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How Do People Go From Rich To Poor In One Night?


How To People Go From Rich To Poor In One Night?

Everyone wants to live a comfortable life. With the strongest economy in the world US offers one of the best living standards in the world. Even the richest of the third world countries are living in far bad conditions than the poor in the US. Though playing with your best golf club still is a luxury of the rich, yet an average American lives a pretty decent life. Nobody wants to be poor and nobody wants to lose all the hard earned money they have earned their life. But if we do not pay attention to small things in life we may very well spoil all that we have in one night. How? Well we would be learning just that in this blog.

Not investing in home security:

An estimated 3.7 million household burglaries occurred each year on average from 2003 to 2007 reported in US alone. The majority of these cases happen as the houses are not properly equipped with home security devices like home security cameras, motion sensor devices etc. The Home security systems not only make the burglar deflect from robbing that house, but in case of burglary can provide important clues to police and help in Insurance claims. So not investing in home security can cost you a life time of savings and make you poor in one night.

Not taking care of your health:

People tend to concentrate more on making money and forget about taking care of their health. They forget the fact that health is the real wealth. Not taking care of your health can cost you all your wealth. The health care bills are real pain, and can drill a big hole in your pocket. If you could just pay a couple of hundreds and buy best mountain bike and take daily ride to the mountains, you could be saving a couple of thousands in medical expenses later. So not taking care of your health can also make you poor in a night and might even kill you.

Uncontrolled credit card usage:

Everyone loves credit cards. I mean it is so fun when we get all that free money to buy whatever we want. Well there is only one problem that money is not ours. After all the spending the reality dawns when the humongous credit card bill shows up. The interest rates on credit card are the highest and can hurt your financial status dearly. So do think before ordering that extra box of best golf balls that spend according to your earnings and control that credit card.

Gambling and betting:

Everyone wants a to own a fancy house, with a big fancy car and a yacht to go on fishing taking the best fishing reels and best fishing rods. But not everyone is that lucky. So people try to become rich by gambling and betting and loose the remaining that they have. As the popular saying goes the casino never loses. So gambling and betting is one of the reasons that you can get poorer overnight.

So we see that there are many things that can make us poor, be it not installing home security cameras, ignoring your health, credit card misuse or gambling. Avoid these things and lead a happy and content life, if not rich.

How To People Go From Rich To Poor In One Night

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