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How To Select The Best Breast Pumps For Mothers?


Pumping your breast can be considered the most innovative way of feeding your kids breast milk whenever you’re not around. According to many people and doctors, mother’s milk is the first thing that must be provided to the baby as it is highly nutritious and the only thing which would form the newborn’s immunity. Therefore, storing your breast milk allows your baby to get all the nutrients and benefits of it.

Types of Breast Pumps

There are mainly two types of breast pumps, electric and manual.

Electric Breast Pump

  • Double-electric breast pumps

    These strong electric models would let you pump both breasts at one time, which would help you save a lot of time. This kind of pump usually also helps in producing excellent output.

  • Single-electric breast pumps

    You will be able to pump breasts one at a time, which would take a lot of time. On the positive aspect, they are affordable, if compared to double-electric breast pumps.

  • Battery-operated breasts pumps

    Such pumps, which are available in both double electric and single electric models, are very slow and run out of batteries real quick. The benefit of pumps run by batteries is that they can be carried almost everywhere and are helpful if you do not have access to an electrical outlet. Some women find them very useful for pumping, which does not need a lot of effort. So, they can do other work at the same time. You can buy battery packs for maximum pumps.

Manual Pump

These are very light, can be carried everywhere, and are affordable. But, on the other hand, the negative aspect of manual pumps is that you have to put in a lot of effort, and you might even get a lot of output.

How to Pick The Best Breast Pump?

There are many settlements that you have to make when you pick the correct breast milk pump for your requirements. The two primary types of pumps are manual pumps and electric pumps. The manual pumps are where you have to move the handle to bring it into the vacuum motion. On the other hand, the electrical ones require electricity or a battery for running the vacuum. Therefore, the manual pump is a lot cheaper than the electrical one. Some of the traits which must be looked at while buying a breast pump are lined up for you below:

  • Buy a breast pumping device in which the speed and suction are adjustable so that you can adjust the suction intensity according to your comfort.
  • Pick the one that does not have any facility to get that milk from the bottle through a tube or pump parts.
  • Several size flanges come with the pump or are purchased (the flange is a dome-like part that fits the breasts. If it does not fit correctly, the device won’t extract milk properly, and it might get a little painful in the end.
  • Whenever you buy a breast pump, make sure you think about how frequently you will pump. A manual pump is out of the question if you pump more than twice a week because you might have to spend a lot of energy and time on that. In this situation, you should invest in a double electric pump.
  • You can also buy the ones with new amends like the new models have been released, and you can wear those under your t-shirts. So, you will not need a private room for pumping your breasts.
  • If you pump your breasts while you are at work, you will need the pumps that make the minimum noise. Because no matter what model you pick up, it will be noisy. So, pick the one which makes minimum noise.
  • Tubes and duck valves are the parts that are required to be replaced frequently. So, it’s better to purchase two of such parts.

Is it Better To Buy a Closed-System Pump Or An Open-System Pump?

Whenever you go out in the market to buy breast pumps, you will come across these terms frequently, so it’s better to know what they mean.

  1. Closed system pumps

    A closed system pump is the one that is closed off from the milk by the partition, which is known as overflow security. This is considered the most hygienic breast pump, which stops the milk from getting into the machine, making small pipes and tubes challenging to sterilize. They are pricey if compared to open-system pumps.

  2. Open-system pumps

    Open-system pumps do not have barriers between the pump mechanism and the milk. So that the milk is flowing through those tubes and other tiny pieces in the bottle and would also get close to the pumping mechanism, they’re not hygienic, but they are affordable if compared to the closed systems.

Which one is better, a single pump or a double breast pump?

A single electric breast pump is perfect for pumping from time to time. A double breast pump helps in pumping milk from both breasts at the same time. Therefore, it is pretty convenient for expressing myself regularly. Along with reducing the time and effort by 50%, double breast pumping produces 18% compared to regular pumping. It is an excellent choice for the women who work. The milk produced while double-breast pumping has a high calorie and fat content


For new moms, buying breasts pumps can be very overwhelming. Sometimes even the information mentioned above does not seem enough. So, in that situation, you must visit your lactose consultant. They will let you know the appropriate breast pump according to a few assets like your body type etc.

It is best to know which breast pump is appropriate for you because if you use the inappropriate breast pump, you might start to face some health problems, and in the end, pumping milk will become the most painful task for you. Breast milk is considered the most nutritious food for newborns, and breast pumps will make it available for them even in the absence of their mother, so it’s better to make this task easy for them instead of painful.