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How To Choose The Right Golf Club?


Golf is one of those sports which can be very intimidating for beginners to jump into. There are a few demanding aspects to this game, one is learning the game which has its own set of challenges and the second is choosing the right equipment. Without the proper equipment, you cannot expect to learn the game correctly. Most beginners fail to choose the right golf club. It is also pretty tough in determining golf clubs that are better suited for beginners. Golf is equally dependent on skill as well as equipment, which is why it is important to know your equipment as well as your golf clubs. So make sure you know the different clubs available in a set before you tee off.

How to pick the best-suited golf club

The common mistake beginners make is buying clubs that do not suit their level of play, skill, and swing mechanics. Most times these mistakes are made due to a lack of knowledge or proper guidance. When you are trying to decide on which golf club to use from your kit you must take into consideration your skills and experience, this way you will be able to determine a suitable club.

Factors that should be looked over when trying to find a suitable golf club.

1. Length

Generally, the length of a club depends on the height of the golfer and it also depends on the shaft of the club. In case you are wondering what a shaft is, it is the long tapered tube part in a good club that connects the clubhead to the hands of the golfer. The longer the shaft the longer is the distance between the hands of a golfer and the ball. In the modern era of golf, all long clubs have a graphite shaft since graphite is relatively a flexible material and is much more suited for manufactures who design shafts according to the various types of swings.

Another deciding factor is gender, the length of a club varies from women to men this is due to the height factor. It is also important to know your swing speed when choosing a shaft. You can easily determine your swing speed at the retailers during your fitting for a club. Golfers with a swing speed of 100mph or more should go for an extra stiff shaft, a stiff shaft is also preferable. Those with a swing speed of 85-100mph should go for regular flex shafts anything slower than 85mph should be fitted with a flex shaft.

2. Loft

For those who do not understand what loft is, it is the angle of the clubface that controls and affects trajectory and distance respectively. Beginners should go for clubs with a higher face loft. A lower lofted driver was traditionally used by experienced golfers since it requires much more skill to hit as compared to a higher face loft. However, recently even the pro golfers prefer using higher lofted drivers since they give a higher trajectory as well as lesser spin which enables the ball to travel longer distances. Higher lofts are preferred by pro golfers since they reduce side spin which gives the ball a consistent straight flight.


Another aspect of golf clubs that is determined by swing speed is the club’s ideal head weight. Golfers with a faster swing speed should opt for a heavier head since it allows you more control, while those golfers with a slower swing speed use lighter heads since it increases the clubhead velocity.

Fairway woods and hybrids offer the typical deep-faced heads. The deeper face offers a lower launch and a fairly higher spin which is why it is a bit harder for beginners to handle. Beginners need to be comfortable and confident while using a club which is why they should opt for a club that will allow them to be confident in the address position so that the golfer is confident enough to get the ball airborne. Swallow face is another great option for beginners as it has a lower center of gravity which improves performance as well as gives a greater length to the ball.

The Best Golf Clubs For Beginners

1. Drivers

The most essential as well as the star of a golf kit is mostly the driver, it is a valuable golf club and has a very optimistic impact on a golfer’s handicap. A driver is one of those golf clubs that will work most ubiquitously. A driver is the one with the longest shaft, lowest loft, and the largest head in a golf kit. Modern dormers heads are mostly composed out of hallowed titanium while most modern shafts as mentioned above are made up of graphite as it offers varied tensions.

In a golf kit, a driver is the only club that is not designed to be hit off of the ground instead they are designed to be used when hitting off of a tee to produce maximum velocity and clubhead speed all the while maintaining control and balance.

2. Fairway woods

Another important addition to a golf kit is fairway woods. The heads designed on fairway woods are generally smaller than that of a driver while the loft is usually anything at 12-18 degrees while the driver is anything between 13-7 degrees. A beginner is recommended to opt for a fairway woods head of 17 degrees.

3. Hybrids

Hybrids are a newer addition to the long-running family of golf clubs. Hybrids are more of a versatile type of golf club and can replace a number. of iron clubs anywhere from 2-iron to 8-iron loft. The heads of a hybrid are generally similar to that of a fairway wood but are a little shallower and small in size. Hybrids have a lower gravity center with a larger sweet spot as compared to the iron they are meant to replace.

What golf club should be used for

A golf set comprises various clubs and each club serves its purpose. Deciding which club is best suitable for the play is very confusing and depends upon where you are at the game. A beginner might feel a little overwhelmed with the number of choices available in a club set which is why it is important to understand the purposes of the various clubs. There are different sizes and shapes available in gold clubs and are used for swinging on the
fairway, teeing, and other such gameplay.

Teeing off

Teeing off is the most beginning part of a golf game since it is how you start the round. Versatile clubs such as hybrids would be an ideal choice for beginners and can be considered as the “go-to” club for those looking to tee off with ease.

Approach shots

Approach shots are known as short golf shots and are used to put the ball on the green which is why it is important to choose the right club to accomplish this essential shot. An 8 or 9 iron club would ideally be the best club to accomplish this shot.

Trouble shots

Having to tackle tough spots such as a sand trap is a nightmare for even the most pro golf players as for a beginner, it can be hell to make it out of a tough spot such as a trap or off the rough you might want to go for a hybrid club since they are dependable clubs for beginners.


There you have it all about how to choose the right golf club for beginners. Golf is a very intimidating sport but with the right equipment, not you can build the confidence and comfort required to be a good golfer. So go through the article and choose wisely.