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Is It Possible To Have A Home Security System Without A Phone Line In 2021?


While traditional security systems depended on a house phone or other landline to offer around-the-clock contact to the security firm, the advent of cell phones prompted changes in the sector. Nowadays, the convenience of security monitoring is available without the need for the additional cost of a home phone line. The simple answer is YES. It is possible without a home phone line. Because just 40% of the total adult Americans have a landline, alarm firms developed more modern options, such as cellphone, VoIP security systems, and the internet.

Cellular: These alarms employ a mobile signal, the same as the wireless signal used by mobile phones.

Internet: these transmit warnings through Ethernet or wifi. Thus internet access is necessary.

VoIP: VoIP takes advantage of the person’s VoIP service. Nevertheless, not all VoIP services are supported by alarm companies using VoIP systems.

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With more families opting to forego a house phone in favor of a group mobile phone plan, it stands to reason that security firms have evolved. Although wireless monitoring was initially designed to serve as a backup in a blackout or other home phone interruption, many security firms now provide it as a stand-alone service.

How can security systems function in the absence of a landline?

The connection is maintained by using cell towers near your house or installing a cellular transmitter on your property. There is no need to worry about losing your security monitoring due to severed lines or other disruptions because there is no dependency on a telephone, internet connection, or electrical power.

How does it work?

Wireless monitoring employs technology similar to your cell phone in place of a landline to give you and your family 24-hour safety.

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There are additional advantages to having a security system linked to your mobile phones, such as SMS alerts and remote access to your system from across town or the nation. In addition, home automation capabilities such as remote control of lights, locks, and thermostats can be incorporated into your home security package.

Are you thinking of cutting the cord?

If you’ve been thinking about canceling your home phone service but are worried about compromising your home security, check out our security system instructions. We can assist you in locating the proper security system that will keep you safe even if you do not have a home phone.