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How To Buy The Best Golf Balls?


The Golf game has advanced in the past two decades. New technologies in the market have changed the modern game more than anything. Just like golf clubs, and irons, golf balls have also changed in terms of distance, spin, control, feel, and performance. Golf balls have such a huge impact on the game that today many people think it’s not fair to compare today’s advanced players with the legends of the game who then played with inferior balls. It’s because some people still believe today’s balls make the game very easy. Well, that’s a debate for some other day.

The process of choosing the right ball for you has many steps involved. These are considering the technology, your skill level, budget, design, and material. But as much as everything else, personal preference matters a lot. Here are a few things to consider before you buy the best golf ball.

Buying Guide for the Best Golf Balls

1. Construction of the ball

The construction of the ball is vital to consider as it will impact its contact with the club. There are various construction balls available some common ones are :

  • One-piece golf balls –

    One-piece golf ball is the most basic and least expensive golf ball. This ball is designed for beginners or senior players and crazy golf courses. Basically, these balls are made of Surlyn with dimples molded in. Though it’s a very durable, inexpensive, and soft golf ball, it doesn’t give you the desired distance due to its low compression.

  • Two-piece balls –

    These balls are usually made with cover and core. The cover is quite durable and stands for a few rounds. These balls are really affordable and are used by beginners because of the distance it covers.

  • Multilayer –

    You can call it the advanced player’s ball. It is made up of four or five layers that offer higher swing, great distance, and maximum possible spin. The cover is ultra-thin, which allows control on wedge shots and maximum backspin. If you’re an advanced golfer and your aim is not just distance but also control and spin, this is a perfect fit for you.

2. Dimples on the ball

There are somewhere between 300 to 500 dimples on a golf ball. The most common number is between 336 to 392. They may look normal, but they have a crucial role in your performance. It’s because a smooth surface ball will go only as half as a ball covered with dimples. Without any second thoughts, dimples are a crucial factor in golf balls as it helps the ball to fly the distance it does. If dimples are smaller, the ball flight will be low and the backspin higher. On the other hand, more wide dimples on the ball give it a higher launch and low spin rate. If you’re a beginner, go for shallow ones as it will give you more distance.

3. The spin of the ball

  • Low Spin Golf Balls –

    Low spin golf balls tend to decrease the side spin of your shot, allowing the ball to fly straight in the air. The ball may not cover much distance in the air, but it results in increased roll upon landing. If you tend to slice the ball often, this type of ball is a fit for you.

  • Mid Spin Golf Balls –

    As it’s clear with the name, mid spin golf balls cover the gap between low and high spin golf balls. These balls are used by the widest range of golfers.

  • High Spin Golf Balls –

    These balls are designed to increase the ball spin in the air. High spin golf balls also give more control and a soft feel around the greens.

4. Feel

Soft Feel –

Many advanced players and tour professionals opt for soft feel balls. The soft feeling cover of the ball means that players can work the ball through the air and spin it. It does not give more distance as compared to a firm feeling ball and is suited to those golfers who do not view distance as their weakness and want increased control.

Firm Feel –

These balls feel hard on the clubface. The firm feel usually comes hand in hand with the low spin one-piece or two-piece construction. It is aimed to produce the maximum distance, but it inevitably sacrifices a certain degree of control in the greens.

5. Cover of the ball

Golf balls come in two types of cover, Surlyn, and Urethane.

  • Surlyn –

    It is the most common cover in golf balls. If you want something very durable and resistant to scratching, go for it. Surlyn has been used since the 1960s, and till now, it’s used in almost all non-tour level balls.

  • Urethane –

    It is softer than Surlyn for increased feel and feedback. Though it is not as durable as Surlyn, it is used in higher-end multilayer golf balls due to more spin and control. Usually, more skilled and advanced players prefer urethane cover.

6. Compression

When a golf ball is struck, the measure of the deflection it undergoes is called compression. Compression is measured between 0 to 200. Usually, golf balls come with a compression of 50 to 100. Lower compression balls are more soft and suitable for slower swing speeds or beginners, while more advanced players opt for high compression balls for better control.

7. Skill level

It’s very well known that you will lose a lot of balls on the course in the beginning. Thus, it’s best to find such balls that fit your budget. Many golf ball manufacturers offer many lines of golf balls that deliver higher performance and still suit every budget. If budget is not your issue, you can surely go for premium golf balls. There’s a reason why they cost more because they deliver many benefits. Not just they’re best for low handicappers, but high handicappers also get the benefit of it due to their ability to spin and go a longer distance.

8. Control

Every golfer wants better control in the greens. According to many professionals, to evaluate whether a ball has better control in the greens, you will have to put it there and try until you find your perfect one. If you’re shopping online, you can search for the specifications that state it has better control in the greens.

9. Tour Performance

These high tour-level balls are designed for experienced, mid to lower handicappers. Tour performance balls allow the golfers to create added spin around the greens. Also, the thin cover increases the spin control and crisp feel any advanced player demands.

Golf balls for Everyone –

With huge advancements, the golf ball market is full of options one can choose according to their skill level, budget, feel, and preference. If you’re buying golf balls online, many manufacturers have online golf ball fitting tools, which can help you a lot if you’re buying golf balls for the first time.

Wrapping Up

There are many variations of golf balls and golf ball producers in the market, each one promising an exceptional level of performance. You can improve your game by understanding which ball suits your style and level of play. You can make your choice based on speed, compression, distance, spin, control, and brand preference. There is a massive range of balls available in the market, and it’s no harm to try as many as you can. It may be possible that the perfect ball for you is the one you haven’t tried yet. This article was focused on letting you know the different aspects to consider while buying golf balls, but the best ball is what makes your game better.