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How to Select the Correct Fishing Rod


Fishing is not just an outdoor activity or something that people do for leisure. It is a sport, which demands patience, precision, skill, technique, and good spirit. It is a highly competitive sport, as fishers take fishing very seriously. But irrespective of what your purpose is, whether you want to enjoy your passion or win tournaments simply, there is one thing you must pay attention to. And that is your fishing rod. The kind of fishing rod you use can truly give your fishing experience a brand new shape.

There are quite a few pieces of equipment involved in fishing, and it’s best to take care of all of them. But, for you to get started, you might want to focus on using the correct fishing rod itself. So, to help you with that, here’s a comprehensive guide with everything you need to know about picking a fishing rod. Let’s get started!

First of all, what is a fishing rod?

It is best to start with the basics to get the foundation of the topic in discussion clear.

Now, to answer the question, a fishing rod is the inevitable fishing gear, without which you simply cannot go fishing. It is not like any other rod, as it comes with a wide range of flexibility, allowing the fisher adequate room for movement. The rod can be of any length between 2 and 50 feet, which is enough for fishers to catch fish. One end of the fishing rod is meant for gripping with your hands, and the other end has a hook that gets a hold over fish.

Why is it essential to pick the right kind of fishing rod?

The type of fishing rod you use significantly affects the way you fish, and hence, the results too. Every individual has a different body type, and a unique mindset, based on which your choice of the fishing rod also differs. Other than that, purpose plays a considerable role. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to fishing rods. For each purpose and for each person, there are different sets of requirements that need to be met by the fishing rod. And if these essential points are not met, you can practically destroy your fishing experience because it would simply not have the same fun and thrill.

So how do you know which type of fishing rod meets your purpose?

Well, to begin with, establish your preferences, requirements, purpose, and budget for the fishing rod. After having done that, find out about the different types of fishing rods and materials. And based on that, determine which one proves most suitable to you. To make the job easier, let’s break down both the points in detail.

Here are the five main types of fishing rods

Spin fishing rod

The spin fishing rod is the most primary type of fishing rod, and it also happens to be one of the most popular choices across all kinds of fishers. The reason behind this is that these fishing rods are equipped with a reel, which creates room for movement, versatility, and control. It becomes easier to manage the fishing rod and even the hooked fish because it offers stability like no other. Because of all these characteristics, spin fishing rods are best for those who wish to go fishing at lakes and rivers.

Telescopic fishing rod

You may have already understood what this fishing rod offers. That’s right; it comes loaded with a telescope which helps the fisher in catching distant fish without any trouble. Other than that, if you are someone who enjoys fishing even when the sun is about to set, this fishing rod could be of good use. The telescope can help you track the movement of fish, even in inadequate lighting. And last but not least, senior citizens or people with impaired vision with a knack for fishing can also enjoy using this.

Ultra-light fishing rod

Sometimes, the weight of the fishing rod also affects the way you fish. The experience differs on the basis of the fisher’s preference as well as the kind of fish you are trying to hook. Coming to the ultra-light fishing rod, as the name suggests, this fishing rod consists of the lightest materials, and even the size is smaller, which makes it weigh less. This kind of fishing rod ensures comfort and convenience, and it is particularly designed for those fishers who want to focus on small-sized fish.

Trolling fishing rods

These rods are specifically used in trolling boats only, and they serve no other purpose as such. So if you plan to go fishing on a trolling boat, only then does it make sense to invest in a trolling fishing rod. Your usual spinning rod may not be helpful on a boat because it is meant for fishing with stability. This is why many brands came up with a whole new extension of trolling fishing rods so that fishers can fish from anywhere in the water body, from the comfort of a trolling boat.

Surf fishing rods

The demand for surf fishing rods is increasing in the market, majorly because of their impressive design, which ensures a comfortable fishing experience. Sur fishing rods are relatively longer, such that the fisher can simply sit on the shore and still fish easily. Another reason behind its lengthier design is to enable the fisher to effectively target the required region and have better control over the hooked fish. These rods are available in both styles- spinning and casting.

These are five of the major kinds of fishing rods, but that’s not it! There are many other types that are slowly gaining popularity too. Such as:

  • Casting fishing rod
  • Fly fishing rod
  • Ice fishing rod
  • Baitcasting rod
  • Overhead rod, etc.

Following are the materials used in fishing rods:

There are many distinct materials that are used to make fishing rods, and your choice of material can substantially affect your entire adventure. Some materials are light, some are heavy, and some are a mix of both. It all comes down to what you are looking for in your fishing rod. Let us quickly go through some of the popular materials in fishing rods so that you can take a better call.


Bamboo is a common choice, majorly because of its ability to give a relaxing feel to the fisher. However, it still lacks durability and can also prove a bit expensive compared to other materials. But if you are looking for natural material in your fishing rod, look no further than Bamboo.


Fiberglass is the next best choice in terms of the feel, right after Bamboo. And the good news is that, unlike Bamboo, Fiberglass ensures both- affordability and durability. So in a way, Fiberglass could be a more suitable option for those who wish to use Bamboo but cannot afford it.


Graphite as a material is much lighter in weight, which makes the fishing rod easier to manage. Due to their lightweight design, graphite rods can also be used as fast action rods. However, they tend to be more delicate compared to other materials and impose the risk of snapping, and of course, you don’t want that to happen.


This material is usually a combination of materials that work well together. They allow faster action, but they are not durable and flexible enough at times, especially when the composition is not done right. Preferably, there are only majorly two types of composites that people tend to choose:

  • Fiberglass and graphite
  • Fiberglass and other fibers

So, what’s the final takeaway?

As mentioned previously, there is no ‘one size fits all. Every individual has a unique fishing style and hence, has unique expectations from the fishing rods. Therefore, you need to understand your purpose of using the fishing rod before anything else. After that, go through the list as mentioned above of fishing rod types and their materials. Then, consider the pros and cons of each of the options available, and likewise, make the most suitable choice.

You can also consider other factors such as the length, weight, and style of the fishing rod, such that you feel most comfortable and confident while fishing


In a nutshell, fishing is an exciting sport, but it takes quite a bit from the player. It demands not only skill and technique but also good equipment. While there are many big and small pieces of equipment, the most important one is the fishing rod as we simply cannot go fishing without it. Considering how important a role it plays, it makes the most sense to invest a good amount of thought and research into picking the right fishing rod.

With the fundamental awareness that we have shed through the course of this guide, you can definitely get your hands on an excellent fishing rod, which can keep your hobby going in the right direction. To know more about the different fishing equipment, head on to reviewscast.com and find answers to all your doubts under one roof. Happy fishing!