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How to Select the Best Baby Monitor


A baby monitor or baby alarm is a system that allows the attendants to listen to the sounds of an infant and know when the infant wakes. Most parents use baby monitors during their baby’s first few months. Over the years, several fancier versions of the baby monitor have emerged in the market. Some of the examples are breathing detection, Wi-Fi baby monitors, cry detection, etc. Picking out the best baby monitor can be a bit complicated.

This article will get to know what to look for while you buy a baby monitor. A good baby monitor tells the child is crying and informs them when it is too hot in the baby’s room or has fallen asleep on the floor. There are many more specialties of a baby monitor.

Types of Baby Monitors

  • The first type of baby monitor is Basic, in which you can hear and listen to sounds from your baby’s room.
  • A two-way baby monitor allows you and your baby both to listen to sounds from each other’s rooms.
  • Video monitoring baby monitors have video facilities through which you can watch your baby on any screen.
  • A wireless baby monitor is a type of baby monitor which you can shift from room to room along with the baby and track all your baby’s actions.
  • An advanced baby monitor informs you while your baby’s sleep or breath is interrupted.

Every baby monitor has its features and mixed reviews. Here are some tips or things to look into while buying a baby monitor.

  1. What to choose- video or audio?:

    The audio-only monitor will allow you to hear the baby cry, and you can also talk to older toddlers through an intercom-like system. But through a video monitor, you can see your child whether they are sleeping soundly or is stirring. This visual monitoring will help you know when you can rest easy for another hour.

  2. Clarity:

    If you are using a video monitor, then you must check whether the display technology is reliable or not. It should have clarity of daytime and night vision with excellent color contrast and high resolution. Unfortunately, there are some outdated baby monitors available in the market whose display technology is unreliable. So it is essential to keep in mind if you are using a monitor for the first time that you buy one with good and latest display technology.

  3. Wi-Fi baby monitors or traditional baby monitors?:

    Nowadays, baby monitors with a yoked camera and screen are available. You can see your babies on your smartphones, personal computers, or tablets inside and outside your house as long as you have a good internet connection. But before choosing Wi-Fi baby monitors over traditional baby monitors, you must keep certain things in mind. If you are using a Wi-Fi camera, so Wi-Fi baby monitors, you must have a good internet speed. Otherwise, you won’t be able to view the high-quality video in real-time. At the same time, these baby monitors use most of your data, which can treat the parents quickly because of their limited data plans. Using a Wi-Fi baby monitor can also drain your phone battery because you stream a live video and audio through it.

  4. User-friendly menu:

    Having tons of features is not enough and useless if you do not know to use them or if they are not easy to use. So while buying the baby monitor, you have to check whether they are intuitive and user-friendly or not so that you will not have to spend too much time getting into one silly setting.

  5. Safety:

    Child safety and well being of your babies is essential. The wires and the camera should be out of reach of the baby and keep them always away from running humidifier water. You can also go for heart rate monitoring or breathing monitoring baby monitors to monitor a child’s heart rate if they are sleeping in a different room.

  6. It should be reliable:

    Reliability is a significant point to look at while buying a baby monitor. You will find Several baby monitors available in the market that initially works excellently, but they fail or show some glitches after a few months. Therefore, buying them would be a waste of money. So remember to buy baby monitors from a renowned or recognized brand in the market.

  7. Temperature sensors:

    Some baby monitors include temperature sensors to tell if the baby’s room is too hot. If you are a working parent, you won’t be able to check your baby again and again. At that time, this feature will help you reach out to your child and provide a comfortable environment.

  8. Digital or analog baby monitors?:

    You can get an analog monitor at a lower price than the digital ones, but they have poor sound quality. So if you want to listen smoothly to your baby crying for breathing, you should opt for a digital monitor.

  9. Security:

    Make sure that you buy a baby monitor which guarantees secure transmission which no one else can overhear. For that, you can go for a digital electronic cordless telephones standard monitor. Otherwise, someone else can overhear or watch while the baby is crying or you are with your baby.

  10. Size:

    It is an important parameter to look for while buying a baby monitor. If you buy a baby monitor with a tiny receiver, it will be easy for you to carry it anywhere around the house. Otherwise, the size can hinder carrying it to another room or anywhere to watch the child’s actions.

Advantages of a Baby Monitor

A baby monitor has impressive features and is of great use in parenting. Here are some of the benefits of using baby monitors:

  1. New parents find it challenging to manage their routine work with a newborn. For example, sometimes, a shower in the morning is an intricate part of having a newborn. If you use a baby monitor, you can see your baby asleep, and it will let you know how much time you have for a happy shower.
  2. Sometimes, parents cannot take a nap even when their babies are asleep, thinking that baby might wake up in the between and you might not realize. If you have a monitor next to you, you can rest assured that you will see your asleep baby, and the monitor will also inform you when the baby is awake.
  3. If you have a baby monitor, you can have constant peace of mind and need not worry and go and check on them repeatedly.
  4. If you have a grown-up toddler, you can also hear and talk to your baby from wherever you are.
  5. Baby monitors make parenting easier and reduce the stress and anxiety of parents. In addition, it is a relief to working parents.


Every parent is concerned about the safety of their babies. And baby monitors with mind-blowing features are a good solution for this concern. Managing so many tasks along with your baby can be difficult sometimes. During those troublesome times, you can use the baby monitor and do your work without ignoring the baby’s health and safety.

So while buying a baby monitor, keep your budget in your mind and check on all the essential features you would like to have in your baby monitor. Decide in advance which type of baby monitor you are looking for, and research good and recognized brands in the market. Do not get overwhelmed by tons of options available. Instead, prepare your list of preferences and requirements in advance and select according to that.