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Fishing- It’s America’s Favourite Pastime And Cultural Heritage


“Fishing is much more than a fish to Americans. It is the great occasion when they get a chance to return to the fine simplicity of their forefathers.”

Fishing has been in American culture long before the United States has ever formed. No doubt at that time people did not have the best fishing rods and the best fishing lures, still fishing helped a lot in survival. It has also helped in the advancement of America’s economy by providing millions of jobs throughout history. Without this adventurous sport, America would be a whole different place. Over 33 billion in America participate in this enthusiast escape every year, from president and celebrities to natives of every age group is involved in this activity. Let’s explore how fishing has influenced Americans’ history.

Many American President Were Involved In This Fascinating Sport

Fishing has a great influence on many US presidents, from the very beginning many have been fishermen. George Washington was the first to set the fashion statement of presidential angling. He loved being outdoors and used to enjoy the water, especially in Potomac River near his Mt. Vernon estate. He used to own commercial fishing business. General Washington escaped the monotony and frustration of the Continental Convection by fishing. After him presidents like, Grover Cleveland, Herbert Hoover, Dwight Eisenhower, and Jimmy Carter have been known for being big fans of the best fishing reels and rods.

Changing The Name Of Cape Cod

Cape Cod in the peninsula of Massachusetts, USA used to known by the name Cape Saint James before it was discovered by Bartholomew Gosnold in 1603. Bartholomew was an English explorer who visited the Cape Cod shores and was impressed by the sheer amount of Codfish available in the surrounding water. He took abroad a great amount of Codfish with himself this incident gave it the name we know today. Cape Cod remains one of the most popular commercial and recreational fishing destinations around the world. This tradition has lasted for centuries, people still enjoy fishing on boats equipped with best trolling motors in the water around the Cape Cod.

Fishing Role In Colonial New England’s Economy

Without our vigorously growing fishing industry, the colonies in states like Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Delaware would have been different. No doubt there are other industries also, in these areas but fishing was an essential part of the economy of these areas throughout history.

Fishing Sustained Early Americans

The commercial fishing industry has a large part in the northern economy, while people in the north are largely involved in agriculture, but still fish was a large part of their diet. The European and Native American people all across the continent fed themselves with the availability of salt and freshwater fish, in the early days.

Why Americans Still Love Fishing

Its 21st century and American’s love for fishing is still immense. In the USA people spend around $48 billion annually on fishing equipment and licenses. After all these facts and history, the questions arise – why do millions of Americans spend so much on this sport? What is so fascinating about fishing? Here are some legit reasons why do Americans are still so in love with this fascinating sport.

1. Gives Relief From Stress: –

We live in a country where 80% of the citizen are struggling with stress and only 37% of them can manage it. In such busy stressed life fishing gives an American chance of enthusiast escape from cubical life to life in the open air and some enjoyment in the water. It allows us to spend a day out in fresh air without the best air purifier. Interaction with nature and casting for trout in high mountain streams or ponds can help us to get relief from our highly stressful and hectic schedules.

2. Improves Family Bonding: –

As mentioned above, it is the great occasion when they get a chance to return to the fine simplicity of their forefathers. Fishing is part of the Native American culture before the formation of the USA. It is that kind of recreational activity that can be enjoyed by any age group. It helps a lot in strengthening the family bond, the sense of love and care between family member and friends.

3. Has Tremendous Health Benefits: –

Reaching a fascinating fishing site requires some biking or hiking, so pack your best trekking equipment’s to have a good amount of cardiovascular workout. Fishing not only gives us some cardiovascular exercise but also plays a crucial role in building our self-esteem. Fishing gives our mind and body positivity and helps us in mastering outdoor skills.

4. Have Great Role In Boosting Economy: –

Anglers support around 828,000 jobs in our country which generates $35 billion of salaries and wages. By paying the excise sales and taxes on fishing equipment like best fishing lures, best fishing rods, and best trolling motors. Gov. gets billions of dollars as a form of tax revenue collected by anglers. Averagely an angler spends about $1,441 annually on fishing. All this creates an economic multiplier effect and accelerator effect and results with a $115 billion impact on the national economy. This enthusiastic sport gives a great boom to America’s economy and hence an important part of it, through many centuries.


Fishing provides a connection with ourselves as Americans. It gives us the opportunity of being totally immersed and turning back into our culture and self in a good way by building our self-esteem. It is a form of meditation, or we can say some form of communion with levels of our self that are deeper into us. Fishing gives us a chance to spend some quality time with our family and friends in our busy lifestyle. So, grab your starter kit and explore the water close to your house. Happy fishing.

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