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Fishing Rod Winter Storage Tips


Are you one of those people who dump their fishing rods in the corner of their house? If you are doing this, then you are wrong. For fishing rod high performance and to avoid its breakage, it is required that you store your fishing rod in proper space for keeping your rod safe when you are not using it.

Some anglers think they need to take care of every fishing gear except the fishing rod, But they are wrong. Care and maintenance are very important if they want to use their fishing rod for several years. During winter, when the usage of fishing rods is going down, there is a need to store them properly until summer comes. Before storing a fishing rod in winter, one thing to keep in your mind is to clean it properly. This article will shed light on the maintenance and storage of fishing rods in winter.

Maintenance And Take Care Of Fishing Rod

  1. Clean The Guides:

    Guides are metal rings that clutch the line to the rod. Guides are one of the parts of fishing rods that get used a lot and abused also. With time the stuff like grass, minerals, vegetation in rivers or lakes which is stuck or built up in it damages your fishing rod lines. So it is required to clean the guides properly if you want to use them for long. Use a dawn dish soap to rub the guides from inside and outside until it is clean properly. And then clean it with water and wipe it out.

  2. Clean The Reel Mounting And Handling Hardware:

    Cleaning the reel and handles helps make your rod last longer and make it efficient to handle. For cleaning them, use a wash towel and rubbing alcohol. Firstly soak the towel in rubbing alcohol and rub it on hardware parts. By cleaning this with alcohol, you will get a neat and clean rod and reel, and you can handle the rod without sticking to your hands.

  3. Clean With Cloth, Lukewarm Water, And Mild Detergent:

    After every fishing use to clean your fishing rod properly with lukewarm water and mild detergent or vinegar. Firstly rub the detergent on the soiled rod and then wash it with water and dry it out with a washcloth. Especially take care of your rod if you go fishing in salty water because there is a high chance of corrosion.

Tips For Storage Of Fishing Rod In Winter

  1. Store In Rod Sleeves:

    During winter, when you will not use your fishing rods, store them in rod sleeves. Rod sleeves protect rods and keep them away from getting tangled with each other. Store your rods vertically, and it will keep your rods straight. So decide to put the rod sleeves at that place where they are not going to bend and stick straight.

  2. Not Store In A Car Or Truck:

    One thing always remember is never to store your fishing rods in hot places like cars and trucks because the heat in the car or truck may weaken your rods. And also, do not put rods in hard places like in truck or boat gunnel where they bounce up and down at the same spot. If you do this, it may break or weaken the blank because of pressure.

  3. Use A Rod Rack Mounted Horizontally Or Vertically:

    Storing the fishing rod improperly may curvature or damage it. So store it in a proper rod rack and if you don’t have a rod rack, then store it on a nail or hanger in a closet. And make sure that you will store your rod in that place from where it is away from dirt, salt, and other substances which harm your rod.

  4. Not Store In Rod Tube:

    Avoid storing your fishing rod in a rod tube because rod tubes trap moisture in it. And maybe moisture will corrode the rod’s guide rings, reel, or reel seat. So while storing your fishing rod in winter, do not store it in tubes.

  5. Rod Holder:

    You can also use a horizontal 6-rod holder to store your fishing rod in winter. You can mount rod holders with rods to the walls or ceiling of the RV basement area to prevent or save them from getting damaged on the floor by any equipment or tools. You can also mount the rod holder to the wall inside the RV. in the market; a vertical rod holder is also available so you can choose the rod holder according to your storage area.

  6. Cleaning:

    Before storing, cleaning the fishing rod is very important if you want to use it another spring as it is that you used it this spring. First, wash your rod with mild detergent and lukewarm water. And dry it out with a washcloth or towel. To keep in your mind: never store wet rods; always give time to dry them out properly after cleaning or washing.

  7. Decide Storage Space:

    Before purchasing storage tools for fishing rods, first, decide where you will put your fishing rod for the whole winter. Always choose the dry place, not moisture. Because if there is moisture, it may corrode the guide, reel, and rods during winters.

  8. Try To Make Your Ceiling-Mounted Or Wall-Mounted Wood Holder:

    We recommend you save your money on rod holders or racks; make your ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted wooden holder with DIY solutions. This holder not only gives a place to store fishing rods, but you also use it to hand fire pokers, brooms, Weiner- roasting sticks, etc. While preparing wooden holders, one thing to remember is to use eye hooks at the ends of the woods so that you can use a bungee cord for strapping your fishing rods in place.

  9. Extra Tips:

    Remember to lose the drag before storing your rods and reels so that they do not break down or pull on the rod. And also, remove the fishing line from your fishing rods before storing it if you are in last fishing in saltwater.


Fishing rods are the critical equipment of fishing. For using the fishing rods for several years, it is needed that people can take care of the rods properly and clean it regularly. If they do not do that, the rods will rust very soon. Furthermore, in winters, fishing rods are not going to be in use, so it is required that you store it correctly so that when you use it next spring, it looks the same as you used in this season.

In this article above, we mentioned some tips that help you to store your fishing rods properly. For storing fishing rods, we recommend you to buy tools of storage like rod holder or rod rack from the reviewscast.com website at affordable prices; you can also purchase fishing rods from here.