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How Trolling Motors Are Useful In Fishing?


How Trolling Motors Are Useful In Fishing?

Searching for the best trolling motors for 2019, well you are not alone. The advancement in electronic technology, especially in marine electronic gadgets offers the opportunity to fishermen all around the globe to work with more efficiently and effectively. Now, this advancement can be proven disastrous too if one doesn’t know the proper use of it. But if you are willing to learn and experience you can make the greatest benefits from this technology. Now, before you know how trolling motors are useful in fishing, let’s have a little idea about what is trolling motor.

Trolling motor is consists of an electric motor, propeller, and controls. Nowadays, trolling motor has become a primary component for anglers in search of their favorite fish. There are plenty of designs and models available in the market place making this product more reliable and affordable. There are many options available to choose from this cut-throat competition. And, when we fetch for some customer review for knowledge most of them will either give you the best electric trolling motors for fishing or top rated trolling motors in fishing (building you’re confidence). But they will miss out to tell you the uses or how to make the best out of it.

This technology has given a new outlook to the fishing occupation (or hobby totally depends on individual to individual). Earlier, freshwater bass has taken full advantage of trolling motor potential. But now, whether it’s a freshwater or saltwater trolling motors are widely accepted. The motor allows the fishermen to have complete control and allows them to manipulate the movement of the boat. Trolling motors maximize the presentation of their lure or bait. The result can be more efficient if you use the best fishing lures of 2019.

Advantage Of Having Trolling Motor –

  • Quiet and Environment-Friendly: –

    Trolling Motors are quiet (a real requirement for fishing) and create a minimal disturbance for the surrounding. It is very easy to use and environment-friendly. The motor does not disturb other boats, flora, and fauna.

  • Light Weighted and East to Install and Remove: –

    Trolling motors are light weighted. They facilitate the owner with easy instalment and removing procedure. For smaller boat transom mount motors are efficient and for larger boat bow mount boats are essential.

  • Never Lets You Down: –

    Putting trolling motors on your crafts for stealth fishing gives you tremendous benefits. They allow you to quietly access those fishing hot spots that are normally out of your reach. Whether it is shallow water, deep water, freshwater, saltwater or even very weedy spots, the motor will never let you down.

  • Level Ups Your Excitement With Some Remarkable Features: –

    Trolling motors gives you options like hand steer, foot steer or electronic self-directional steer with help of features like co-pilot, autopilot or GPS pilot respectively. These options allow you to concentrate on your fishing as they take care of your boat. The latest technology in these features takes the whole scenario to the next level.

Some Tips To Make Best Out Of Trolling Motors

  • Do not Neglect Thrust: –

    In terms of trolling motors, power is known as thrust. It is measured in pounds (lbs). The boat owner usually keeps the price factor at first and sacrifice thrust in order to save money. Without knowing that this leads to less efficiency means greater battery consumption. Which in turn leads to shorter motor and battery life, frequent change of battery and less maneuverability.

    Minimum thrust is estimated with the help of boat health and weight. Given the below chart is recommended by contributors of Fishing-Tips-Bait-Tackle.com. However, they themselves prefer to have 5 or 10 more thrusts than the required minimum thrust.
    Best Electric Trolling Motors for Fishing

  • Selection of Batteries: –

    The second important part of having efficient outcome is a requirement of battery powers. According to trolling motor manufacturers a particular kind of thrust requires some defined amount of battery power to operate efficiently.

    Like 55 pound of thrust does not work efficiently under 12 volts battery supply. But can give you maximum performance with a two-battery configuration that supplies 24 volts to the motor. Just like this 80 pounds requires 3 batteries which generate 36 volts and 24 pounds requires 12 volts.

Conclusion: –

In this growing age trolling motors are like a boon to fishing. They had made fishermen life smooth. The trolling motors had changed the outlook of the fishing now it is not bounded to only freshwater. Make sure to purchase the required thrust and battery to have efficient results.

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