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Helpful Tips on Joining Work After Maternity Leave


Being a working mom of a one-year-old toddler, I can totally relate to your dreaded emotions during the last few days of the maternity leave, especially when you and your parents don’t live in the same town. You might be anxious right now of leaving your child with a nanny or at childcare around strangers.

Returning to the workplace is a big step that took place in every woman’s life even before they are ready, and it’s harder to accept. So, to turn this big transformation as a new normal you need some essential baby products like – breast pumps for mother, nanny cam, best baby stroller for your toddler and some research.

Tips To Ease The Return To Workplace After Maternity Leave

  • Come Up With A Starter plan of the morning: –

    Your morning routine going to the office will drastically change after becoming a mother. New important things will involve like – packing baby bag, setting directions for nanny or childcare workers, schlepping a breast pump or even baby. Try to have a smooth plan for the morning so, you and your baby don’t get exhausted. Don’t afraid to try different morning routines for chasing the ideal one. But make sure to have one checklist in your notes, it will make you feel more ease and will make sure that you don’t forget anything important for your child.

  • Make Sure Not Only You and Your Family –

    Are Ready For Your Joining: – Prepare yourself and also your family, before stepping into the working world again. It will be great if your parents live in the same town and are ready to take care of their grandchild while you are in the workplace. Make sure to leave your house early if their resident is far from yours and get the baby car seat installed in your car as soon as possible.

  • Selecting Nanny For Your Toddle: –

    Avoid appointing any stranger, make sure either the nanny belong to your family or is a family friend. You can also try some trustworthy nanny agency. If you decided to keep a nanny to take care of your child, make sure to get the best baby monitors or best nanny cams installed to keep eye on your child and nanny from the workplace. I’ll suggest you to also consider home security cameras. You can also find some best uses and needs of security cameras on – Home Security Cameras – “Why Are They Necessary for You and Your Family?

  • Find Childcare and Backup Childcare: –

    You can also send your child to childcare centers instead of having a personal nanny. I will be grateful if the childcare center near your office. Studies have shown that children from ages 6 months to 6 years have many benefits from the daycare center’s environment. They learn a lot from the quality structure and social lessons, especially interaction with other adults and social etiquette.

  • Have A Trial Run: –

    After deciding, all the above things make sure to have at least 2-3 trail days before the actual joining. Plan a trial run, set alarm, get up, get yours and baby bags ready, get ready with your child, drop them to childcare center or to their grandparents, and instruct the or childcare worker about your child’s needs and habits. Make sure to get habitual of breast pumping and make your child also familiar with it. These practice trails will definitely, help you to wash your guilt of leaving your child or not giving his or her time. As obviously you are doing this to make the baby and you’re future secure.

  • Reconnect With Your Workplace: –

    Before joining ease yourself from workplace culture, contact your colleagues ask them about the office environment. Talk to your boss and get your joining date scheduled. Do some advance work and get yourself updated before the actual joining day. This will make the transaction smoother.

  • Do Deep Dive Into Your Closet: –

    Don’t be shy it is natural to gain weight after giving birth, we all go through it. To avoid stepping into office doors with wardrobe malfunction on your first day after maternity leave, make sure to check your closet. Put the clothes that fit you and suitable for the workplace, at the front spot of the closet to make morning routine easier. Go shopping if you feel necessary for new outfits.

  • Take Your Child To Your Workplace –

    Once in a while: – Sometimes take your child to the workplace and show why work is also important to you. Let your co-workers know your reality, the joy of motherhood and also let your baby explore the new side of yours.

  • Spend Some Quality Time With Them: –

    No doubt, after having such hectic morning and office you will feel exhausted. But try to have some quality time with your little one this will definitely make you feel good. Take them out on evening walk on their best baby strollers. Have some playing time with them, these things will not only good for their growth but also will beneficial for your health.

  • Work From Home If Possible: –

    My boss allowed me to work from home for the 15 days after my maternity leave. So, it was easy for me to manage afterward by taking trails of the above tips. Try your best to convince your boss to allow work from home at least for a week, if possible. As, this will help you a lot to practice the morning routine, and also you will get reconnected to your workplace before the actual joining.


No doubt it will be a tough step to leaving your child the first time. There will some time come when you will feel that you’re not able to keep up with both motherhood and professional life. Seek some help from your mother, mother-in-law, and colleagues that have experience with this. This will surely help you to come up with new routines and ideas. Above, all a positive attitude and your family support will surely help you to this phase of life which undoubtedly very beautiful. So, cherish every moment.

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