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How To Choose The Correct Pontoon Trolling Motor?


Pontoons are now making a massive re-entrance into the world of fishing. Previously, they were consigned only to pleasure cruising and water sports, but not anymore. These are now a stirring area within the boating industry. Innovation is expanding, and these flexible platforms are becoming more and more popular for everything, from fishing and cruising to even water sports.

As pontoons aren’t intended for fishing, a trolling motor can be an excellent addition to silently and efficiently power and drag your boat to enable a better catch.

If one purchases a trolling motor for a pontoon boat, it can significantly impact your ability to get on fish and stay on them. Making the right decision in a trolling motor is not difficult, but there are some key features you need to know before putting down cash.

Reasons why people consider trolling motors for their pontoons:

  • When there is no other momentum, trolling motors can be there to save the day. However, they aren’t designed as primary propulsion motors, so they’re best off being used on smaller lakes where you’re not traveling far away from home and also do not need to get anywhere in haste.
  • Cruising – pontoons – or lovingly called as floating living, are fun for pleasure cruising. And trolling motors can bring a whole new dimension to how you cruise. The record-track features can be enabled to record and retrace your favorite cruising routes making it easy to sit back and relax while the trolling motor takes care of the rest.
  • Fishing – incrementally pontoons are being set up with fishing configurations, and so trolling motors are becoming a must-have accessory. Pontoons can never have the versatility of a bass boat. They are still sufficiently adequate for navigating around docks and other structures, as well as shoreline fishing and deep water trolling. An adequately matched trolling motor, particularly with GPS features, will bring a whole new level of fun to your pontoon boat.

When it comes to choosing trolling motors correctly, more research is needed due to the sheer variety out there.

Best Trolling Meters For Pontoon Boats:

These are the top picks for the best trolling motors for pontoon boats

  1. Minn Kota Powerdrive V2 with a Quick Release Bracket

    It has a deploy-assist-lever feature, making it possible for this to be stowed securely in rough waters, enhancing its durability.

    This troller has a unique bearing system, which can reduce the noise by minimizing friction. Additionally, it is a compatible motor with innovative and efficient accessories, including autopilot and the Universal Sonar 2 System.

    Some of its cons are that you need to twist the shaft to get it into position. Also, batteries have to be purchased separately, which adds to the overall cost.

    This powerful motor is a viable option for fishing out at sea with an impressive 68-pounds of thrust power.

  2. Newport Vessels NV-Series 55 lbs. Thrust with LED Battery Indicator

    The motor is constructed with the most durable materials available in the market. It includes stainless steel, magnesium, and zinc and is composed of a material with high flexibility and high-strength fiberglass composite. These robust materials and an intact build enable this troller to resist and withstand all kinds of impact on the water and allow for proper depth adjustment.

    It has 55 lbs: thrust power, 30″ adjustable shaft along with three-blade propeller.

    It has very durable battery life. We can fish for longer hours without worrying about battery drain, and conveniently check the handy LED-powered battery meter to see how much power you have left.

    Some of the cons are that wing nut housing is plastic, making it less durable than we’d like.

    Besides the fantastic characteristics listed above, this company has dedicated customer support.

  3. GoPlus Electric Trolling Motor with Adjustable Handle

    This troller is incredible because of its ability and flexibility to adjust. It’s very versatile. It not only changes the shaft length but also does the propeller height and the shaft angle.

    This adjustability is in your complete control and allows for comfortable cruising as per your needs. The propeller depth adjustment helps in acceleration and reduction of speed, while the shaft angle matches your speed demands.

    It has a 6″ telescopic adjustable handle with a two-blade propeller.

    GoPlus provides excellent value for the money. It has outstanding adjustability, a long battery life due to its low amp draw, and can reach decent speeds even when pulling a 12-foot fiberglass boat. Corrosion-resistant, high-quality materials also provide high tensile strength and protection against impact.

    But it could have a lower speed than expected.

    Its flexibility is the best feature. It also places the boat in your control.

  4. Newport Vessels Kayak Series 36 lbs./55 lbs. Thrust

    This one with a generous two-year warranty, this troller has the highest quality and corrosion-resistant materials. It can last a lifetime and conveniently. It functions in both salt and freshwater.

    Its features include 24″ shaft, 36 lbs.—thrust power with a two-blade propeller.

    It has a durable and sleek build. If there is any problem, the customer support is excellent. It cuts through the vegetation of all kinds, allowing you to glide through the water effortlessly. The availability of eight-speed levels, five forward speeds, and three forward speeds—makes it convenient for you to switch gears according to demand.

    The thing which is not likable is, as you reach top speeds, water tends to splash up through the sonar pod opening and could produce unwanted noise.

    This boat is constructed using elements such as aluminum, sacrificial zinc anodes, stainless steel, and magnesium to protect against corrosion from the harsh salty waters.

  5. Caroute 160LB Trolling Motor

    When you need an immensely powerful motor to push your boat effortlessly through the water, the Caroute Trolling Motor is the best fit. This 160lbs motor has a power of 48V and is 56lbs in size, that’s just enough to get more substantial vessels and fishing pontoons through the water without making any disruptions.

    The best thing about this particular motor is that its weight is around a third of the weight of a gas-powered motor. Therefore, it is a lot quieter.

    If we look at the cons when you’re using it in the highest gear, you might notice a bit of disruption, so it’s probably better to avoid. Another small issue was the clamps used to hold it down, which affected how fast you could adjust it.

    As it consists of a brushless motor, it’s proficient of 60 percent more efficiency than the brushed variety.

    Everything is sealed and made of high quality parts for protection in saltwater and fresh, and it’s been designed for durability.


A trolling motor could be a great addition to one’s pontoon boat. It plays a substantial role in improving your catch and fishing experience. It proves to be useful for fine adjustments or parking and especially for use while fishing. It depends on your application and available space, to determine whether to mount it on your stern or bow. The best trolling motor for pontoon boats does more than that. It can ease the fishing and trolling process, making it an enjoyable day on the water.