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How To Keep Your Kids Safe From Sex Trafficking And Abduction?


32 Billion Dollars- That is the estimated revenue of human trafficking in the world. A large chunk of these are vulnerable children. Human Traffickers have launched a full-scale hunt on children. Pedophiles and child porn Industry which are flourishing like never before (thanks to the cheap and easy internet) has added fuel to the child abduction and trafficking. Children are an easy target for these predators and traffickers as they are naïve and vulnerable.

Children can be easily manipulated and lured. The social media has become the favorite hunting ground for these monstrous predators. Often when you are carefree and playing some golf shots with your best golf balls, your child would have become the next target of the traffickers. They often target the child in a troubled family or which are emotionally week. They befriend them in the context of being their boyfriend or even a caring father figure and often invite them to a scheduled place or prompt them to run away from their house. They then kidnap these innocent souls and push them into child prostitution.

The gravity of the situation could be understood by the fact that the entry age of entry in prostitution in the US is now as low as 12 to 14 years. Many of these girls are runaway girls and the ones who were sexually abused as children. There are approximately 900k people trafficked across the international border and 80% are females and a half in them are children. Getting a feel of this horror now?

So how can we save our children from being abducted and sex trafficking, here are some points which can help prevent your child from being lured, kidnapped and trafficked?

Make Your Child Remember Your Address, Phone Number And When To Call 911:

The first and the most important step towards your child’s safety is to make him/her memories the important phone numbers of the family and the address of the house. If he/she is accidentally lost or is in some uncomfortable place he can take the help of any cop to call their parents, family or can even hire public transport and tell them where he or she lives. Even if some good Samaritans find them they can easily tell them to call family or tell them the address. One other important thing is to train your child to call 911 if they feel any danger or emergency. Few Kids smart watch are also fitted with this emergency feature of 911 so, they can use that also.

Create a Healthy, Loving and Child-Friendly Environment At Your Home:

A caring, loving and supporting home would develop an emotionally strong and rationally intelligent child. If the parents or the family is attentive to the child’s emotional and physiological needs there is no way that any online predator can lure or influence your child. As a parent, your relation with your spouse or partner should be supportive and caring. A child develops fear and trauma from mutually abusing parents, even if they are not abusive to the child. Most of the children that run away or are lured and abducted are from broken and abusive families.

To develop a good bond with the children, cater to their doubts and problems. Go on a fishing trip with your children, buy them some best fishing lures. Take them with the golf courses with you, let them hit their best shot with their own best golf irons. The crux is spending time with your children and provide them with the most loving environment.

Install A Good Home Security System At Your Home:

Desperate time needs desperate measures. Although installing a home security camera may seem a rather costly idea, yet is very effective when it comes to safety and security of child and family. A house with a home alarm systems or home security cameras is 50% less likely to be targeted by the child abductors, as they don’t want their identity to be revealed. Likewise, a good nanny cam is effective to keep a watch over the child when he/she is alone with the nanny.

Always Pay Attention To Your Child’s Activity And Movement:

It is always a good move to keep an eye on the online as well as offline activity of your child. The online world is the favorite hunting ground for predators and child traffickers. Who often present themselves as some caring and loving friends. If the online friend of your child is much older to them or if it is an adult, block them instantly and inform the legal authority and social media platform of their suspicious behavior. Keeping offline can be done by buying them GPS tracker for kids, which can be easily worn of the wrist and you can keep a track of the physical movement of your child.

If you see a deviation from the path you can easily track them and inform the police and family. Even if the child feels unsafe of someplace or person, these devices come with an emergency alarm which would inform the family of the danger.

Teach Your Child About The Reality and Dangers of Sex Tracking and Abducting and Child Sexual Abuse:

It is not a smart thing to keep your child in la-la land. Your child should be aware of the dangers that lurk in society. This can be done with patience and affection. They can be thought about the dangers of trafficking and abduction and its aftermath healthily and simply. Children are intelligent and if explained properly understand well. They should be made aware of the good and bad touch. They should be trained to report any bad touch, even if done by anyone close. Making them understand the concept makes them more aware and alert. If they understand the concept of safety the fear of abduction, luring ad manipulation reduce considerably.


These are dangerous times. Crime against children is increasing with each passing day. Law does it work and authorities do theirs. But as a parent, it is our responsibility and necessity to protect and safeguard our children against the evil hands of abductors and human traffickers. This crime is a reality and is happening to unsuspecting parents. Be the rock of support for your child. Understand their problems, and spend Quality time with them. Cause if you don’t spend time with them then some crook online child traffickers or pedophiles would spend time with your child and abuse or abduct your innocent child. Buying a kids smart watch, the best mountain bike or some other expensive gift, won’t fulfill the space that your presence can fulfill. Be safe.

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