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How A Home Security System Can Increase The Value Of Your Home


People regularly wish to make improvements in their houses like floor plans, home offices and eat- in- kitchens. These kinds of investments come with a huge amount of investment, upon which there are chances that you may not get enough returns when you sell your house. On the other hand we have home monitoring systems, which do not require a substantial investment and will definitely yield returns in the form of increased value of your property, even if you are fortunate enough to never ever have to deal with a dangerous home intrusion.

A reliable home security system will also help you in keeping your family safe. If you are well aware that your house is not going to be your forever home, installation of a security system will boost the property value and assist you to grab that perfect sale.

Burglars and intruders are well aware of the signs of a fully monitored house and hence themselves calculate the diminished chances of a successful thievery as compared with unprotected homes.

Why home security?

All of us love our family, and cannot even think of putting a price on the safety of our home and the ménage. Almost everyone of you put efforts to protect all your valuables, assets and people you love with a reliable home monitoring system. When asked, the majority of homeowners think that the purpose of home security is to keep the family safe and not that it is going to increase your property value.

Home owners, especially young ones, consider a security system to be a key feature and not necessary one. According to them, there is nothing like ‘too safe’. But, the fact is, securing your home and the entire locality with home security systems is going to increase the value of your house.

The science behind security system and property value

Both new and seasoned home owners frequently ask if installing an alarm system will add to the value of their house. If yes, then how? Read on to find out! If your are planning to sell your house at present or sometime in future, you must be looking forward to get the absolute highest offer by increasing the value of your house. One of the ways is a reliance alarm system.

  • Buyers ready to pay more:

    With security systems gaining popularity in the present time and age, buyers are ready to pay more if the house is already installed with a security system as it saves their time and money. Just like a swimming pool, a deck or an updated kitchen increase the number of offers received and also the amount offered. Even the convenience of an already installed alarm system works in a similar manner. Most of the potential buyers are looking for a well furnished home, including an alarm system.

    So, all they will have to do is contact the security company. An alarm system comes with a monetary value that adds a significant amount to the market price of the property. On top of this, it also has a perceived value due to the benefits it has- the added safety, security and peace of mind. Buyers are likely to see the price of an alarm system along with its functionality to find out whether it justifies the cost of the house. Therefore, it can be concluded that home alarm systems can increase both the actual as well as perceived value of your house.

  • Discounts on Insurance:

    By installing an alarm system, you are statistically reducing the risk of experiencing damage from burglary, fires, floods and other such threats. Therefore, it’s installation results in a deduction in homeowner’s insurance premium. The insurance companies are willing to charge you less if there is a security system at work. The amount of discount entirely depends upon your insurance company and the policy you have purchased, but it can be 20% at the maximum.

    Smoke or carbon monoxide detectors as well as dead -bolt locks will surely let you have small amounts of discounts. All you have to do is just reach an agent and plan with him the ways to slash your bills. Although this kind of discount will not directly impact the market price of your house, if the potential buyers know of this discount, they may agree to pay more for your house than the one where there is no discount on homeowners insurance premium.

  • Thwart Disasters:

    Besides threats like burglary and nefarious people, the other biggest hazards you and your family may have to face are carbon monoxide poisoning, fires, floods and alike. Here comes the need for a carbon monoxide detector per floor and smoke detectors in every bedroom, outside each sleeping area and on each floor.

    In order to take your security one step ahead, integrate these detectors with the rest of the monitoring system. With this, your and the concerned authorities will get immediate alerts as and when there is some issue. Safety for your family should be on the top of your priority list. Now, whenever the potential buyers will explore your house, they will be delighted to see the lengths you have gone to for the safety and security of your family and now, also for theirs. They may be willing to pay some extra for the efforts and hardwork you must have put in.

  • Secure every corner:

    An additional security layer of window sensors can be a key selling point. These sensors give an alert every time any of the windows are opened above or below a certain point. Don’t forget that doors are not the only places through which thieves make an entry. Another tool of security systems that can enhance your property value are motion- detecting lights. These lights come on immediately if anyone is lurking around your house late night.

    Moreover, you are less likely to trip over if you go out in the middle of the night. The most attractive option for any home buyer is a video surveillance camera which enables the owner to monitor the hidden areas like yards and garages at any point of time and from any place. The new potential buyers will be appreciative and thankful of these added advantages and technologies.

  • Automation makes the house more appealing:

    Almost everyone must have been in a situation, whether on a hectic morning or simply a forgetful moment, wondering if you had locked the front door or if you have switched the lights off. Geofencing can be used to keep your home secured. Just activate the alarm as the last person leaves the house.

    Plus, a remote home monitoring and control can assist you in accessing anything- lights, appliances and thermostats with just a simple tap on the screen. For the new and young buyers who cannot live without their devices, this incredible incentive can make your house a lot more appealing when you put it up in the market.


There has been an increasing demand for property, and with no shortage, there stands a vital need to stand out in such a competitive market. These days, seasoned house buyers have begun to question smart wiring, technology and automation. A well integrated and high tech home security system is capable of adding that ‘wow factor’ to your house as security systems have always been and will be the first priority of every homebuyer out there.