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How To Stay Safe As A Single Woman Living Alone?


Whether you’re male or female, living alone is not without its challenges, and sometimes, the drawbacks for women can be particularly stressful.

The number of people living alone is on the increase since the mid-1900s. It can attribute to a multitude of things.

Living alone is many things. Living alone comes with many advantages, like having the freedom to decorate; however, you want, stock your kitchen with foods you love and bring home as many pets as you please. But if you don’t feel secure, this fun experience can quickly turn into one that keeps you up at night.

Things like personal injury or health-related immobilization while in the home are significant dangers to people living independently. If you fall in the shower or get a stroke, help needs to be on the horizon.

Being terrified and expecting the bad is not the way to go. Yet, realizing the risks and taking precautions is a great idea. So, read on for ways to feel more secure while living alone, so you don’t have to lie awake at night.

  • Know the neighbors

    Not all of us have the social skills to knock on a stranger’s door and introduce yourself. But if you are a single woman in a rented house, it might be useful to train yourself to do so. Try and make an effort to be friendly, if only for safety’s sake. Even if you cannot befriend them, or don’t want to try, it is good to know about the people around you.

    Be as friendlier as you can, within the realm of your comfortability. When you know what the people who live close to you are up to, it can help quell your fears. Knowing your neighbors will also make you aware of strangers on or know about the premises. Take the time to introduce yourself and get to know your neighbors; it gives you an added line of defense against potential intruders.

  • Get a Dog

    Getting a dog is not merely about companionship. It could be best if you had a dog. Dogs often have extraordinary intuition when it comes to detecting danger. A dog is always home, and when they are home, they are not eating the food you put your name on from the refrigerator or stealing your stuff. Just getting a dog decreases the likelihood of your property being targeted by criminals. There is no for the dog need to be aggressive, but it should bark when strangers approach. It will also help with feelings of isolation because having a dog makes people feel better.

    Whether you want a jogging friend, movie night company, constant guardian, and more, a dog can help alleviate mental impairments like anxiety. Enjoying his or her amity will help fill your home, and any lack of security. If you do not have time or space to care for an animal properly, then, unfortunately, this method is not for you. You have to make sure that you can keep up with the commitments required for taking care of an animal.

  • Close Curtains/Blinds at Night

    Once the sun goes down, you will have to use your interior lights. It will make it very difficult to see the outside from the inside, while also making it very easy for anyone outside to look inside. Whatever your routine is, make sure it is maintained. Criminals always observe neighborhoods and homes, looking for changes in the method that they can recognize as signs of absence. Therefore, if you are spending the night somewhere other than your home, you will need to have the windows in a way that is consistent with you being home.

    Also, consider not to get in the habit of shutting curtains when you leave and having them open when you are home. The thing will tell any thief that is watching that closed blinds mean you are away. So, make sure to keep them closed most of the time, especially at night.

  • Learn Self-Defense

    Even if you live in a low crime area — getting trained in self-defense could be the confidence-booster for you, living alone and feel more relaxed. If you want to feel more reassured on your own, self-defense training can add a touch of strength to your daily life. Even when your safety is never at risk, being confident you can protect yourself if the time comes can make you feel more at ease living alone. It’s undeniable that one of the best ways to be safe is to know how to defend yourself from any attack.

    Not being a surprise, studies show that women who participate in self-defense training are less likely to experience any assault. Don’t let feelings of insecurity control and limit the joy of living alone. It is your time to embrace the freedom and flexibility of being a homeowner on your terms. There are many weapons and devices that you can use to defend yourself. But the most important thing is that you know how they work and are not scared of them. I would also recommend martial arts training when getting to a weapon is not an option.

  • Get a Home Security System

    Nowadays, IP cameras are highly affordable to provide real peace of mind. Home security systems and equipment used to be expensive and hard to set up. But today’s security systems are much simpler and more affordable. A home security system can detect motion, record your home, and even alert the authorities if you’re in trouble, making it a worthwhile investment. These cameras are available for the inside as well as the outside of a house. The live footage from these cameras can be viewed on phones and mobile devices, from any location.

    A home security system will cost, on average, close to $700, a sound investment if you have any valuables or live in an area prone to break-ins. A home security alarm emits a loud warning when activated, which calls attention to your trouble and lets passerby know you need help. Depending on the personal alarm you select, some can also let you send instant distress and message to a given emergency contact list and law enforcement. Because when you’re alone, you’re not always at home, a personal safety alarm makes sure you’re protected.

  • Video Doorbells

    The newest generation of doorbell cameras makes it easier to feel safe in your home. Just when the intruders see one when approaching a home could be enough to discourage them. A video doorbell can also alert you when anyone comes near your front door, and allow you to switch on the external microphone and listen in even before he or she rings the bell.

    With video doorbell cameras, you don’t even have to answer the door to communicate with visitors. Also, you can be aware of your home’s surroundings, even when you’re on vacation.

    You can set either doorbell to record porch events and save a copy in the cloud for later viewing by family members or if need be, police. They give you an up-close and personal look at who is at your door without putting yourself at risk. You can spot who is at the door on your device and decide whether it’s safe to answer.

  • Conclusion

    Independent living has its perks, but it can also be a risk. Home intruders are always looking for easy targets. The lesser people that live in a home, the easier it is to get in unnoticed. Security always comes down to decrease risk, being aware of your surroundings, and being mindful of your situation’s reality. Be smart with your protections. Be proactive with your planning and strategy. Whatever your fears are, do not let them cripple you. Plan ahead, and you can garner the benefits of living solo without feeling like a target.