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Having A Trolling Motor On Boat


Trolling motors are surely a fit for your boat and have their benefits that will benefit you too for your fishing purposes. Here’s how to choose a trolling motor for your boat.

Are you out there and having a difficult time navigating your boat while fishing and not disturbing the fishes? Then a trolling motor would be a perfect fit for your ship to make your fishing experience memorable without any difficulties in managing the boat. Many times, the loud sound of the boat’s engine makes it difficult to catch fishes. Trolling motors come in different varieties such as – battery-powered and controlled via hand, foot pedal, or remote control and can choose as per the user’s requirement.

Trolling motors permit people to fish in different places peacefully, without making much noise. The boat can be put in a single location while fishing, against current or wind, with the help of trolling motors, without using anchors. The trolling motors can also in use to explore the shallow areas where it would be challenging to go with an outboard engine. Advances and new technologies have allowed in the production of better quality motors.

Nowadays, trolling motors containing solar transducer and temperature sensors, or with fish finders or even the ones that can stay in one place with the help of GPS. Trolling motors can in use in all kinds of boats, such as a flatboat, pontoon boats, kayaks, bay boats, bass boats, and many more.

Mount Types

There are three different types of trolling motors based on their mounting-

  1. Bow mounts –

    Bow mount trolling motors are one of the most popular ones. These are of use in medium to large boats. These are mostly used by those who go for serious fishing. They provide fantastic control over the ship, and this feature is one of the significant benefits. Pulling something from the front is always pretty easier than pushing. Bow mounts work on the theory of removing from the front that makes navigating the boat more comfortable. Bow mount motors offer preciseness and navigation the best.

    Bow mount trolling motors

    Moreover, they provide the user with a broader range of control options like the hand, foot, and wireless remote. This motor also provides users with a large variety of features. But they are costly and are very difficult to install and also take up more deck space. A flat deck is vital for installing a bow mount the motor in front of the boat. But it should be made sure that bow mount motor is compatible with your boat. It requires a plate to drill in the bow of the ship.

  2. Transom mounts –

    Transom mounts are often used with a smaller boat. They are even simpler to be installed in smaller boats and are also easily put on the boat’s stern with a simple clamp. These are easier to use from the back of the ship and keep the deck free from foot pedals and wires.

    These motors choose by people who own smaller boats like canoes. They are more affordable and have a more straightforward design, easy to use, and guarantee a hassle-free experience. But these motors don’t provide that particular control, which is obtained from the bow mount motors and also have a fewer range of options.

    What is a trolling motor used for

  3. Engine mount motors –

    As the name symbolizes, these are the ones that mount on the cavitation plate of the outboard motor. Engine mount motors provide the power, and the boat is navigated by using the outboard motor, either by the wheel or by hand. A wired remote is of use to regulate the thrust settings and motor direction. It is more beneficial on boats that do not have enough room for typical trolling motors and are also the right choice for multi-purpose ships.

    When the engine is switch off, the motor remains submerged in the water. It comes out of the water when the boat is at speed, and the engine is switch on. But there is a lot of difficulties when it comes to controlling the motor. Moreover, they do not provide more features and are also not pocket friendly.

  4. Engine mount trolling motor

Choosing The Right Trolling Motor

There are many options for trolling available motors, and you have to find the right one that suits you and your fishing needs –

  1. That thrust is essential to move through the water

    Trolling motors require battery power to propel the boat forward. Pounds of propulsion is the unit for the amount of strength of the energy required. It governs all the motors of the market. It is a significant factor while selecting the right trolling motor for your boat. Your boat will never be able to work against those high-speed winds or heavy currents with the battery’s insufficient power. There are many factors you need to look at while choosing the battery for desirable performance.

    The length and weight of your boat, the amount of gear you take in, or how many people you make with yourself while fishing and even the weather conditions in which you fish all matter a lot and help you choose the right battery. Selecting a more powerful thrust if your gear, boat, and the passengers are heavy is the best option. Many professionals would even suggest you buy the most significant motor that you can afford and suit your boat. Make sure that you weigh all your options and make the decision wisely.

  2. Motor voltage and batteries

    There are three separate power systems that electric motors come in – 12, 24, and 36 volts. The 12-volt trolling engine requires one deep cycle marine battery while the 24- volt model requires two, and the 36-volt version requires three motors. The 12-volt motor is the cheapest and the easiest to run. However, it should only choose if your boat is 16 feet or less in length as it would be adequate for your requirements.

    However, it lacks the staying power and the thrust that the other motors provide. If your boat is more than 16 feet, then choosing the 24 or the 36-volt version would be the best option as it allows you to fish in the water for more extended periods.

    Moreover, they draw lower amps with an increased thrust with a higher power. It also provides a problem-free experience when you are out there for fishing. Buying a high-quality battery will give you maximum strength and longevity. You wouldn’t land up in the middle of the lake looking after an overheated or blown outboard motor that is not ready to work. Be sure to make the decision wisely so that you don’t have to bear the lousy product’s tantrums.

  3. What trolling motor to choose?

    There are different kinds of trolling motors available, and each has its pros and cons. While the bow mount will require much space for installation, the transom motor can be easily clamped at the stern of the boat and work with any ship. While the bow mount motor will provide more steering and navigating ability with better control, the transom motor will offer fewer features.

    But whatever the case might be, having a trolling motor on boat is undoubtedly better than not having any. The type of engine you want and that matches your requirements, has to be chosen wisely.

  4. A hand or a foot-control trolling motor?

    When you decide to purchase a bow mount motor, the next question you will stagger at is if you want a hand or foot control trolling motor. Both of them have their merits and demerits. While the hand control option is only available in the bow mount type. Using a foot control will allow your hands to be free, which is essential for fishing, is easy to use and can be used anywhere on the boat.

    At the same time, it also clutters up the deck and reduces the real-time response. Using the hand’s option will keep your hands busy with real-time response and a clutter-free desk.

Technology is improving day by day, and it is our responsibility to update ourselves with the modern types of equipment as they would surely provide more benefits like the built-in battery gauge that is available in some trolling motor models. Similarly, some models also come with a digital display of speed and depths. Self-directional motors that ultimately gives your hands and legs freedom while fishing, are also available in the market.

Trolling motors can surely be very beneficial for your fishing. Reasonable control over the boat with a peaceful environment and fisheries in those inaccessible places is surely a bliss. Take your time to choose the trolling motor that best fits your and your boat’s requirements.