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How Do I Secure My Wifi Router At Home?


Change the default username and password –

When you just get your wifi, then there will be a username and password from the company itself, and this password and username is with the people who already have it, and it is also an easy password os it might be easy to figure it out, and it would be easy to hack the wifi as well. Once a hacker is in the network, they would get the username and the password. They would be able to use the network and even be able to keep owners out of their own network. If you change the username and password, it would be difficult for more people to know about your username and password. You should make a difficult combination of numbers and letters so that it makes it difficult for people to hack into your network.

Turn on the wireless encryption –

When there is encryption, then there is a better chance that you can be safer when there is encryption. For example, in the messages, it can be better when there is encryption because the data can be scrambled in a way that all the content would not be deciphered easily by any hackers. The most secure encryption that you can use is the WPA2 wifi network. This is very useful because it can keep you safer.
If the device that you have more than ten years old devices, then these devices might not be compatible with the WPA2, so you can upgrade the home devices if you want a more secure service or performance. If you are unsure if you have WPA2 encryption, then you could check the network settings to get a better understanding of the type of network settings that you have.

Use a VPN –

Using a VPN is very common, and many people choose to do it because it can keep your IP address private, and a lot of your data is kept hidden from people who might want to get to know where you are. In addition, the VPN alters the location to make it look like it is in a different location, so no one will be able to pinpoint where you are at this moment. YOU can use the VPN on the phone, tablet, or laptop.

Hide the network from view –

Whenever you set up any home network, then there would be a publicity visible network name known as the SSID, which means the service set identifier. Most of the devices are made with a name that has a network name given by the manufacturer, and it might be a big problem if the networks are unencrypted. There is an SSID hiding feature, and this could hide your network so that no one in the surrounding area can see your network. When you change the name, then the hackers find it difficult to know the type of router as well, and this makes it even harder to hack into your account.

Put your wifi off when you are not at home –

A very effective way to protect your house is to put your wifi off. There is no need for the wifi to be on all the time. When your wifi is off, no one can get into the wifi when you are not at home and take advantage of your network because you are not around. So turning off the wifi in this situation can become very useful.

Keep the router software up to date –

The software of your wifi helps to ensure that your router is safe from any threats. If you do not update the software, there might be things that hackers can do to hack into your system, which could be very harmful to you. Many routers do not auto-update, so you would have to do that by yourself and not leave it by itself because when you update the router, there is a better chance of you being safe.

Use firewalls –

Most wifi routers have a built-in firewall, which is useful to protect the broadband and prevent anyone from getting into the network. There is an option to disable these firewalls, so make sure that the firewall on your router is on because it offers more protection in your home.

Put the router in the center of the house –

The location of your router can be very important. For example, if the router is near a window or door, then other people might intercept the signal and misuse your wifi.


Everyone today has wifi systems in place and a router for that. It can become very important that you ensure that your wifi system is secure because other than getting sensitive information, people also have access to your home alarm systems, home security camera, and other wireless security cameras because these are all linked with wifi to your devices, and when someone hacks into the network, they can get access to your data so you can follow all the things mentioned above to ensure that you are safe and secure.