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Do Softer Golf Balls Go Further?


There is a lot of technology that goes into a golf ball. Technology has kept on growing. Performance balls have become softer over the years, but a lot of technology has ensured that the golf balls have a lower compression and softer feel. All the major golf ball manufacturers like Taylormade and Srixon golf balls all have this philosophy when they make golf balls now.

Are the golf balls getting softer?

As you start to look at many golf ball reviews, you will notice that people focus on getting a softer feel from their golf balls. When people;e do blind testing, this is one attribute that many people lean towards. Manufacturers want a product that many people can use, so to do this, they try and make products that everyone would be interested in buying. They all make different performances, feels, and prices so that everyone has something that they can buy for themselves. Since so many people are interested in softball, these soft golf balls are increasing much more.

What has enabled tha golf balls to get softer?

The manufacturing process changes over time, and the materials change over time. The new materials have led the manufacturers to make the golf balls’ core softer. Because of new technology, even though these golf balls are soft, they do not lose as much energy as the older generation of golf balls. The golf balls can be constructed with softer cores as the multilayered package with new technology. All the golf balls are manufactured more consistently with technology, so they are all very good. This change is useful because, in the past, this was a big problem with golf balls.

Do the softer golf balls go further?

If you know which golf ball you prefer, that would be ideal because you would know which one suits you better. Softer balls go much further for players with slower swing speeds, but the gap is not that much, and it is only about 5 yards. So it is always best if you get the best ball for you to get the maximum distance out of it at all times.

What is the meaning of golf ball compression?

All golf balls are generally categorized in compression. This means how much a golf ball defers when under a load. A lower compression number refers to a softer golf ball. No number defines the exact softness of a ball, but instead, it is a general area where the ball is considered soft or hard. Different manufacturers have many different ways in which they define compression.

Generally, the relativity scale is used, which is a scale that was made in 1920, and even though this scale is used till today, the load that is applied to a ball changes, and because of this, the softness of a ball is not the same in all the cases. The other thing to know is that the compression is for the general golf ball, and it does not refer to the individual golf ball parts. For example, a softball core with a hardcover is the same as a hardcore with a softcover. Although there is a small similarity, the ball will behave differently because they are constructed.

How can you decide if a ball is soft?

Anyone can tell you what a soft golf ball means to them, but that would be different from what a soft golf ball people to a person. Everyone might have their own opinion on what soft and hard golf balls are. When manufacturers ask players to test out their golf balls, they have noticed that all the players have different opinions on what a soft golf ball is, and they all describe it in a very different way from each other.

Some players need to take a hard shot to feel if a ball is soft, while other players might want to hit putts and chips to determine if a golf ball is soft or not. In a short game, the feeling of a softball comes from the outer cover of the golf ball, but in the situations where the ball is hit hard, the feeling of softness is because of the core and a more firm cover. This can show us that people feel that a golf ball can become very individualistic, and it cannot be up to other people.

What are the characteristics of a soft golf ball?

It is usually known that a softer golf ball spins a lot less than a more firm golf ball so that the softballs can travel further without experiencing any sideways or backward spin. However, this spinning less also means lesser control, and since the balls are harder to control, it feels much softer. Softer golf balls are recommended to beginners because they have slower swing speeds, and these people might not have good control over the golf ball, so since it does not spin much, there isn’t a big chance of someone hitting the ball in the wrong place.

Do people with faster swing speeds suffer from softcore balls?

People with faster swing speeds would perform much better if they had golf balls with faster swing speeds. This is because the golf balls that are softer and have a softer core experience a loss of energy when they are hit hard because they deform. Therefore, a harder ball would be much better for someone with a hard strike speed.


The best golf balls are all made very well, and you could either get them in softer pr harder models. Although professionals prefer harder models, softer models are used a lot because you can get a great distance out of them even if you do not have a fast swing speed. You can use some of the best-forged irons for this, and your golf ball construction is still very important to the golf ball distance.