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“How To Select The Best Mountain Bike For The Adventure Of Mountain Biking?”


“How To Select The Best Mountain Bike For The Adventure Of Mountain Biking?”

Mountain biking is an adventurous sport of riding bicycles off the track, over rough terrain. The first-ever mountain bike was designed for Buffalo-soldiers of Missoula Montana. Then after the first decade of 21st century Mountain biking has become the mainstream activity from little-known sports. Since there is a wide range of mountain bike available it’s hard to select the best mountain bike for yourself. Here are some factors for beginners that should be considered before purchasing a Mountain bike.

Frame Must Be Strong:

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Mountain bikes should have a frame with great strength. A weak frame may crash down due to the bumping road of the hillside. The frame should have less joint because fewer the joint, stronger will be the bicycle. Prefer to carbon frames that look thick and have smooth transaction at the joints. You can search on reviewscast page on top 5 mountain bikes to see some great examples of bikes with a strong frame.

Size of the Wheel:

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Mountain bike’s wheel comes in the range from 26-inches to 29-inches. The most commonly used wheel size is 26-inches. But if you are looking for a Hybrid bike (a combination of mountain and road bikes) then the wheel of 27-inches size is best for you. And, if you are looking for an efficient balance to tackle obstacles while rolling down the mountain then wheel sized 29-inch is ideal for you. According, to researches professional bikers prefer a 29-inch wheel because of their durability. Which leads us to the third point.

Durability and Weight Depend On frame:

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A perfect mountain bike would be the one that is durable and lightweight. It’s totally up to you what you need either one of them or both. But these two factors depend on the frame of the bicycle. To have an ideal bike one needs to know the frame materials so, that you can differentiate.

Different type of frame material-

  • Aluminium – Most commonly used, Inexpensive and durable, A popular choice for beginners.
  • Carbon Fibre – Combination of two or more materials, Heavy and Unbreakable, Inflexible and Expensive.
  • Titanium – Expensive and Durable, Flexible and have proper Shock Absorption.

Price Factor:

A professional bike rider will always prefer the best mountain bike whether expensive or not. But those who go on a mountain bike ride once or twice a year as a hobby would always prefer best mountain bikes under 1000 USD or go cheaper for best mountain bike under 500 USD.


After choosing the mountain bike make sure to have a test drive to make yourself sure about which type is your poison. There is a wide range of brands and models available in the market and nothing can satisfy you more than a short test ride. The mountains are waiting for you to be a part of you on this amazing adventure ride.

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