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How To Wheelie a BMX Bike?


Single-speed or BMX bikes for kids/grown-ups, or mountain bikes in general, have such a low center of mass, making them ideal for doing stunts.
If you’re beginning out with BMX stunts, make sure to take it carefully at first, starting small and then building up. The manual is among the first things you must master, and a minor modification to the manual method leads to the wheelie.
Both techniques include lifting the front tire off the floor and continuing to ride your bike. However, there are a few key distinctions between the techniques. For example, you aren’t engaged, you need not pedal, and your arms are held at full length when conducting a manual. On the other hand, when completing a wheelie, you recline, pedal when necessary, and keep your arms extended in a pleasant posture.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of doing the automatic and the wheelie.

  • Purchase the necessary equipment, as mentioned below:
  • BMX bicycle
  • Safety equipment (helmet, knee guards, elbow guards)
  • Pleasant clothing
  • Gloves
  • Shoes with strong traction
  • Backpacking (pack it with clothes so it can help break a fall)

Step 1: Locate a suitable location.

You’ll need a piece of flat ground that’s around 40-50 meters long. Please make sure that it is a region with no traffic or people passing. It is ideal to do the feat on asphalt, but if you keep falling, consider practicing on grass first and then moving on to concrete. To avoid a catastrophic injury when you fall, use protective equipment such as a helmet, thigh and padded, an L-guard, and so on. Next, complete the movements on grassland in a playground, then on the pavement on your BMX cruiser bikes with gears.

Step 2: Get a sense of the weight.

Put your hands just on the bike’s handlebars and stand behind this one. Pull the vehicle up over to you and obtain a sense of its overall weight. Do this several times and see how the bike moves if the front tire rises off the floor.

Step 3: Master the push-and-pop technique.

The push-and-pop movement is a crucial aspect of accomplishing a manual or wheelie. This entails depressing the pedal while simultaneously elevating the handlebars off the floor. First, stand behind your BMX bike with arms on the handlebars and your dominating foot on the pedal to master the push-and-pop technique. Next, push it down on the pedals and pull it up just on the handlebar with your leg at the very same time. When practicing this step, make sure the motorcycle is not swaying to one side.

Step 4: Figure out how to bail out.

In all dangerous sports, rescue is critical. It is the point when you feel something is incorrect with the technique and take evasive measures to avoid injuring yourself.
When doing a clutch or a wheelie, you usually have your weight behind the motorcycle, so you will most likely tumble backward if something goes wrong. The solution is to get your feet firmly on the ground behind the bike as soon as possible while you crash and injure yourself.

Step 5: Ride the bike and practice the manual.

If you’ve mastered all of the preceding steps, you’re prepared to attempt the manual. Go on your bike and get moving. While riding slowly, lower your chest down into the handlebar, maintain your buttocks off the seat, and swiftly execute the push-and-pop, so the entire body weight bending down lifts a front tire off the floor. Hold your arms at flexion and extension as quickly as the front tire is up (around 40-45 degrees), retain a slight bending in your legs, and maintain your buttocks off the seat. You are now carrying out the instructions.
You do not pedal while executing the manual; but, to maintain momentum, push your legs through into the pedal to propel the bike ahead.

Step 6: Experiment with the wheelie

You can move to the wheelie if you are confident with the manual. The key to performing a wheelie while sitting is to locate the appropriate equilibrium point.
It is done with a running start while sitting, with the chest bent into the handlebar, a push-and-pop motion, and the front wheel held around 40-45 degrees off the ground. Keep the motorcycle steady and pedaling once the front wheel is off the floor. If you’ve done it correctly, you’re now doing the wheelie.

Step 7 of Land Glider: Maintain proper posture.

When completing any BMX trick, it is critical to maintaining control of the vehicle at all times. When doing the popping action on the automatic or wheelie, the bike must be in a righteous line, and your knees must not tremble after the front wheel is in the air. Keep the bike traveling in a straight path as much as possible. You may keep moving your figure back and forth over the bike to find your proper optimum balance but prevent significant and rapid changes as they can knock you off balance.
Many individuals dislike having to follow instructions. They begin by jumping on the bike and tugging that towards themselves. They drop slightly, and it requires a while, but they finally find out the hard way.


To pop a wheelie, lift your front wheel off the ground while moving forward and continue pedaling (unlike manuals), using the speed provided by your strokes to maintain balance. With enough effort, you’ll be able to execute a wheelie on a BMX bike and utilize it in conjunction with manuals to connect some of the best BMX bikes stunts.