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How Do Adjustable Golf Drivers Work


Adjustable golf drivers, nowadays, is quite a common feature in almost all golf clubs available out there. Manufacturers around the globe have been incorporating this amazing factor of adjustability in all the golf clubs manufactured after 2008. There have been doubts in the mind of people regarding the reason behind making all the golf clubs right through the bag adjustable.

Some believe that it is done to make possible the changes in the setup of the club as per the conditions. But, as most of you may not know, the actual benefit of an adjustable golf club is that it makes it a onetime fitting tool, which enables the golfer to make little changes to the club in order to customize it according to their swing.

This is a new feature which was never seen or experienced before the era of adjustable golf drivers began. The ability of adjustment tends to allow the golfer to fine tune the club for an unbeatable performance. Therefore, manufacturers have been active in spreading and promoting the benefits that can be derived from custom fitting.

Adjusting the hosels

Among all the different parts of a golf club, one of the most important one is the hosel. It’s undeniably significant role can be emphasized by the fact that it is basically the angle of the face as soon as it arrives at the ball.

Moreover, hosel is the primary factor which determines and also impacts the launch conditions of the ball. When golfers are given an opportunity to adjust the loft on their own in accordance to their way of delivering the club, they benefit to a great extent by achieving the best suited launch angles as well as spin rates. The adjustability of the hosel that comes in drivers, fairway woods or hybrids allows the player to alter the loft and/or lie.

Whenever loft is increased by making adjustments in the hosel what all you are doing is to fractionally close the face. Whereas on the other hand when you reduce the loft, you are apparently opening the face slightly. Also, some of the high- quality expensive golf clubs counter this visual change just by adding another feature that allows you to even bring a change in the face angle with the help of balance points located at the sole.

Now, until and unless there is a separate setting to alter the lie of the loft independently, a slight change in the loft along with the face angle will also bring about a change in the lie.

The simple fact that distinguishes the loft from the lie is that the ball flight changes vertically due to the loft while lie is responsible to change the ball flight vertically.

You can also increase or decrease the lie angle up and down. The only change it will bring about is that when you increase it up, a fade is created and when you lower it down, a draw gets created. Therefore, you cannot deny the point that you need to be professionally fit to use an adjustable hosel club to your greatest and maximum benefit. Also you are ensured a right combination of the loft and the lie for your perfect ever swing.

How do they work?

In most of the golf clubs, the most common location of the loft and lie adjustments is in the hosel. The steps which are to be followed in order to make adjustments is by first releasing the screw which acts as a connection point between the shaft and the club head.

After this, all you have to do is to move the clubhead to a new and pre- determined setting. Viewing it from the technical aspect, you are inserting the hosel on the shaft into the shaft receptor situated on the head, which is a little bit off centre. This is so that the various options available on the hosel shaft will serve the desired adjustment to the head at the time when it is tightened.

Impact of adjustability on other performance factors

Most of the golfers are usually worried about whether with the adjustability feature in hand they will have to compromise with other performance factors or not. It is an observed fact that the adjustable hosels of fairway woods and drivers tend to relatively have a higher center of gravity. This is because of the extra added mass of the bigger hosel.

Designers have also come up with tricks to counter this issue, like making the crown slope downwards or by adding discretionary weighting on the sole. However, a small downside of any kind of adjustability is that it will significantly lessen the amount of weighting that you can put to use elsewhere on the club in order to put an effect on the center of gravity.

Weights – adjustable or movable

There are two methods by which golfers can adjust the set up of their golf club. They are either using adjustable weights or movable weights. We have already given a brief description about adjustable weights. Let us discuss the movable weights. They have the ability to move from either left to right or up and down.

But, at the same time, they have an impact on the centre of gravity of the club. Consequently, the direct impact can be observed on the launch conditions with a bias either toward a left/right or a low/high ball flight.

Putters that can be adjusted

In 2008, there were some changes made in the rules which allowed for adjustable clubs that can be freely manufactured and used by the golfers. But, prior to this, moveable weights were allowed to be kept in the head of the putters. A golfer can easily adjust to different speeds of greens with this. This is because a series of weights is offered to you which you are required to screw into the sole of the putter.

Putters which are being designed in the present time and age boast of adjustable weights in the grip end of the club, which highly impacts the balance of the putter. Ever heard of Moment of Inertia. Do not worry if you are unaware. The lines that follow are just to enrich your technical knowledge.

So, the moment of Inertia of the putter is subsequently increased by this counterbalance effect. As a result, less twisting is created on off centre hits and to your advantage, increases the number of centre face strikes to a large number.


Science has been constantly evolving with experts coming out with different creative ways to improve the game and its gears to serve the players with an unforgettable experience and develop a die heart liking for the game. Other than the adjustable drivers, one more new feature that has been recently introduced in the market is the option of an adjustable telescopic shaft.

Any golfer- whether a beginner or an unbeatable player, will have the benefit of changing the length of the putter by no less that 7 inches. Now again, here we can find a tradeoff between the advantages of a customized shaft as against the weight of the adjustability system. Therefore, it becomes quite important that you experiment and try these features out.