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Home Security Tips For A Single Mother Living With Kids


It’s really a tough job for a single mom to handle all the responsibilities- home, kids, money and the list is endless. She has to be solely responsible for her safety as well as that of the kids. With the emergence of newer and innovative technologies, it has become a lot easier to keep our home safe without having to spend tons on expensive alarms and security companies.

Budget- friendly tips

Burglars usually see a single mom as a vulnerable person and target for their crime because she is the only elder in the house. But, each problem comes with a handy solution. Similarly, for single moms, there are loads of ways and security tips to be proactive with in order to stay safe and secure around the clock.

  • Home Security System:

    Home Security systems are a necessity these days, the importance of which can’t be overemphasized. Your residential locksmith will install a credible system in your house which will give you an alert whenever an unknown person breaks in and also scare the intruders. There are a variety of security systems available out there. You can choose among them depending upon your needs and budget.

    Wireless security systems are pocket- friendly where even a monthly fee is also not required to be paid. You should have home security cameras installed on every nook and corner of your house. Make best use of GPS trackers for kids. It will always keep you updated regarding the whereabouts of the children if you are not home. Motion sensors in the yard are also an effective tool to ensure your safety. They will come on, beeping and even the lights if someone hovers around your house late at night and will give you an alert.

  • Cautious on Social Media:

    Single moms have to be really careful while posting pictures and stories on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram. Don’t let anyone know where you are and with whom. Don’t post photos at a particular event. If burglars come to know that you are not home, they may rush to your home to rob you of your valuable possessions. Instead, you can post your pictures a few hours later, when the event is all over.

    Try not to portray your schedule, house address and other private information on social sites. Don’t let strangers know that you are a single mom staying alone in the house. You will have to be very careful with the content you post on your social media handles because most of the bad guys will stalk your social media accounts to gain as much information about you as they can.

  • Maintain good relations with our neighbors:

    First of all you should know who your neighbors are before seeking any kind of assistance. They should be trustworthy enough to take help from. If they are really good, they can be of great advantage to you by protecting you and your children. They can keep an eye on your house if you step out. They will always alert you in case of serious emergencies or if some intruders try to gain access to your home. They will make sure you enjoy peace of mind and feel safe and secure with them living nearby your house.

    If you have to go out for work or any other reason, you can ask your neighbors to babysit or can leave your child with them. However, make sure that people around you are the right ones and have no wrong intentions before giving your details to them or handling your child into their responsibility.

  • Get a friend- Dog:

    Dogs are said to be men best of friends. They are the most loyal and responsible creatures you can trust on. They will definitely help you in protecting your home by playing wonderful roles in safeguarding you as well as your kids. Being a single mom and the only elder member in the house, keeping a dog will give you the desired relaxation and a stress free life. You don’t always have to worry about some kind of a bad incident.

    You can sleep well, feeling safer and protected. The biggest advantage of keeping a dog is that most of the intruders are scared of dogs so they will not even dare to come nearby your house. Or even if they do, dogs have a strong sense of smell. As soon as someone unknown tries to enter, it will start barking and will even harm the other person if it senses danger. Dogs are so faithful to their owners that they go to any extent to protect them.

  • Doors and Windows:

    Make it a habit to always keep your doors and windows closed. Most of you must not be in a habit of locking the door that leads to the garage. Remember, you are simply inviting danger. Never ever be careless about this. Intruders can easily enter your house through unlocked doors and tamper with your property at night or when you are away. You can even automate your house to always check for the doors whenever you are away. A locked screen door can prove to be of great advantage.

    You can speak with the unfamiliar people through the locked screen. Instead of people just barging into your house and physically harming you, whenever someone knocks, look through the peephole, ask them their identity and when you become completely sure only then let them in. Keep the lights always on- both inside as well as outside, even at night. Burglars are always skeptical about invading well- lit houses.

  • Precaution and common sense:

    It is well said that precaution is always better than cure. Don’t wait for any mishappening to occur. Be prepared with a safety and security checklist, taking help from your friends, neighbors and other single moms. List all the essential precautions that you have to take to live safely and happily without having to worry about strangers and unfamiliar people harming you, your kids or the house. The list may include taking steps to secure your windows, doors- both front and back and a lot more.

    Taking appropriate precautions using a little bit of common sense will go a long way in keeping you away from potentially dangerous scenarios. Don’t let everyone enter your house. Attend the strangers at the doorstep itself, where others can see you. Ask them for their identity before letting them in. Whenever you are home, always make it a habit to keep the doors locked. A little bit of carelessness can put you in big dangers whereas a little bit of common sense can save you from them.

  • Make use of your phone:

    Learn to use your phone to the best possible advantage for your safety. There are many applications available which are especially designed to keep single moms safer. Always keep your phone charged. Install applications like GPS tracking and alarm alerts to keep yourself safe. Even your kids should have a phone with them so that they can contact you if they sense danger.

    Add shortcuts to call the police immediately. Siri, the human help incorporated in iPhones is the best thing ever. Just shout, “Siri, call the police” and within minutes you will get help at your doorstep.


Although it is very difficult for a single mom to raise kids safely as she has to perform duties of both the parents. But with so many technologies coming up, you can relieve yourself of the tension of keeping your house and family safe and secure. You just need to be smart and clever enough to extract its benefits. From the very beginning, teach your kids to take care of themselves and not to talk to strangers. Make them smart enough to handle situations like these