home security will work effectively to mitigate the crime.

    It has been reported by the local PD and by compilation of national data that, on average, the household loses 2,500 dollars in a home robbery. The valuables stored might not even be insured, and so it will cost you a fortune if you are already struggling with making ends meet.

  • Being a Parent increases Responsibility

    Being a parent comes with bundles of responsibility that unveils as time passes. It is the job of a parent to provide, protect, and raise their kids to be good members of society. It is not easy to multi-task with this, as providing for your family requires you to do a job. This job takes about 9 hours of your day and leaves your kids alone at home.

    Hence, your kids are vulnerable even if you hire a babysitter as it becomes difficult to trust an outsider. You cannot always rely on your neighbor, and those 9 hours will leave you restless. Hence, to avoid such a threat on your children, installing a home security system will allow you to monitor the babysitter, check live CCTV footage, and also regulate the safety locks in your house.

  • Preventing the impact of the crime

    It is your job to make the job of a thief difficult. Keeping your house vulnerable is like inviting thieve for dinner as your guest. When you add the top-of-the-class security system around the house and establish a perimeter, these criminals don’t even dare to enter your home. This way, you help the neighborhood reduce crime rates and avoid the thief committing a crime due to the difficulties you have created. Instead of losing your money to the thieves, invest it in security systems.

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Wrap up

Since the security of your homes is a sensitive topic, you must take care while choosing whom to entrust the service. Quick surfing through the possible technologies available and real-time reviews will help you zero on the best security system for your homes. Home Security systems.