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Golf Irons Reviews


This is the best golf iron reviews we have done for you. We have researched, identified, selected and tested the best golf irons and used the best golf balls to test these. After much research, practical tests and expert suggestions we have made the list of the best golf irons just for you. So that you can have the best game and best results.

The 5 Best Golf Irons Reviews For 2020

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Golf Irons ReviewsTaylormade GAPR LO Golf Iron

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Best Golf Irons 2019MAZEL Individual Iron Set

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Golf Irons ReviewsCallaway Golf Steelhead XR Irons Set

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Best Golf Irons 2019TaylorMade IRS-M2 17 4-P R Golf Iron Set

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Golf Irons ReviewsCleveland Golf Men’s Launcher CBX Iron Set

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Taylormade GAPR LO Golf Iron

Golf is a game which depends on the player’s mind and character more than the physical strength; it is a game of the mind, body, and character combined. People playing golf know how the game needs, planning, strategy, detailed study of the ground, weather condition and most importantly the equipment with what he would he playing, and one of the most important accessories of the game is the selection of the correct iron for the shot.

Golf Irons Reviews
TaylorMade Men’s GAPR Lo Hybrid Overview –

  • The TaylorMade GAPR seeks to fill the distance gap between the longest iron and shortest fairway wood golfers are comfortable hitting.
  • GAPR Lo looks like a players iron with excellent flighting and workability along with a mid-thin sole for versatility and flight control.
  • A low-forward center of gravity offers extreme distance with a penetrating trajectory.
  • SpeedFoam is injected into the club head, filling the cavity and allowing for a thinner, faster club face with excellent sound and feel.
  • An adjustable loft sleeve features 1.5A of adjustment, letting you create your desired shot and perfectly fill that gap in your golf bag.
  • The Lo model features the lowest trajectory with performance most like a driving iron, ideal for golfers with high swing speeds.

  • Excellent feel.
  • Great distance.

  • None to mention.

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MAZEL Individual Iron #7, Graphite Shaft, Middle Flex(SR)

Golf is a game of the kings and indeed it is truly best explained by the words said by Walter Hagen, legendary golfer  “You don’t have the game you played last year or last week. You only have today’s game. It may be far from your best, but that’s all you’ve got. Harden your heart and make the best of it.” Such is the spirit of this game, so when you buy MAZEL Individual Iron #7 Shaft, Middle Flex(SR), you are only following the deep-rooted code of the game  that only the best to be chosen, because MAZEL individual iron #7 customized as standard single length Irons shaft 37.5″,designed for constant Trajectory and distance, providing a more comfortable Feel for every practice.

This golf iron is for your practice, if you like it, please try our Single Length Irons Set of, which will offer you simple and amazing experience. It has a Casting One-Piece, More Precise and Polished Surface. With a Stronger Groove Structure, Deliver the Large Sweet Spot, it Could Hit Ball Higher and Explosive Distance. Cavity Back Design Features Provided Extra Multiple Function—Good Shot Control, Good Sound When Hitting Ball along with a Lower and Further Back Center of Gravity, Easy for You to Get the Ball Fly Higher and Straighter. High-Performance Rubber Grip Easy to Hold and Super Quality Stainless Steel also helps eliminate the Unwanted Vibration for Creating a Stable & Consistent Feel.  The brief description of the product is as follows:

Best Golf Irons 2019

  • 431 Stainless Steel Irons Head Feature a Combination of Large Sweet Spot for Improved Accuracy.
  • Easy to Launch with a Low Center of Gravity, Great for You to Get a Ball Fly Higher.
  • #7 Iron is Generally the “Sweet Spot” for Most Players, That’s Why We Sell Separately. Also 37.5 Inches Graphite Shaft Length Provide a Great Swing Weight.
  • High-Performance Rubber Grip Offers Good Hand Feels to Hold, Anti-slip & Shock Absorption.
  • More Forgiving: the Soles are Wider to Give You More Forgiveness.

  • Gets great distance.
  • Perfect grip and swing.
  • Accurate.

  • Heavy.

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Callaway Golf Steelhead XR Irons Set, Set of 8 Clubs

Golf is a very sensitive sport and is played by the feel, sometimes we plan, study and execute and the results are bad and sometimes, we take on the gut feeling and hunch and success comes, so it is a lot to do to the experience and feel of the game. The same feel is needed when purchasing a good iron for the game, as it is a very important aspect which can make or break the game.

So when the selection is Callaway Ladies Steelhead XR Combo Irons, Steel Shaft, Regular Flex, you can be sure that it is the right choice, as, The Steelhead XR Irons are a perfect example where legendary shape meets spectacular performance with Callaway’s  market-leading, generation Z’s 360 Face Cup. They deliver the finest combination globe of memento, forgiveness, distance, and command in a Callaway iron.

Callaway Ladies Steelhead XR Combo IronsThe Best Of Callaway’s Steelhead XR Golf Clubs In One SetThe Callaway Steelhead XR combo irons feature a mix of the latest irons and hybrid golf clubs with the signature Steelhead shape and breakthrough performance. By replacing the harder to hit long irons with easy to hit, easy to launch hybrids you get more distance, more control and even more forgiveness. That distance and easy launch continues through the irons with each club optimized for prime performance.

The Callaway Steelhead XR combo irons can help your performance all over the golf course with hybrids and traditional irons. The brief description of the product is as follows:

Golf Irons Reviews

  • Combo iron set replaces more difficult to hit long irons with playable hybrids designed for easy launch, improved distance and great forgiveness.
  • Callaway’s next generation 360 Face Cup Technology increases ball speed with more efficient performance on pure strikes and mis-hits for maximum distance in every shot.
  • Added weight to lower the center of gravity for increased ball speed on low hits and higher launch.
  • Absorbs unwanted vibration for improved feel.
  • Hollow Bore-Thru hosel saves weight that’s strategically placed in the head for easier launch and greater forgiveness.
  • Strategically placed CG in every iron optimizes performance throughout the entire set.
  • Easy launch with long carry from long irons.
  • Easy launch with greater control in the middle irons.
  • Lower launch and higher spin with the short irons.

  • Great distance.
  • Great flight.
  • Lower hit and higher launch.

  • Too light.

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TaylorMade IRS-M2 17 4-P R Golf Iron Set, Left Hand

TaylorMade Men’s 2017 M2 IronsSleek New Package, Same Explosive Distance And LaunchTaylorMade hit a homerun with its original M2 irons and is back with an enhanced model in 2017 thataTMs offering the same impressive distance and launch along with more forgiveness and a sleeker overall package. The new M2 irons feature a thinner topline and shallower blade height that combine to create a more compact look, and Face Slots have been added to the design to help preserve ball speed on shots that are struck from the heel or toe.

Also helping to protect ball speed is a redesigned Speed Pocket that has a thinner wall, which improves performance on shots struck low on the face while also creating higher launch conditions. Additionally, a lighter fluted hosel has been used in the design that saves weight and enables an even lower, deeper CG, and a new bend slot has been incorporated in the hosel design to give players more ability to adjust loft and lie to fit their needs. The brief description of the product is as under:

Best Golf Irons 2019

  • Max-cor and low CG – moving discretionary weight lower in the head via the new 180-degree fluted hosel and ultra-thin top line provides higher launch and incredible distance.
  • Face slot technology – engineered into M2 irons, face slots provide added forgiveness on shots struck toward the heel or toe. Complemented by speed pocket technology.
  • Compact shaping – M2 features a smaller overall head design compared to other distance irons. Reduced Offset, thin topline, and shorter blade length provides a confidence-inducing look at address.
  • Improved workability – the leading edges of M2 irons have been meticulously designed for proper turf interaction.
  • MULTI-MATERIAL with high-density tungsten – the M2 irons feature tungsten weighting in the 3-7 irons, which lowers the CG to increase launch and improve ball speed.

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Cleveland Golf 2018 Men’s Launcher CBX Iron Set

Cleveland Men’s Launcher CBX IronsHigh Launch, Max Distance, Enhanced Accuracy Cleveland is back in the golf club market with new irons for the first time in a few years, and its new Launcher CBX irons are giving golfers an impressive combination of distance, high launch, and control. A classic cavity back design, the Launcher CBX irons utilize Cup Face technology to increase ball speed, while their cavity design features perimeter weighting that helps protect ball speed on off-center strikes.

Additionally, progressive shaping through the set optimizes performance with each club, as low-profile longer irons with thicker toplines promote distance and higher launch conditions while more compact short irons with thinner toplines encourage control on scoring shots. WhataTMs most unique about the Launcher CBX irons, however, is that Cleveland has utilized some of its most popular and successful wedge technology in the design to promote enhanced control.

Of particular note, Tour Zip Grooves and Laser Milling combine to provide improved distance control from all lie conditions, while Feel Balancing Technology helps move the CG closer to the center of the clubface for tighter shot dispersion and improved impact sound and feel. And finally, the Dual V-sole design of the Launcher CBX irons gives players forgiveness, versatility, and exceptional turf interaction.

Golf Irons Reviews

  • Stock Shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold 98 steel, Miyazaki C Kua graphite.
  • Shaft Flexes: Senior, Regular, Stiff.
  • Stock Grip: Cleveland Blue Cap by Lamkin.
  • Cup Face design creates faster ball speeds for improved distance.
  • Laser Milling and Tour Zip Grooves provide exceptional distance and spin control.
  • The Dual V-Sole promotes a combination of forgiveness, versatility, and enhanced turf interaction.

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