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How To Find Used Golf Clubs As A Beginner


Being a beginner, there is no point in spending tons on expensive golf clubs even when you are not certain if you will continue with the game. Used golf clubs are an excellent choice if you are new to the sport or don’t get to play much. Besides this, there can be several other reasons golfers look for a used golf club.

  • By purchasing a used club, you can add better, upgraded and updated newer models to your bag without blowing your budget. It reduces the risk on your wallet.
  • Beginner golfers don’t wish to risk their new, more expensive set of clubs while they are still learning the game. Nobody is perfect enough to start hitting amazing shots as soon as they start. There are lots of mis- hits on the way.
  • If you like trying out something new, latest and greatest designs quite often, buying used golf clubs are a cost- efficient way.

Aspects to look for

Every newbie goes through a phase of “Which is the best golf club for beginners and where I can find the best golf balls and other gears?” To make your experience a simple one, here are some of the points to look for while buying the right used golf club for the purpose you need it for.

  • Condition:

    It is the most significant thing which you should see while choosing the used golf club. There may be some of the blemishes, but that doesn’t mean they are not playable. You will have to think wisely. If a club appears new and has very slight hot marls, this implies that most probably the club has been hot only a few number of times and is in excellent condition.

    But, if there is some minor wear and has not been extensively used, even they are said to be in a very good condition. If the clubs have been polished, the condition comes out to be good. A club in fair condition will have some scratches and scuffs but these are not likely to affect its performance in any way. They have been regularly in use and cleaned well of any debris.

  • Composition:

    The next thing which you should look for is the set composition. Most of the time, the inventory of used golf clubs is determined by the clubs that are returned. Therefore, make sure you note the composition of the set carefully. For example, while looking for irons, you should see if the clubs are single or which of them are included. On the other hand, the things to note while looking for fairway woods or hybrids include which club is listed, whether it is a 3 wood, 4 hybrid etc.

  • Grip:

    A perfect grip and an excellent shaft is something everyone will look for even when they are buying a brand new golf club. Same is the case with used ones. But, the good news is that it is fairly cheap to get the used golf clubs re- gripped in case they happen to be worn out.

  • Prices of the new clubs:

    Before buying an old used golf club, check for the prices of the new one in the market. It may happen that the new ones cost you less than what you are paying for the used one. If the person from whom you are purchasing has not used the clubs much, they may be priced high. But, at the same time, manufacturers may have lowered the prices due to high inventory, discontinued production or any other reason. Think before you make a move. Be patient as it may get you the best possible deal.

  • Take the demo:

    You just can’t decide in which golf club will be most suitable by just looking at it. Appearances can be deceptive. Before finalizing the deal, always take them out for a few swings to see how they perform. Don’t forget to take some wiffle balls with you if you are going shopping at a garage sale so that you can take the demo in the front yard itself. If they don’t allow you to take a demo of the clubs, you are smart enough to think why they are not agreeing.

  • Other things:

    Keeping aside all the above mentioned points which are of utter importance, there are a few other minor things you should be careful about. Steel heads are known to be less susceptible to the negative effects of play and aging when compared with metal woods, alloy or multi material heads. Look whether the crown is painted or not. Many over- smart people may paint over the crown to conceal the dent or any other problem.

    Moreover, look for only recognized brands. Maybe the others are better than the branded ones but you can’t take the risk of paying for something which you later find out is a cheap clone or knock off golf club set.


As a beginner, you are sure to be excited to get all those golf gears and master the game. But, beware, don’t just let the enthusiasm drag you into making wrong and unfruitful investment. The above guide will assist you in making right choices throughout your game development. It is always better to borrow or purchase used clubs for your first experiences with the game.

And, then if you have played the game for a year or so and are determined to improve your skill set, you may go for purchasing a new one for you. But also make sure that your first new golf club should not be very much expensive. Over a few more years, when your game continues to improve, you can buy authentic golf club sets that are best suited for your game.

This is because, by this point, you are very sure that you are a committed golfer and the investment is worth it. Look for the best brands, grips, graphite shafts, offset heads and most importantly custom club fitting if you are set on becoming a serious golf player.