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5 Essential And 5 Free: Effective Ways To Keep Your Home Safe


Home is a place where we feel safe and secure with our family. It is a place which we want to be free from any type of harm or miss-happening. But with the rising crime in the society, locality and city as a whole, we are more and more worried about the safety of our house and surroundings. We want our house to be protected always, even when we are out for work or holiday. As the whole family lives in a house the safety of its occupants becomes the numero uno priority for everyone.

Crimes and criminals are not some characters from a fairy tale, they are very much real and all around us. Home accidents, fire and carbon monoxide poisoning happen every year in great numbers in US. Estimated 21000 people die due injuries caused by accidents at home. More than 500 people die due to CO poisoning each year in US. Approximately 1 in 36 homes is burglarized each year in America. So as much as everyone wants to keep their home safe, it is not an auto mode task. We have to work towards making our houses and neighborhoods safe and secure. So we are putting forward 10 effective steps to keep our home safe and secure:

  • 1. Install high Quality security cameras:

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    With the increasing crime in burglary, theft and break-in it is really a smart move to put homes security cameras all around your house. The presence of cameras not only discourages the criminals but also gives you great evidence when any theft or burglary does happen. No criminal wants to be captured in a camera, so thieves and criminals usually avoid houses that are fitted with home security cameras.

  • 2. Carbon Monoxide detector is a must:

    Carbon Monoxide Detector
    Each year more than 500 US lives are lost to this silent serial killer. The thing that makes this killer the most dangerous is the fact that, CO gas is odorless, tasteless and colorless. People don’t know when the house is poisoned by CO. Installation of carbon monoxide detector keeps us and our loved ones safe form this sure death.

  • 3. Every House must have a fire and smoke alarm:

    Home Alarm Systems
    Most of the accidents which harm the house and its occupants are related to fire or fire related casualties. If a house is fitted with a smoke alarm or a fire alarm, the alarm intimates the owner the instant the fire breaks, which prevents the escalation and further damage to the property.

  • 4. Always keep a fire extinguisher at home:

    Best Fire Extinguisher For Home
    The fire alarm alarms you of the fire, but to extinguish a fire you need a fire extinguisher at home. Fire spread in electrical equipment and inflammable liquids present at home cannot be extinguished with water, here the fire extinguisher comes handy. A good quality fire extinguisher stops the fire there and then and makes the house secure.

  • 5. Every house must have Motion sensor alarms:

    Home Alarm Systems
    Motion sensing alarm systems alert the house owner whenever any unauthorized motion is detected on your property. This makes you alert and call 911 or authorities to avoid the crime and catch the burglars.

  • Free Effective ways:
  • 6. Avoid posting holiday pics on social media:

    Home Security Systems
    Whenever we post pics of our holidays on social media, the criminals get to know that your house is unprotected and empty they find it an easy option to steal your house, without any worries of being caught. Your house becomes a very easy target for the thieves and burglars, so avoid posting your holiday pics on social media. You can post them all after you come back from the vacation with no worries and tension.

  • 7. Keep your landscape clean and trimmed:

    Carbon Monoxide Detector
    A house with shrubbery and large hedges provide and ideal place for the thieves to hide and lurk. Your windows should also be void of these bushes and shrubs. Keep your landscaping clean and trimmed so that no burglar can hide behind them, avoiding your sight.

  • 8. Never display the empty boxes of your priced electronics:

    Best Nanny Cams
    The display of an empty box of a newly purchased I phone or a flat screen TV are a great source of information to the thieves. This display tempts the criminals and makes you their potential target. Always recycle or dispose the empty boxes.

  • 9. Socialize with your neighbors:

    Best Pet Cameras
    Your neighbors can be your personal surveillance when you are out on vacation or work. They can be a great thief and burglar repellents if you have healthy social relationship with them. Ask them politely to watch over your house when away, an attentive neighbor would always apprehend anyone suspiciously lurking around your house and also alert you.

  • 10. Cancel your subscription to newspaper and hold your mails:

    Wireless Security Cameras
    When you go out on a holiday or have to leave your house for few days, please ask your newspaper vendor to cancel the subscription till you are back. A pile of unread newspaper at your doorsteps or lawn is an indication of an empty house. An unclaimed post mail has similar effect and thieves and burglars identify these houses and rob them.

So these are some must do options and some smart options through which you can make your home safe and secure. As the saying goes prevention is better than the cure, so it is our smart and swift actions that make all the difference in being safe from any financial or physical harm. So be smart and be secure, because safety is everything.

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